russian ratfucking

It never stops, does it. Last week yet another whistleblower filed a complaint with yet another Inspector General accusing the Trump White House and Trump-appointed agency officials of yet another abuse of authority by censoring yet another report outlining ongoing attempts to interfere with the 2020 election by Russian intelligence agencies.

This time it was Brian Murphy, the Principal Deputy Under Secretary in the Office of Intelligence and Analysis. Before he went to work for DHS he was a Marine and an FBI agent. Not what you’d call a ‘liberal’. He was ordered “to cease any dissemination of an intelligence notification regarding Russian disinformation efforts…because it ‘made the President look bad’.” Murphy objected (because Russia was running a disinfo campaign) and complained to his superiors. He was subsequently demoted.

There are very few core principles in the Trump administration, but included in them are the need to protect Putin and to deny Russian ratfucking of the 2016 election and the upcoming 2020 election. You have to wonder why that’s so important.

Who appears to be in charge here?

In May of 2018 I suggested that Trump’s insistence that the FBI ‘infiltrated’ his 2016 president campaign in an effort to ‘spy’ on it and entrap his campaign staff into breaking the law was a matter of ignorance rather than complicity. I was giving him the benefit of the doubt. I thought perhaps he simply didn’t understand that the FBI, by opening a counter-intelligence investigation into his campaign, was trying to protect him from some of his campaign staff who were in wildly inappropriate contact with Russian intelligence agents and/or Russian criminal elements. If the FBI hadn’t attempted to find out what the Russians were up to, they’d have been derelict in their duties.

What the FBI discovered was a series of attempts by Russian intelligence operatives to penetrate Trump’s campaign. Sadly, those attempts were actually welcomed by some campaign members. Not only were they eager to accept material that had clearly been stolen from Democrats by Russian intel agencies, they never considered reporting it to the FBI. Worse, when confronted by the evidence, those staffers lied about it. Lied repeatedly, and actively hampered the investigation. That’s a clear demonstration of guilt.

Who seems to be subordinate here?

By July of 2018, after the weird and horrifying Helsinki summit, I was far more willing to believe that Trump’s currying to Russia wasn’t just a matter of ignorance. I began to accept the probability that Putin had something on Trump himself — some sort of kompromat. I figured it was likely something to do with money laundering and/or criminal conspiracy rather than something personally embarrassing (like the alleged ‘pee tape’). In any event, it looked less like stupidity from inexperience and more like cooperation and complicity with Russian influence agents. I couldn’t think of any other probable explanation for his behavior at Helsinki.

By January of 2019, I was ready to accept that Trump was, in fact, a Russian intelligence asset. Not a ‘spy’; Trump lacks the emotional stability and the skill set required to be a spy. But he has a personality that makes him exceptionally vulnerable to Russian exploitation as an asset: he’s emotionally needy, he’s driven by greed and ego, he’s at least immoral if not amoral, he’s both shameless and easily insulted, he has no real sense of loyalty or patriotism, he has no qualms about cheating and assumes everybody cheats, and he’s willing and able to lie about anything. Trump is easy to manipulate.

Who is in control here?

The sad fact is, willing or not, since he took office Trump has furthered Russian interests and increased their international presence, and at the same time damaged US interests and surrendered US leadership on the world stage. He’s created a wedge between the US and NATO — to Russia’s benefit. He’s given Syria a free hand to commit war crimes — to Russia’s benefit. He’s withdrawn US influence in Iraq by abandoning the Kurds, allowing Russian troops to assume control of military bases and stations built by the US military. He’s essentially legitimized Russia’s illegal seizure of Crimea. He’s fought against and/or failed to impose sanctions against Russia despite bipartisan support in Congress. He’s refused to acknowledge, let alone act on, reports that Russia has paid the Taliban bounties to kill US troops serving in Afghanistan.

Domestically, he’s been willing to disregard the collective opinions of the US Intelligence Community on issues like Russian interference in the US election, and accepted Putin’s claim that Russia wasn’t involved. He’s not only undermined the efforts of the FBI and CIA to disrupt Russian interference, he’s appointed agency administrators who have leaned on their agencies to mute any criticism of Russia.

Who is most confident here?

I’m NOT saying Trump is run by Putin or Russian intelligence agencies. They don’t need to run him. On his own, he’s brought chaos and exacerbated existing divisions in US society. Russia helped him get elected (and are trying to help him stay in office), but after that all they had to do was stand back and let Trump be Trump. It was a low-cost, low risk, high reward black op — almost certainly the most successful and cost effective black op in modern history.

