a constant cascade of calamities and coincidence

The thing about Comrade Trump and his Constant Cascade of Calamities is that they come at us so fast that we don’t have time to process any given scandal because there are two or three other scandals slamming into us. Not only that, but we have scandals nestled inside of other scandals like Russian matryoshka dolls. The result is we exist in a perpetual state of calamity-shock.

What? It’s a coincidence. Could happen to anybody.

Here’s an example. Last week we learned that Acting Secretary of the Department of Homeland Security Chad Wolf…okay, wait. According to the Government Accountability Office, Wolf was not a legitimate Acting Sec. DHS. Why? Because his predecessor, Kevin McAleenan was not legitimately appointed as Acting Sec. DHS. Why? Because his predecessor, Kirstjen Nielsen, bungled the paperwork attempting to change the rules governing temporary appointments to ensure McAleenan (Trump’s pick for the gig) would get the Acting position. BUT even if Wolf had been legally appointed to the Acting position, he’d still be invalid since he was appointed under the Vacancies Act, which clearly states an Acting secretary can only serve for 210 days from when the position was made vacant, and Wolf has been doing the job for more than 250 days. Two weeks ago Trump said he’d officially nominate Wolf for the Sec. DHS position — but he hasn’t actually done it.

Okay, so last week we learned Chad Wolf had personally blocked publication of an unclassified DHS memo reporting that “Russian malign influence actors” would be trying to interfere with the US election by “denigrating presidential candidates through allegations of poor mental or physical health.” This, of course, just happens to be one of Trump’s primary arguments against Biden. But it’s probably just a coincidence that Trump’s DHS chief buried a memo that showed Trump was using a campaign attack also being used by Russian intelligence agencies.

What? Shit happens, what’s a guy to do?

But wait. Last week another unclassified DHS memo was leaked to the news media. That memo reported that in March “Russian malign influence actors” began “spreading disinformation” about the absentee and mail-in voting system. The memo stated “Russian state media and proxy websites…criticized the integrity of expanded and universal vote-by-mail, claiming ineligible voters could receive ballots due to out-of-date voter rolls, leaving a vast amount of ballots unaccounted for and vulnerable to tampering.” The Russian proxy websites also claimed “vote-by-mail processes would overburden the U.S. Postal Service…delaying vote tabulation and creating more opportunities for fraud and error.”

And hey, guess what. Comrade Trump has also been attacking the integrity of voting by mail, saying it increased the potential for fraud and would overburden the USPS. Another shocking coincidence between the Trump campaign and Russian intelligence agencies.

What? How should I know? These things happen.

Speaking of coincidences (and the Constant Cascade of Calamities), Louis DeJoy, Trump’s hand-picked Postmaster General, has made significant structural changes to the US Postal Service, which…okay, wait. It needs to be said that DeJoy was supposed to divest himself of financial conflicts of interest before accepting the Postmaster General gig. But he apparently still retains a stake in XPO Logistics, which has charged USPS about US$14 million in the past 10 weeks for managing transportation and providing support during peak times. It also appears that DeJoy became influential in GOP circles (and therefore a candidate for positions in the Trump administration) by urging his employees to donate to Republicans and attend political fundraisers at his home, then manipulating the company’s finance and payroll systems to give ‘bonus payments’ to employees who donated to help reimburse the cost — which is what folks in the law enforcement biz call “a crime”. DeJoy is being investigated for this now.

Anyway, DeJoy implemented significant structural changes to the US Postal Service which has resulted in delays in mail delivery. Which, coincidentally, is exactly what Trump AND Russian intelligence malign influence actors said would happen.

A suspicious person might think all these coincidences aren’t all that coincidental.

What? I mean, come on, what? Would I do that?

BUT — and this is the important thing — all of those nested matryoshka scandals were just one part of the larger matryoshka scandal that included the ‘Troops are suckers and losers’ scandal and the 190,000 Covid-19 deaths scandal and the roughly 29 million people unemployed scandal and the Trump advising voters in North Carolina to vote twice scandal and the withholding of funds to ‘anarchist jurisdictions’ scandal and the fake camera store owner in Kenosha scandal and the ‘planeload of Antifa’ scandal and the scandal about the 600 loans totaling $100 million of the Paycheck Protection Program that went to companies that are barred or suspended from doing business with the federal government. And those are just the scandals I can remember. You know, from the last week.

