Maybe it’s just me, but I’m inclined to think that when US intelligence agencies warn the president that one of his closest associates is being used as a conduit for a disinformation operation directed by a hostile foreign nation and aimed at a national election, the president probably ought to be concerned. Maybe even consider doing something about it. And by ‘doing something about it’ I mean stopping it.

But we’re talking about President Comrade Trump and Russia. We’re talking about Rudy Giuliani and the 2020 presidential election. So ‘doing something about it’ isn’t going to involve stopping the Russian disinformation operation. ‘Doing something about it’ involves spreading it. ‘Doing something about it’ involves embracing it.

I wrote about this a couple of days ago, calling it ‘the most embarrassingly bad disinformation op imaginable.’ Don’t get me wrong — the underlying concept of the op is a classic Russian dezinformatsiya scheme. It’s a variation of the old negligent-spy-accidentally-leaves- briefcase-with-compromising-information-on-the-subway routine. Somebody finds the briefcase, looks inside, discovers the manufactured compromising information, reports it, and the disinformation gets spread organically. As a scheme, it’s very sound.

But Jeebus Microdot, Rudy Giuliani really fucked this up. And Trump was warned about it. According to news reports, Trump’s fourth National Security Adviser, Robert O’Brien (and right there you already have a serious problem — four national security advisers in three years is a disgrace) met in person with Trump to caution him that “any information Giuliani brought back from Ukraine should be considered contaminated by Russia.”

Rudy Giuliani and Andrii Derkach

For well over a year, Rudy had been dealing with Andrii Leonidovych Derkach, a former Ukrainian security officer who is considered to be a Russian intelligence asset. I’m being polite and conservative when I say he’s ‘considered’ to be an asset. This guy actually graduated from the FSB Academy back when it was still called the Dzerzhinsky Higher School of the KGB. It’s basically Spy School. Derkach’s thesis topic…and I am NOT making this up…was “Organization and Conduct of Meetings with Secret Agents”. Derkach should be walking around with a lapel badge saying, “Hi, my name is Andrii, I’m a fucking spy!” Back in 2020, a lot of folks thought Derkach would be the Ukrainian Putin. although that hasn’t quite worked out for him. Last month the US Treasury Department sanctioned Derkach for running an “influence campaign” against Joe Biden (and by ‘sanctioned’ I mean they froze all of his property interests in the US and prohibited Americans from engaging in transactions with him or entities owned by him). THIS is the guy Rudy was meeting with to gather ‘information’ about Joe Biden’s son Hunter. This is precisely why the National Security Adviser told Comrade Trump to distance himself from any Biden-related crap Rudy might drop on his desk.

Did Trump follow that advice?

Yeah. Exactly.

Now, just to be clear, I’m not claiming Derkach and Rudy were behind the three wet laptops allegedly containing compromising material on the Bidens that were accidentally left on the subway forgotten at the computer store. I’m just saying that it resembles a classic Russian dezinformatsiya scheme. And I’m just saying Andrii Derkach has been working in Russia’s interest for some time. And I’m just saying Rudy Giuliani is no longer the clever New York lawyer he once was. And I’m just saying Trump has no ethics at all and will use any tactic he thinks might give him a momentary advantage over an opponent.

Really, is anybody even remotely surprised that Comrade Trump would ignore the warning of his fourth National Security Adviser? Is anybody even remotely surprised that Trump might promote an illegal Russian disinformation operation if he thought it could help him win an election?

We have seventeen (17) days to the election. It’s time to return Comrade Trump to the shelf. Go vote.

6 thoughts on “dezinformatsiya

  1. Steele Dossier, anti-Trump, no proof of legitimacy, Dems treat it as gospel.

    Hunter Biden HD with emails and actual pictures of Hunter himself. Hunter’s lawyer contacting repairman to try and get HD back. No denial from Hunter. – Dems claim it is a Russian Hoax.

    So now all of you leftist are voting for a man with dementia, who has been corrupt for nearly 5 decades in office, has been and continues to show he is a racist, refuses to answer any hard questions at all, and all because you are still mad and stomping your feet about Hillary losing the electoral college and winning the popular vote. nearly 4 years of whining and crying and lying. The next 4 years will be excruciating for you when Trump wins again.


    • This is getting tiresome, Billy. The ONLY thing in your comment that’s even remotely accurate is this: all of you leftist are voting.

      Leftists ARE voting. So are moderates. So are radicals and progressives. All of us are voting for Joe Biden, because he’s a decent man. A lot of Republicans and former Republicans are also voting for Biden. Some former Trump administration officials are voting for Biden.

      Trump has betrayed his oath of office. He’s failed as a leader, and he’s failed as a human being. He’s on his way out. Get used to it.


  2. Billy, I am not mad about anything. I am totally confused why any “normal”, “intelligent” human being would find ANY reason to vote for Trump. In 2016 maybe some people didn’t see the kind of person he is….but now we have had 4 years of his “reality show” presidency. When I ask people why they like Trump, they say things like “I just like him”….”Oh…I don’t watch the news, I don’t know anything about that”….the same kind of things that Trump says about himself. Vote him Out!

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    • There’s a fairly stable theme of “I like Trump because he’s not a politician.” Which is semi-valid, I suppose, except that he also not a decent human being, or a competent negotiator, or honest, or reliable, or clever, or somebody with any of the qualities you’d want in a national leader.

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