The idea that the President of the United States might be — and probably is — a Russian intelligence asset should be absurd. It should be laughable. Sadly, it’s not. The evidence keeps mounting up. It’s entirely possible — and, again, this is shocking for me to say — it’s entirely possible that if Trump is re-elected, representative democracy in the US may come to a crashing halt.

Lawdy, I hate saying that. I hate that it’s actually necessary to say it.

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    • President Obama indicated a willingness to consider whether the US really needed a sophisticated missile defense system in Romania, a NATO ally. Trump has alienated our NATO allies, abandoned our Kurdish allies, and allowed Russian military to take over US military bases in Syria and northern Iraq.

      See if you can spot the difference.


      • Trump has done what he was elected to do, bring US military personnel home and for the US to stop being the police of the planet and paying for it. It is high time NATO and the other countries pony up and pay their fair share. You have heard that term before right? Paying your fair share. It’s what you ask all the companies and rich folk to do in America.

        You just cannot let it go that the entire Russia thing was a hoax built by the Democrats in an attempt to be an “insurance policy” in the event Trump won the election. I’m sure you heard that term used by a certain FBI agent during the hearings.

        For 4 years the left have thrown everything but the kitchen sink at Trump and nothing sticks because none of it is true. All of it is speculation, 2nd and 3rd hand information, anonymous sources that never reveal who they are, pissed off ex-Obama appointees who Trump mistakenly left in their positions in an attempt to play nice. Nothing has worked because all of them are lies.

        And through all of this President Trump has accomplished so much more than all of the recent presidents combined. He has gained popularity, not lost it. The black vote for Trump is now hovering in the high 30%. In the words of Charlie Sheen, Trump is “Winning”!

        I find it so sad that you guys would resort to hiding the mentally ill Biden from public view to try and elect him. Knowing full well the man has lost his true cognitive abilities you still push for him to be the most powerful person on the planet. Do you sleep well at night knowing that Biden cannot answer a single question today without it being scripted first on a teleprompter?

        I bet you dollars to donuts that the left will find some incredible way to either not have this debate or will have it so Biden can be in a separate location from Trump so that Biden can have a hidden ear piece to funnel him answers.

        I have pictures of pallets of cash being sent to terrorist by Obama, wanna see those instead of Trump shaking hands with a leader of another country?

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  1. Greg, the idea of an American president taking orders from another country is patently absurd. That idea is about as stupid as the one about how if you don’t embrace one ideology or another you hate America.

    But hey, you are right. Trump’s actions have benefited Putin. His pitiful lack of accomplishments and his sowing of discord have set this country back half a generation. It will take a long time to undo the damage he has done.

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    • Oh please, look in the mirror. You people have been pissed off since November 2016 and you have not let up ever since. Race relations in this country were actually going quite nicely until that racist Obama got into office and began to separate the races again with his war on the police.

      The ONLY division has been by the democrats and progressives who are hell bent on destroying what America is to remake it in the mold of other failed socialist nations. The left has tried to silence speech, demonized anyone who does not follow their party line and will stomp on any minority as long as they are conservative. The only side that has demonstrated a propensity to echo the ways of the NAZI party are those on the left. You have BLM demanding people chant their slogans and raise their fists while they just try to eat a meal… I kind of recall many similar events in history where people were punished for not giving a certain salute..

      Hell your side, starting with the last president and his department of justice, attempted a bloodless coup to end a candidate’s run for president. All of their Russia evidence was false and made up and too this day Greg still runs with it like it was gospel.

      Your side will kill business after business and destroy lives of anyone who does not agree with your point of view, and still you blame Trump. Rioters will create billions in destruction and hurt thousands of people but you still blame cops and demonize one kid who defended himself and try to claim he is a murderer. You guys are delusional. You are elitist who think everyone should think like you are be removed. You have no concept of true freedom.

      Finally, you are blind a effing bat if you think Trump has not accomplished anything and I attribute that 100% to your TDS which is so damned obvious. Hey, maybe if you wore a mask it might not be so catchy among you libbies. Give it a shot.


