it’s unclear

I used to wade in the icky waters of FreeRepublic on a fairly regular basis. I did that because I thought it was important to have some notion of what radical right-wing gun owners were thinking. That last bit — the gun owning bit — was the motivating force for me. I may disagree with right-wing extremists, but so long as all they do is shout hateful stuff, I’m okay with it. People shouting hateful stuff who are also armed, well that’s an entirely different kettle of fish. [Tangent Alert — if you’re wondering about the expression ‘kettle of fish’ see below.]

A couple of years into the Trump administration, I lost my willingness to visit FreeRepublic. I did it on occasion, but it was just too fucking ugly and stupid and discouraging to visit regularly. However, after Uncle Joe became POTUS-elect, I’ve started peeking in through the FreeRepublic window again, to see how they’re reacting.

Not well, is how they’re reacting. Poorly. Angrily. Fearfully, is how they’re reacting. Delusional, is how they’re reacting. A large chunk of them continue to believe Covid is a hoax. One of dozens of overlapping, continuous hoaxes — including the hoax that Uncle Joe beat Comrade Trump in the election. They act like they’re completely convinced Trump won, that there was a massive conspiracy to deny him the election, and that Trump will still somehow overturn the result of the election and emerge victorious (to the sound of trumpets, hymns of great praise, an orchestra of angels, a flight of bluebirds, and the continental United States will smell like cinnamon rolls in the morning). Maybe they honestly believe that. It’s not clear.

“Call out the military and hold a new election free of FRAUD and the CCP! CCP interfering was an act of WAR!” — by doc maverick

CCP — that’s the Chinese Communist Party. Yeah, that’s right, they’re involved. NOT the Russians, the Chinese. They’re working with other Globalists (always capitalized) and the Deep State in the US to undermine Trump and destroy the government. The Deep State wants the government to collapse in order for them to…to do something that will give them the power to become…the Deeper State? It’s unclear. But obviously, Trump won the election.

“Stolen. As have been many elections in AmeriKa. O’Bunghole was installed as potus similarly. He has no right living in this country, much less, holding public office. He was potus because of voter fraud, just like creepy joe and crazy ho. We’re so hosed.” — by LouAvul

The FBI tentacle of the Deep State is conspiring with the Fake News Media to impose socialism on the US. This will allow them to…to…I think it’s to take away the guns of honest Americans? Probably. Take their existing guns and make it harder to buy still more guns, which is why there’s been an increase in gun sales these last few months before the Deep State can act. The problem, see, is that there are Republicans IN NAME ONLY who cooperate with…wait, maybe it’s the ATF? I mean, since they’re the ones who deal with firearms. I don’t know, it’s unclear. Anyway, there are Republicans who are part of the fraud they’re helping to steal the election from Trump.

“It’s sickening that most of these states that are in question with a plethora of fraud that is killing the country had majorities of REPUBLICANS at various levels within the states.” — by shanover

These same RINOs are also part of the Great Covid Hoax being perpetrated by the Deep State and the Democrats and China (obviously China). They want America weak and scared (which, by the way, is another reason to buy more guns) and distracted so they can steal the election while Decent Law-abiding Americans are too busy wearing masks and buying toilet paper (and guns) to notice that Hunter Biden’s pals in China inserted code into the voting machines which turned votes for Trump into votes for Biden. The illegal code was illegally inserted through illegal means, specifically by…by means of…well, it’s unclear. But the so-called pandemic was part of the plan, because of…of the economy, I think. Again, it’s unclear. But c’mon, seriously Trump won, it’s obvious and he should stay in office by any means necessary.

“The lockdowns must end ! By force if necessary ! TYrranical out of control demoncraps need controls ! Fire them !” by Truthoverpower

Seriously, how could Biden possibly have won the election (which, of course, was stolen from Trump) given that, at the order of the Deep State and Hunter’s friends in the CCP, he stayed in his basement? For months! Who ever heard of a candidate winning an election from his own basement? Or anybody’s basement? Or any subterranean facility? It’s impossible. UNLESS there’s fraud involved, perpetrated by the FBI and George Soros and other cannibalistic communist sex perverts! There are rooms full of affidavits and videos of Democrats cheating at the polls and bringing in fake Biden ballots disguised as pepperoni pizzas and takeout Chinese (China AGAIN!), and did you know Mitch McConnell’s wife was Chinese? Do you need any more proof that…that something unwholesome and fraudulent is taking place? I don’t think so. McConnell is in on…that thing everybody is in on. It’s not entirely clear what they hope to…well, you know, the cheating and all. Because it was a rigged election.

Trump was holding 3 to 4 rallies PER DAY for weeks on end with hardly a day off. Spontaneous “Trump Train” car rallies and boat rallies were all over the place with thousands and tens of thousands of people turning out, even without a star being there to draw people in. Biden, his execrable “doctor” wife, and Harris couldn’t draw flies. The number of times Biden spoke gibberish and slurred his speech was immense. He never once talked about his policies and vision for America. The press lobbed him softball questions about his favorite ice cream.

A liberty-loving, true-blue American patriot who gave up his retirement to save the USA versus a communist life-long political hack who is one of the meanest people in American politics. And the people voted for the communist? This whole thing is just preposterous beyond belief. — by ProtectOurFreedom

Anyway, there it is. Trump had ALL the boats and trucks, because he’s a friend of the working man. Once Sidney Powell gets a chance (as a special prosecutor) to finally present her unbiased evidence in a REAL court of REAL law, it’s all over for Biden and then Nancy Pelosi will get what she deserves in GITMO. And Michelle Obama too. And all the loud-mouthed girls, they’ll all get what they deserve, which is…well, it’s unclear. Well, it’s clear, but it doesn’t do to say so out loud. But when Trump is inaugurated for his second term, they’ll be able to take care of troublemakers and burn the Deep State and disband the FBI unless the FBI comes around and Democrats will have to eat bugs in prison. That much is clear.

