70+ days of shit to clean up

Let’s be wildly optimistic for a bit. Let’s assume Comrade Trump is soundly defeated in five days. Let’s also assume he calmly accepts the results of the election (hey, I did say ‘wildly optimistic’). That still gives him 70-plus days to fuck up the United States. It’s a lot easier to assume he’ll do some revenge-fucking than to assume he’ll quietly accept defeat. He will leave a LOT of shit for other folks to clean up.

I’m just guessing here, of course, but I suspect one of the things he’ll do is ruthlessly enforce the executive order he signed last week. This was a singularly nasty bit of work designed to make it easier for a president to fire career civil servants. To Trump, career federal employees are part of some faceless Deep State whose purpose, he believes, is to interfere with whatever he wants to do. In fact, that Deep State are the two million men and women who work in federal government turning presidential wants and wishes into formal policies that conform to the law, then implementing those policies. For example, when Trump says or tweets he wants to cancel the order for a new Air Force One (which he did), the Deep State career civil servants immediately begin the complex process of canceling an Air Force procurement order. Because that IS a complex process and can’t be done overnight, Trump complains the Deep State is thwarting him. Never mind that Trump changed his mind about canceling the order, he just hates being thwarted.

“You get fired, and you get fired, and you too, everybody gets fired.”

So I suspect there’s a good chance Trump will do some vengeance-thwarting on those thwarters. There’s a good chance he’ll fire more than a bunch of anonymous career professionals; he’ll very likely fire the heads of agencies he feels weren’t sufficiently loyal. FBI Director Christopher Wray, for example. And CIA head, Gina Aspel. Anthony Fauci will be toast. Probably a few more.

There will likely be a massive destruction of official records in the 72 days between the election and the inauguration of President Biden. Yeah, that’s illegal, but Trump and his people have shrugged off other obviously illegal behaviors. Like using Air Force One or the White House for political events without paying for them out of campaign funds. We’ve seen them refuse to honor legal subpoenas, we’ve seen them use WhatsApp to dodge leaving an official record, we’ve seen them insist Trump’s tweets are official records and thereby subject to the Presidential Records Act (also insist they’re just Trump’s personal opinions, so NOT subject to the Presidential Records Act). We’ve seen them normalize illegal acts and not be held accountable for them, so it’s not a big stretch to assume they’ll engage in an orgy of document destruction and erasure.

“But me, I’ll get pardoned. By the greatest and most unappreciated president ever. ME!”

Finally, most of us probably expect a tsunami of presidential pardons. He’ll likely pardon everybody involved in the Russia investigation, and all his cronies and financial contributors, and all of his kids, maybe his wife, and he’ll probably try to pardon himself. Of course, he can only pardon people for federal crimes; there can still be state investigations and prosecutions.

But assuming a Biden win, we can expect a whole lot of ugly to follow. There will be a LOT of shit to clean up. Let’s face it, Trump, his family, and his supporters — they’re the types of folks who’ll take a dump in the toilet and let the incoming administration discover and flush it.

15 thoughts on “70+ days of shit to clean up

  1. So nothing on the fact that the Hunter Biden laptop is real, has been in possession of the FBI and it is now a source of a FISA warrant? The moronic idea that this was a Russian disinformation campaign has been debunked soundly. So nothing on that and the fact that are supporting someone who essentially actually did all of the things you accuse Trump of doing.



    • Billy, I think you must have misread some news article. Or you’ve read some right-wing propaganda. There is NO FISA application or warrant involving Hunter Biden. None.

      There WAS apparently a FISA warrant for Chi Ping Patrick Ho in 2018. Patrick Ho was a lobbyist for an energy company (CEFC China Energy). He was convicted of money laundering in 2019 and eventually deported. At the time he was arrested, Ho was working with CEFC China Energy to try to broker a partnership with a US business consortium which employed Hunter Biden.

      The FISA warrant had nothing to with Biden and nothing to do with the ‘mystery laptop’. The FBI has determined that several of the documents on the laptop “were created after the date on which the shop owner says the laptop was dropped off.” The entire laptop story is weak beer at best. Nothing will come of it because there’s nothing there.

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      • So your claim is that Bobulinski is lying?

        Also, I never said the FISA warrant was against Hunter, I said the content of the computer was used to get the warrant which proves the legitimacy of the laptop.


      • the content of the computer was used to get the warrant which proves the legitimacy of the laptop.

        Explain to me how a laptop that was allegedly dropped off for repair in April of 2019 could be the basis for a FISA warrant request in 2018.

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  2. Fucking Christ on a cracker, Billy. “But Hunter’s laptop!” has become the new “But her emails!” to you lot. DID YOU EVEN READ GREG’S ESSAY?

    “Trump, his family, and his supporters — they’re the types of folks who’ll take a dump in the toilet and let the incoming administration discover and flush it.”

    No, Greg, they’re the type to shit on the floor, smear it everywhere and make sure they wipe their fancy shoes all over the carpeting.

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    • You people would rather the country suffer than accept you were wrong about Trump. Biden and Harris will create the greatest recession in the history of the US. Businesses will close, energy prices will rise, economic growth will be non-existent. Part of me hopes Biden and Harris win so that everyone can see how horrible they and the rest of the dems are and then Trump can come back and run again in ’24 and take the WH back.


      • accept you were wrong about Trump

        The only thing I’m willing to admit I was wrong about when it comes to Trump is I never thought he would be so openly corrupt. Or so blatantly incompetent.

        Trump can come back and run again in ’24 and take the WH back.

        There’s a better chance that Trump will be either in prison or in exile in Kazakhstan than campaigning for POTUS in 2024.

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  3. I feel bad for Greg because the content of his writing (which is always well-thought out and pretty spot on) is slowly being eclipsed by my morbid curiosity at what deliberately obtuse truckload of well-aged, alt-right, Trump-fellating, horsesh!t Sweet Billy is gonna show up to spout.

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    • A video of cherry-picked moments created by a Trump supporter who has also made videos claiming Trump is 1) more gay-friendly than Biden and 2) a better friend of the disabled than Biden and 3) better equipped to handle the pandemic than Biden, just isn’t very convincing.

      Yes, Trump is a racist. Even if we ignore all the racist stuff Trump has said, we can still identify him as a racist based on decades of his actions.


      • Yeah, playing all of Trump’s speech that clearly shows he never said there were good white supremacist is cheery picking. I once thought for a short while you were about truth, it is obvious you are not. You are no better than the other party hacks.


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