it stinks

I’m trying to remember when I hit that point where I stopped trying to keep track of each and every awful thing that happened that day.

I mean, there was actually a time when I could read two or three news sources and feel like I had a solid grasp of all the awful things that happened on any given day. Later I found myself focusing on the primary awful things that happened, because it would take a spreadsheet to keep track of the picayune awful things. But over time, every day became a muddle of major corruption, lying, gross incompetence, vindictiveness, and venality, all of which existed in a melange of Trumpian hate-rage. And it was impossible to keep track even of all the massively awful things that happened in a given day.

This guy is awful in so many ways you need a quantum computer to keep track.

It’s hard to imagine a president who in the course of a single day would 1) shirk his duty during a pandemic that has cost more than 65,000 American lives, 2) lie about the availability of testing necessary to know the extent of that pandemic, 3) encourage states to re-open their economies even though NONE of those states have met the guidelines issued by the president’s own task force, 4) try to extort political favors from states in desperate need of federal financial aid as a result of that pandemic, 4) try to undermine the 2020 presidential election by claiming vote-by-mail is risky, 5) find ways to threaten the unemployment benefits of the nearly 20% of the US workforce that’s unemployed because of the pandemic, 6) use his presidential emergency powers to force workers in the meat industry to continue to work despite the alarming number of Covid-19 cases appearing in meat-packing plants, 7) block the nation’s most trusted information source from testifying in front of the Democratic-led House while allowing his testimony in the Republican-led Senate, 8) encourage armed insurrection against the legitimately elected Democratic governors of states he doesn’t like, 9) float the idea of pardoning his former National Security Advisor whom he’d fired because the man had pleaded guilty to lying to the FBI (and the Vice President) about his dealings with Russian intelligence (not to mention his failure to register as a foreign agent of Turkey OR his involvement in a plot to kidnap a Turkish dissident cleric), 10) denigrated and undermined the leadership and line staff of the nation’s primary national law enforcement agency, 11) promoted a number of conspiracy theories, including one about the origins of the pandemic, and 12) tried to pressure US intelligence agencies to substantiate that conspiracy theory.

That’s just what I can recall of the major awful stuff Comrade Trump engaged in one a single day. There’s bound to be awful stuff I’ve missed.

Gov. Kim Reynolds and Comrade Trump ohmyfuckinggod I can’t even look killmenow.

All of this horror is compounded by state governors who are willing (or actually eager) to curry favor with Trump for their own political reasons. Like so many other Republican governors, the governor of Iowa, Kim Reynolds, refused to issue a state-wide shelter-in-place order. She’s not only supporting Trump’s executive order to require workers at meat-packing plants (a large proportion of whom are immigrants) to report for work regardless of Covid-19 outbreaks, she’s also informed low wage workers who are reluctant to return to work because of pandemic fears that if they refuse to return to work, they will be denied unemployment benefits.

The result of this monstrous cascade of really, truly, awful stuff from Trump and his supporters is a sort of numbness. It’s like living downwind from a paper mill or a hog containment farm — you sort of get inured to the stink. Some days stink more than others, but every day stinks horribly.

And it will continue to stink horribly until we get rid of the hog farm.

12 thoughts on “it stinks

  1. And THIS is why we drink.

    My first thought every morning upon wakening is, “Well, at least we didn’t get nuked overnight,” immediately followed by, “What DID the Orange Fuckwit do?”

    80% of the country is going to be suffering from PTSD when this is all over… assuming it does end. It’s going to take generations to rebuild the damage the Russian Wigstand has done during the last three years.

    While I am not a believer, apparently in the Book of Revelation it states that the Beast will be allowed to rule for 42 months. That puts Trump’s expiration date at July 16th. Of course, what follows is supposed to be even worse, so I’m not sure that’s something we should be rooting for in any case.

    Anyhow, just wanted to say I only recently discovered your blog and I’m loving it. It’s nice to know I’m not the only one screaming into the void on a daily basis.

    Peace to you and yours.


    • You know, the thing is we’re NOT just screaming into the void. It often seems like the void, but when there are enough of us screaming, it ceases to be the void.

      At least that’s what I’m telling myself.


  2. My dear friend, did you just enter my mind? I just ca’t keep track either and I’m feeling so damn exhausted by the mere thought of ‘IT” … the putrid clown!!


  3. I will just address number 1.

    Please explain how you came to the conclusion that Trump cost 65,000 American lives. Please give me details.


    • Hey Billy. First, let me thank you for continuing to challenge me. I know we disagree on almost everything, but it’s actually helpful when I’m forced to back up any claim I make.

      Second, I didn’t conclude that “Trump cost 65,000 American lives.” What I said was that he shirked his duty during a pandemic that has so far cost…well, 67,500+ as of this moment. When I say he shirked his duties, I don’t just mean he’s failed (although he has); I mean he has avoided trying to do his duty, which is worse than failure.

      We’ve only had a couple of true national emergencies in the last couple of decades — emergencies that affected the entire nation, not just local communities. This pandemic, and the attacks of 9/11. In both cases, the president was warned ahead of time about the potential crisis, and in both cases the president dismissed the warnings.

      But here’s the difference: after the 9/11 attack, President Bush (and yeah, I disliked him immensely) stepped up and set a national response — a set of nationwide domestic policies. Who got arrested, who was put under surveillance, what laws were to be relaxed, what guidelines were established. I didn’t agree entirely with his response, but it was a consistent national response. The federal government took charge. They worked with state and local communities to insure they got what was needed to carry out the national policy and they got the support to deal with how different local issues were handled in different states.

      When the pandemic arrived, Trump initially downplayed its dangers, which left the American public unprepared (which means more folks got sick, which means more people died). He then put the burden of response on the individual states instead of setting a flexible national strategy. Instead of working WITH the states, he set the states in competition against each other (which, again, meant more people got sick and more people died). Worse, when he put together a team to develop a national strategy, he consistently undermined that strategy (and continues to do that). Although his own national guidelines say states shouldn’t relax social distancing measures until confirmed cases have demonstrated a continued decline for two weeks, Trump has pressured states to re-open while cases have only begun to decline (and in some states, cases are continuing to increase).

      It’s not just that Trump failed to do his duty initially, it’s that he’s still avoiding doing his duty in the hope that he won’t be blamed. As much as I disliked Bush II, after his initial failure, he stepped up and made executive decisions (bad decisions, but anybody who’s been in the military knows that making a bad decision is generally better than avoiding making any decision at all).


  4. Reblogged this on It Is What It Is and commented:
    Yes, I know the feeling!!! .. Look: “Over time, every day became a muddle of major corruption, lying, gross incompetence, vindictiveness, and venality, all of which existed in a melange of Trumpian hate-rage. And it was impossible to keep track even of all the massively awful things that happened in a given day.” … We share these feelings!!


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