what really passed between Mrs. Smith and myself

what really passed between Mrs. Smith and myself

I could not bear to leave the country in a manner that might lead you, or the rest of the neighbourhood, to suspect any part of what had really passed between Mrs Smith and myself, and I resolved, therefore, on calling at the cottage.

(Sense and Sensibility, Chapter 4 / Angel, Season 1, Episode 14)

taken in

taken in

Afterwards he got worse, and became quite my shadow. Many girls might have been taken in….

(Northanger Abbey, Chapter 27 / Buffy the Vampire Slayer – Season 2, Episode 1)

some shame and some sorrow

some shame and some sorrow

Tom listened with some shame and some sorrow; but escaping as quickly as possible, could soon with cheerful selfishness reflect…that the future incumbent, whoever he might be, would, in all probability, die very soon.

(Mansfield Park, Chapter 3 / Angel – Season 1, Episode 3)