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On Wednesday, Comrade President Donald Trump released his 45 minute WhingeFest video on Facebook. In it he repeated his delusional claims that he actually won the 2020 election. He contended he was denied the win because of some nebulous and nefarious national (and possibly international) conspiracy to cheat him. He stated he and his supporters had put together a mass of evidence to support his claims, despite the fact they’ve presented absolutely NO evidence to the courts.

The following day, the Washington Post asked every Republican member of Congress, all 249 Senators and Representatives, the following three questions. Who won the election? Do you support or oppose Trump’s efforts to claim victory? If Joe Biden wins the vote in the Electoral College, will you accept him as the legitimate POTUS?

Only 25 Republicans said Uncle Joe Biden won the election. Only 9 opposed Trump’s attempts to overturn the official results. And only 30 agreed to accept Biden as POTUS after the Electoral College vote. Most of the 249 Republicans simply refused to answer any of the questions.

At best, Congressional Republicans are gigantic fucking cowards.

The WaPo reporters said these results:

“demonstrate the fear that most Republicans have of the outgoing president and his grip on the party.”

Here’s an idea. Let’s stop giving those assholes the benefit of the doubt. Suggesting the Republicans in Congress won’t acknowledge Uncle Joe’s victory in the 2020 election because they’re afraid of Comrade Trump is the BEST possible explanation of their behavior. It assumes they really WANT to do the right thing. It presupposes they would LIKE to do the right thing. It accepts as given that they share a secret desire to honor the US Constitution. But, poor things, they’re just too afraid to actually say or do anything. Because if they do speak out, they believe Trump will…well, he’ll give them the very same treatment he gives to Democrats on an hourly basis.

In other words, the most benevolent explanation for the refusal of Congressional Republicans to openly acknowledge that Trump lost is that they’re gigantic fucking cowards. That’s the most generous explanation. The most charitable explanation. The most public-spirited, noble, kind, and magnanimous explanation.

More likely, they’re self-serving traitors.

Well, fuck that. I’d suggest a much more likely explanation for their refusal to honor the results of the election is this: they’re okay with the destruction of democracy. Sure, they may be gigantic fucking cowards too, but basically I think they’re gigantic fucking cowards who have no qualms about doing away with representative democracy if it means they get to stay in power.

They’re not just faint-hearted, spineless, wee timorous poltroons. They’re self-serving, amoral, unfeeling, covetous, power-hungry, dishonorable turncoats who are indifferent to the law and their constitutional duties. The best — and only the very best — of them are gigantic fucking cowards. The rest of them are trash.

So let’s stop giving them the courtesy of suggesting they’re merely afraid. Let’s be honest. They’re traitors.

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    Couldn’t have said it any better … no more chances!! … “In other words, the most benevolent explanation for the refusal of Congressional Republicans to openly acknowledge that Trump lost is that they’re gigantic fucking cowards.”

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  2. It is horrifying. I couldn’t believe that WaPo article and the spinelessness of those Republican congresspeople. I am NOT looking forward to 2024. Or, in fact, the next four years–though I believe Uncle Joe will do his level best. But he’s up against a brick wall.

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    • I’m generally torn between optimism and — I was going to say ‘pessimism’ but I suppose ‘reality’ is more accurate. I genuinely believe we have a pretty decent shot of restoring representative democracy, but it’ll take a LOT of hard work. We’ve got to end gerrymandering, but before we can do that we have to re-balance the federal courts, but before we can do that we have to gain control of the Senate. And ending gerrymandering is just the first step.

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  3. Ya know, I understood why people voted for him the first time. I didn’t agree, but I got it because I grew up around that type thinking. What I couldn’t wrap my head around was why they KEPT supporting him once we were in full shitshow mode, ESPECIALLY after COVID. The same people claiming to be christians supporting “family values” threw their own values out the window by continuing to back him, but that is his schtick isn’t it…letting everyone else do his dirty work while he just sits back and waves the flag- or gropes it in his case. That said, we probably shouldn’t be surprised by this either. Most of them have been painted in a corner for some time now, and these aren’t the type of true leaders that know when to admit wrong-doing and ask forgiveness. Nope. They are a unique type of ride-or-die, loyal only to themselves that will ride this train to the end because they see some benefit in it. We can only hope the “die” part will apply their tenures in congress soon.


    • I think for a LOT of folks, Trump gives permission for them to express their rage, resentment, and fear. Fear of the perceived loss of control over their lives, resentment about their perceived helplessness, and rage over how unfair it seems to them. I suspect they ignore/forgive his constant lying (and all his other personal flaws) because he serves as a symbol for everybody who has ever been mocked, everybody who has ever been made to feel inadequate by elites, everybody who has ever felt embarrassed for not knowing the unspoken rules imposed by elites, everybody who has ever been laughed at for not knowing which fork to use or for not knowing how to look at art or for enjoying fast food or for wearing the wrong clothes. I think for a lot of folks, Trump is an excuse for them to say ‘fuck you’ to people who make them feel bad for being uncomfortable around racial minorities or people with disabilities or LGBTQ folks.

      Nobody really LIKES Trump. But he’s a convenient hook on which to hang their rage, resentment, and fear.


      • Agreed. An acquaintance of mine made the comment “those people will crawl back under their rocks” referring to DJT supporters, and I just thought to myself:
        1. Those people aren’t going away.
        2. It is those comments/thinking that cause a greater divide between the left and right.

        You are right about why they support him though. I’ve heard it from the boomer generation repeatedly, and I’d argue that is a generation that has NOTHING to complain about in terms of the opportunities they were given, but yet white boomer men seriously think they have grievances. Their wives have become staunch FoxNews viewers and are political for the first time in their lives, spewing bullshit they’ve consumed from their fathers and husbands. Then their kids were raised the same way. What I’ve noticed is that they are all operating out of this perceived fear. Fear of losing what they have worked for, and yeah, he gave them scapegoats. They aren’t new scapegoats though. FOR YEARS, the Deep South has been blaming minorities for everything. There is this perceived fear that only black people are on welfare and that it takes away from hard-working people. I wish I had just a penny for every time I’ve heard one of them mention socialism, or worse, communism. They really do think that anything to help people not like them is going to take away from them. It’s sick.


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