photography (intro to the series)

The Faux Life images are an experiment in appropriation art. I’ve appropriated and modified images from old television shows (Buffy the Vampire Slayer and its spin-off Angel) and paired them with quotations appropriated from the novels of Jane Austen. There is, in effect, a double appropriation taking place.

The concept is that by shifting the context in which both the image and the quotation are viewed, the meaning of each will be transformed and something new will be created from the dynamic. It’s all very artsy-fartsy, but it amuses me.

The Traffic Signals series documents the ubiquity of those automated devices that tell us when it is acceptable to walk and when to wait, when we should drive and when to stop. These are devices we see and obey every day, but pay little actual attention to. There’s no deep meaning here, no hidden message or social comment. I’m simply examining objects that often looked at but seldom seen.

The series Larking About in Alleys is simply a collection of photographs I’ve taken while wandering through various alleyways.

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