It’s been like this for nearly four fucking years. The Trump Administration has been beating the American public senseless with their coincidental Constant Cascade of Calamities. And he promises, if re-elected, to keep it up for four more years. At least. MAGA, and all that.

9 thoughts on “a constant cascade of calamities and coincidence

    • Of course they would. Because this is how you people think. Elections and voting is awesome, unless of course your side loses then you riot, burn, threaten, etc etc. One of the best things about Trump being president is it has exposed the left for the hypocrites and liars they truly are. Democrats do not give a flip about race or healthcare, or energy, or any topic you can think of. Every one of those is a means to and end to just get into power.

      Look at the lovely VP candidate. She just uttered the phrase that she was “proud” of a man who broke into a woman’s home and sexually assaulted her. PROUD!

      Oh, and as for the supposed scandal after scandal, well the majority of all of that is lies. From the Russia hoax to the latest pack of lies about Trump’s “true feelings” about the military. Every single one of these made up scandals only emboldens his base and reminds us of how evil the left is and how sinister the republican and democrat establishment are. Just look at all of the establishment republicans, led originally by the now dead McCain but now by two-bit Mitt Romney.

      The 60+ million of us who voted for him were voting for real change and we got it.

      So go ahead with your continued veiled threats to the president, it again just shows us all who you really are.

      For the record I hated Obama’s policies and how he led the country, but I could never fathom thinking about wishing him harm like you guys seem to do on the daily with Trump. Sickening is what it is.


      • You can be proud of a man for surviving an attack by the police while at the same time NOT being proud of him for the crimes of which he is accused.

        Maybe some people who want trump gone want him gone by any means necessary, which includes “wishing him harm”. (I don’t wish harm on anyone). Some of us just want him out of the presidency, before this country is beyond repair. There are others of us who think that he’s already done so much damage that it’s never going to be the same again.

        If this is the “real change” you 60 million+ voted for, are you happy with it? Cuz the rest of us think it totally sucks.

        Liked by 1 person

      • What damage has he done. Honestly. I am speaking of legislation passed. Laws changed. etc.

        These are the only things the President can or cannot do. All of the other stuff going on is out of his control. So lets talk specifics. What has he done to the country that makes you think it is almost beyond repair? I would love a list of items and why you think those items are so detrimental to the nation. There are many executive orders and laws signed you can choose from. So please enlighten me, what was so bad?


      • she was “proud” of a man who broke into a woman’s home and sexually assaulted her.

        Says the guy who is proud of a serial philanderer who’s been accused of sexually assaulting a couple dozen women and who is currently fighting a court order to submit DNA in a sexual assault case (evidence that would acquit him if he was telling the truth).


      • First off Greg, NONE of the women who have accused Trump of anything have proven a damned thing. If you are setting your standard to be if a man is accused of sexual assault by multiple women as a standard by which you will not support him, then you best move on from Biden because he too has multiple women accusing him of sexual assault. Are you ready to cross that bridge?

        And yes, the president should fight every legal way possible to stand up to the left which has shown time and time again they are willing to lie and weaponize law enforcement for their own good(FBI ring a bell?). So why would you or anyone else, knowing that the authorities have already doctored documents, made up documents, etc. willingly give up DNA to someone who may use it in any nefarious way possible?

        The man Harris is PROUD of, broke into a home and sexually assaulted a woman. Tried to kill police officers with a knife. How are those things equivalent to either Biden or Trump? Honestly. Yo cannot see what she is doing?


      • why would you or anyone else, knowing that the authorities have already doctored documents, made up documents, etc. . willingly give up DNA

        Dude, first off, Trump IS the authorities. The Attorney General is Trump’s man, and has control of the DOJ which has control of the FBI. That’s all part of the Executive branch of government and POTUS is the head of the Executive. That’s government 101.

        Second, if Trump was innocent, he’d have samples of his DNA tested publicly on camera in real time by labs and universities all over the United States. He won’t give up his DNA for the same reason he won’t give up his tax records.


      • I am speaking directly about the Obama’s corruption of the FBI and the DOJ. Hillary walked away from laws she broke where others are still in prison for doing less.

        As for the DNA, it is not about him being innocent, it is about the corruption of people still in these places that would take that DNA once in hand and plant it in all sorts of places, so no, I would not give any DNA to these idiots.

        The tax records are not being given up because it is a witch hunt. If the DA had any hard evidence of anything illegal they could supena them and get them. They have jack crap. This is all a continued witch hunt.


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