not even a dog

Yesterday on Facebook I responded to a post by one of my senators (Charles Grassley, who at one time was a principled conservative but has devolved into a hypocritical party hack) who chastized “Democrats & liberals in the press” for not giving enough attention to the Hunter Biden Laptop Lunatic Conspiracy Theory. I said this in response:

Generally, advancing a Russian disinformation operation is considered unAmerican. Sad to see you taking such a position.

Several Trump/Grassley supporters took me to task for suggesting the laptop fuss followed the pattern of a classic Russian dezinformatsiya scheme (which it totally does).

— “Director of National Intelligence John Ratcliffe on Monday said that Hunter Biden’s laptop “is not part of some Russian disinformation campaign”.”
— our TDS Delusion is blinding you!! Hunter’s ATTORNEY contacted the computer shop, wanting to retrieve his client’s laptop!!! If this laptop has been in FBI custody since Nov. or Dec., 2019, HOW DID RUSSIA GET AHOLD OF IT, OR HAVE ACCESS TO IT??
— oh here we go again, everytime a Democrat gets caught dirty the ” Russians” did it, learn a new tune numbskull
— So you think just because the MSM isn’t covering this that it doesn’t exist?? WOW – and you call me stupid and gullible?? It is NOT a LIE, and when Joe-Joe and Hunter go to prison, maybe you’ll believe it then!! The laptop was corroboated by Hunter’s own attorney, plus Hunter’s buddies, Bevan Cooney and Devin Archer, who are both facing prison time for all of these crazy financial deals; they have now turned over 26,000+ e-mails which are also on Hunter’s laptop!! They were in on this; flipped on their buddy as they go to prison, and Hunter gets to be free FOR NOW!! Since Joe-Joe got half of all of the money, just think of all the taxes that Joe-Joe did NOT PAY on all those millions!! Hope the IRS pays him a visit!!
— has nothing to do with the Russians. It is left wing bias by Twitter and Facebook.
— FOX Tucker Carlson verified it today.

Where to start? Maybe with the claim that Hunter Biden’s attorney ‘corroboated’ the idea that the laptop belong to his client. George Mesires, the attorney in question, told the Washington Post, “We have no idea where this came from, and certainly cannot credit anything that Rudy Giuliani provided to the NY Post.” So no, that dog don’t hunt.

What about the suggestion that since the laptop has been in FBI custody since late 2019, there was no way for Russia to “GET AHOLD OF IT“? It would indeed be difficult for Russians (or anybody else) to get access to a hard drive stored in an FBI evidence facility. It would, though, be relatively easy for Russians (or anybody else) to load disinformation onto the drives of three laptops and deliver them to a strip mall computer repair shop in Delaware run by a legally blind Trump supporter and claim they were the property of Hunter Biden (who, by the way, lived in California at the time, which makes it improbable that he’d fly to his daddy’s home state to get his computers repaired). So no, that dog don’t hunt either.

Well, how about the claim that Hunter Biden “HAS A PEDO PROBLEM“? This nasty bit of bullshit was launched by a photo printed in the NY Post article. It shows the front of a subpoena form that doesn’t list a recipient or identify anything the recipient is required to produce. However, there appears to be writing on the back of the form which has bled through to the front (in reverse, of course), and includes a signature that could be that of FBI Special Agent Joshua Wilson, who has worked on child pornography cases. There’s literally nothing on the form to indicate the subpoena was for Hunter Biden, or that it involved a laptop, or that child porn is involved. So no, that dog don’t hunt and is probably asleep on the porch.

One of many dogs that just don’t hunt.

So what about the fact that Tucker Carlson “verified it”? Let’s just remind folks that a federal judge just dismissed a slander lawsuit against Carlson after agreeing with Carlson’s own lawyers that “given Mr. Carlson’s reputation, any reasonable viewer ‘arrive[s] with an appropriate amount of skepticism’ about the statement he makes.” In other words, Carlson’s employer, FOX News, admits that he is full of shit and can’t be relied on as a fact witness. In fact, the Biden laptop ‘scandal’ was so thin that FOX News refused to report it as news. That didn’t stop FOX commentators (like Tucker Carlson) from talking about it incessantly, of course. But it’s worth noting that even Breitbart, a normally reliable engine for lunatic right-wing conspiracy theories, was skeptical about the story. So no, that dog don’t hunt and it may not even be a dog.

DNI John Ratcliffe momentarily not kissing Trump’s pale plump ass.

But hey, Director of National Intelligence John Ratcliffe…what about his claim that the laptop in question “is not part of some Russian disinformation campaign“? If you can’t trust the DNI, then who can you trust? Sadly, you really can’t trust the DNI IF the DNI is John Ratcliffe.

Let’s first acknowledge that Ratcliffe, a notorious Trump ass-kisser, is Trump’s fourth DNI in just under four years. Let’s also acknowledge that the first time Trump nominated Ratcliffe to be DNI (after Trump forced DNI Dan Coats to resign after Coats agreed that Russia implemented a disinformation op to help elect Donald Trump in 2016), the nomination had to be withdrawn because even Trump supporters in the Senate felt Ratcliffe wasn’t qualified and couldn’t be trusted not to politicize intelligence issues. In the interim, there were two other DNIs; Joseph Maguire, who was fired for briefing the House Intelligence Committee that Russia had interfered in the 2016 election to help Trump and was planning on doing it again in 2020, and Richard Grenell, a Trump supporter without any intelligence experience who also couldn’t be confirmed by the Senate. After Grenell, the Senate confirmed Ratcliffe as DNI on a party line vote (because at that point the GOP had basically given up any hope of checking Trump). Although he’s only been DNI for five months, Ratcliffe has routinely violated norms by mining and declassifying material (mostly dealing with Hunter Biden and Ukraine) that might help Trump’s re-election campaign.