“Once Powell has the information, Biden is screwed.” — by rdcbn1

Anyway, that’s life in FreeRepublic. Trump won. Biden cheated. Covid’s a hoax. China is bad. Russia is our friend. Democrats should be imprisoned, if not shot. (Disclaimer: I made up that bit about the bugs. I never actually saw anybody who wrote that Democrats should be forced to eat bugs. Sorry.)

Tangent: Okay, you’re probably thinking ‘Greg, old sock, what is this whole kettle of fish business? Doesn’t seem to make any sense, don’t you know.’ This is why I get paid the big bucks (or would, if I got paid at all). There’s an explanation. Two explanations, actually. The most common explanation is that years ago in the UK a poaching pan was called a ‘kettle’, and it was apparently a common practice to feed large gatherings by bringing a kettle to boil and then — and I’m not making this up — they’d toss live salmon into the kettle and I don’t like to think about it after that.

A different kiddle of fish.

The explanation I prefer, though, is that the kettle in question is actually a kiddle, which is another term for a fishing weir. And now you’re thinking, ‘Greg, old sock, what is this weir of which you speak?’ A weir (which is also known in some places as a ‘fishgarth’ if that helps, but I suspect it won’t) is a sort of trap placed in rivers or streams which fish can easily swim into but can’t easily swim out of. At the end of the day, a weir/kiddle may have a lot of different sorts of fish swimming around in a muddle. So the expression ‘a different kiddle/kettle of fish’ refers to a separate and distinct muddled mess.

Aren’t you glad you asked?

9 thoughts on “it’s unclear

    • I hope not. I mean, free expression is a fundamental right in the US. I don’t like what a lot of them say, but I’d fight for their right to speak freely in a public forum without having to be concerned about government surveillance of their speech.

      That said, I’m happy to mock and jeer at their politics.

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  1. You would do yourself a favor by googling The Great Reset, and Event 201, if you think this pandemic is NOT planned, as are the fake statistics. Find the death toll for every year beginning with 2015 and you will see we are right on track this year,.EVERY year, between 2 and 3 thousand people die.An Election Re-Do, without machines and mail-in ballots, is the only way to PROVE the Trump Landslide. But regardless, he will be your President for four more years. You can count on that!Were it not so, you would be a rabid Communist instead of a rabid Democrat, from January 20th on.


    • Hi Mel, thanks for responding. I’m familiar with both the World Economic Forum’s Great Reset proposal and with Event 201, but I don’t see them as evidence that the Covid pandemic was ‘planned’.

      Let’s start with Event 201 because it came first and sparked a number of conspiracy theory variations. Event 201 was a tabletop exercise–which are a common tool for exploring how multiple entities can cooperate to respond to large scale events. The county in which I live recently held one to see how different county and city agencies might coordinate with local medical facilities to respond to a mass casualty event during a major winter weather event. The military does this all the time, gaming out responses to various possible world events. The World Health Organization does them frequently to evaluate possible pandemic responses. Event 201 exercise was no different; there was nothing suspicious or sinister about it. Even the fact that it focused on a pandemic sparked by a coronavirus isn’t unusual; we’ve known about the dangers of a coronavirus event for decades. In 1995, Laurie Garrett wrote about the increasing probability of a global pandemic in her book ‘The Coming Plague’.

      Nor is the Great Reset anything other than the notion that the best time to reorganize world economic systems is when those systems are disrupted. You may not like their recommendations for change (I don’t like many of them myself), but it’s no more sinister than, say, the retail industry deciding that this pandemic offers the industry a chance to change the way big box stores conduct business.

      Planning and preparedness aren’t evidence of a conspiracy. If you plan and prepare for a natural disaster, it doesn’t mean you intend to create that natural disaster. It’s what you do just in case. Governments do the same thing.

      An Election Re-Do, without machines and mail-in ballots, is the only way to PROVE the Trump Landslide

      I suppose you’re right — the only way to prove a Trump landslide victory is to hold an imaginary election ‘re-do’. The actual election, though, resulted in Uncle Joe Biden being elected. It was in all the newspapers. You can check for yourself.

      he will be your President for four more years. You can count on that!

      No, he won’t. He really won’t. But thanks for offering your views.

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  2. How do you account for the fact that Biden won way more votes than there are legal voters? It’s fraud and YOU know it as well as the rest of the population knows it. The pandemic is part of the fraud, by the way. But I really am not up for debate EVER , with any Democrat. i have wauy better things to do with my time.


    • How do you account for the fact that Biden won way more votes than there are legal voters?

      I don’t account for that because that didn’t happen. Oh, folks claimed it happened, but it didn’t. The claims were based on a failure to understand that cities exist in counties. For example, conservatives claimed Detroit, with 672,662 residents, reported 850,441 votes. Detroit is in Wayne County, which has a population of 1,749,343. Guess how many votes were cast in all of Wayne County.

      Even Trump’s lawyers never made any claim of fraud in any of their 60+ court cases. They claimed irregularities in the process, they claimed laws were changed illegally, they claimed some voters should have been excluded, but they didn’t once include a claim of fraud. Because lawyers can be disbarred for representing claims they know are false.

      There was no fraud.


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