The CIA’s assessment of the laptop ‘scandal’ is that it’s likely a dezinformatsiya operation “probably directed” by Putin and his top aides, implemented by Russian asset Andrii Derkach in Ukraine, with the presumably unwitting assistance of Rudy Giuliani (is Rudy really that stupid? Maybe.). More than fifty former senior intelligence officials–including former Trump administration officials–have signed a letter stating the laptop ‘scandal’ “has all the classic earmarks of a Russian information operation.” The FBI, which has custody of the laptop hard drive, has reportedly opened an investigation to determine if this is a Russian disinformation operation.

So no, the Ratcliffe dog don’t hunt, and isn’t a dog, or even a mammal. It’s more of a slime mold–a eukaryotic organism not known for hunting.

But I’ve got a shiny new nickle that says during tomorrow night’s debate, Comrade Trump will repeatedly accuse Joe Biden’s son of being corrupt and possibly a pedophile on national television. That in itself is reason enough to vote him out of office.

12 thoughts on “not even a dog

  1. Want some salt and mustard with that pretzel?
    Funny how the Steele dossier you have no issue with, it’s like words from God. But the laptop…


    • Billy, I don’t know why this is so difficult for you to understand. The so-called Steele Dossier was raw human intelligence, not an analytical report. Raw intel is what you get when you go talk to people and is evaluated based on the credibility of the people you talk to. So, once again, no, I don’t accept everything in the Steele Dossier. Overall, however, it’s proven itself fairly reliable.

      The laptop story makes no sense other than as a scam.

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  2. Greg, the simple fact that Hunter Biden would not take a sensitive electronic device to a strip mall repair shop is pretty telling. Just pure silliness. But to be certain that I will not contribute to the possible corruption, I refuse to vote for Hunter Biden. Or Hillary Clinton.

    I do find it odd that the Trumpeters have reached such levels of desperation that they would support something as stupid as a “found” hard drive weeks before an election. I am going to lose my healthcare which I have been using since 2015 because of Donald Trump, and there is nothing to replace the very adequate healthcare I receive now through the Affordable Care Act. If Donald Trump had use his first term to create a better system to replace what is already working fine I would have been open to using it and to the idea he cared about Americans and America. But he has not, it is all ratings. Instead of something good for Americans, he is pushing this BS hard drive story. We need to vote him out.


    • …yet everything negative about Trump and his family is credible.

      And wtf did you do for insurance before Obama? The open market has always been there and the open market was cheaper before the ACA. And stop with the outright lie that you would lose your heath care.


      • Bill, I was actually writing to Greg but I will speak to one bit of your disinformation.

        I retired from a Civil Service career in 2015. While I was working I paid $270 every 2 weeks for a policy from United Healthcare for my wife and I. After I retired I went on the ACA and paid $318 a month for my wife and I for a policy from United Healthcare. The deductible is higher, but the out of pocket has been less. The coverage is almost exactly the same, except on the ACA the policy paid for weekly chiropractic if I wanted it.

        After I retired I inquired about staying on the insurance through my city and was quoted $1400 a month. I would not have been able to afford that so I looked into the ACA. After I went on the ACA my wife had breast cancer, it cost us out of pocket very little. The ACA does not penalize for pre-existing conditions. Trump has promised to cover pre-existing conditions but the ACA does not promise, it covers them.

        Trump has had 4 years to provide some plan and has not. He had his chance. Obamacare has been a godsend for us.

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      • everything negative about Trump and his family is credible.
        Maybe because the Trump family had to dismantle their foundation after admitting to various ethical and legal violations, and were forced to pay a $2 million settlement for misusing the foundation for his business and political purpose, and had severe restrictions and limitations placed on their ability to form any charity in NY or sit on the board of any charity in NY.

        They admitted to misuse of funds. So yeah, it’s reasonable to assume the Trump family might not be honest.

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    • Joe, the entire laptop story is ridiculous on about twelve different levels. It requires you to believe Hunter Biden would 1) have three Biden Foundation laptop computers simultaneously damaged by water, 2) computers with sexually explicit material AND proof of political corruption, 3) at his home in California, and would take those laptops 4) to Delaware, but 5) NOT to the Foundation’s IT department but 6) to a strip mall computer repair shop that 7) happens to be run by a serious Trump supporter, who is 8) legally blind so unable to ID Hunter when he brings in the laptops, and 9) sign a receipt with a signature not quite like his usual signature, then 10) leave those three laptops for over 90 days, 11) without once calling to see if they’d been repaired.

      It’s absurd.

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      • hunter and Joe have yet to state unequivocally that they are not his emails.

        Dude, that’s how disinformation works. You take some legit material, mix in a bit of fraudulent material, stir it up, and force the target of the op to admit that at least some of the material is true/accurate, thereby suggesting that ALL of it is true/accurate. So yeah, I’d expect at least some of the texts/emails to be real.

        This is Disinformation 101.


      • …always an excuse. Everything said about Trump is 100% true no matter how out of context or unverified. I get it. Biden can do no wrong in your eyes. Imagine for 1/2 a second this was Don Jr.’s laptop and it had images of him with a crack pipe, doing drugs, and emails between him, his dad, discussing having a meeting with Putin. You would have a new blog post out before a blink of an eye and the msm would have wall to wall 24hr a day coverage of it. Every late night talk show host would have standup routines about it and several doctored pictures to make a joke out of it.

        I get it, you hate Trump so much you will make excuses for Biden and his family and all of the wealth they have accrued without a second thought. So think about that next time you call Trump supporters blind, seems you cannot see right in front of yourself.


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