    • Billy, you’re confusing fact and opinion again. I think your opinions are wrong, but they’re YOUR opinions, so what I think doesn’t matter. But almost every ‘fact’ you state is wrong — and the facts that aren’t entirely wrong, aren’t right.

      bring US military personnel home
      Wrong — assuming you’re talking about Afghanistan, which is what Trump keeps talking about. There were app. 8800 troops in Afghanistan when Trump assumed office. He raised the number at one point to app. 14,500, but he’s reduced it now to app. 8400. The number of troop in-country is essentially the same. (And Trump still hasn’t done anything to Russia for paying bounties to the Taliban for killing US troops.)

      high time NATO and the other countries pony up and pay their fair share.
      Wrong. In 2014 each NATO member state agreed to increase their NATO defense spending to 2% of their respective gross domestic product by 2024. What year is it? 2019. A third of NATO member have already reached the 2% goal; the others are slowly increasing their amount. (And sowing dissent among NATO members serves Russian interests.)

      the entire Russia thing was a hoax
      Wrong. Every intelligence agency in the first world agrees with every intelligence agency in the US that Russia interfered with the election to help Trump. Even the recent Senate report admits it. (That Trump is willing to accept Putin’s word over that of our own intelligence professionals isn’t just insulting, it’s a sign of Putin’s hold on Trump.)

      this President Trump has accomplished so much more than all of the recent presidents combined.
      Wrong. He’s made a LOT of executive orders, many of which have been largely for show, but his only legislative victory was the disastrous tax cut.

      He has gained popularity, not lost it. The black vote for Trump is now hovering in the high 30%
      Wrong. The most recent reliable polling data indicate 24% of black men approved of Trump but only 6% of black women. By the way, historically, black women vote at a much higher rate than black men.

      I have pictures of pallets of cash being sent to terrorist by Obama
      You almost certainly don’t. You may have pictures of pallets of cash being handed to Iraqis, but those pictures are from the Bush administration. We shipped billions of dollars in cash to Iraq, US$12 billion of which went missing.

      Obama DID ‘pay’ Iran $1.8 billion dollars as part of the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action (which included China, France, Russia, United Kingdom, and Germany AND was approved by the Senate in a 98-1 vote and the House in a 400-25 vote). This began back to 1970s, when Iran paid the U.S. $400 million for military equipment. That equipment was never delivered because the government was overthrown by the Islamists. That initial $400 million was returned in cash; the US also ‘paid’ $1.3 billion in interest. I put ‘paid’ in quotes because the deal also required Iran to pay settlements of app. $2.5 billion to US citizens and businesses. So the US actually made money on the deal.

      This is the problem with arguing with Trump supporters. So many of you either fail to do your research, or you cherry pick the research you’ve done, or you assume Trump is telling the truth, or you assume facts you dislike are part of some grand conspiratorial hoax put together by the entire world against Trump.

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      • Well Greg you beat me to answering Bill’s false assertions and you did it better than I could have. Trump and his followers like to just repeat untruths.

        In an effort to remain civil i won’t quote Mark Twain here. These discussions are about as fruitful as arguing with theists.


      • I only have time to refute a couple of your false statements right now because, unlike many democrats, I actually work for a living.

        Total deployments of US troops is down. In 2019 it was down by more than 20,000 troops world wide. There are another 2200 coming out of Iraq now and it will be back to 2015 levels and another 4500 coming out of Afghanistan. Yes, Trump would have like to have gotten more out sooner, but you know what, Trump actually listens to the military folks who advice him and he slowed down some withdraws until it was feasible to do. Trump is increasing troops by 1000 in Poland but those 1000 are from the 12000 he is pulling out of Germany. The focus continues to be on strategic reductions and he is doing that, so it is not opinion, but indeed fact.

        Oh, and for NATO and your claim that everyone is paying their fair share, that is again not true. only about 8 have hit that 2% threshold, France, Germany, Japan, Australia, are all below 2%. So yeah, holding the NATO nation’s feet to the fire is still kinda required.


    • Joe, some of the damage done by Trump — like the international reputation of the US — can be repaired simply by removing Trump from office. But the really significant damage will take a generation or two to repair, if it can be repaired at all. The damage done to the environment is long-term, for example, and there’s nothing that can be done about the lives lost to Covid-19 that could have been prevented if we’d acted rationally.


      • Global warming and cooling are real. The ability for man-made global warming and cooling are false. Just like with immigration, you guys love to drop the word “illegal” when discussing it as if we are against immigrants when that is a lie.
        We are not deniers of the climate changing as the climate changes all the damned time, in fact it changed constantly long before man walked this planet. There is no real evidence that man has any ability to change the climate of a planet. None. All of the so called evidence are computer models hand fed by researchers who make a living on the hope that man can somehow change a climate.
        You could throw us all back to the stone age if you like and it would make no difference on the climate. Yes the air would be cleaner until the next volcano blew but it is not changing the climate.
        So at least be honest when you spew the rhetoric, stop dropping the man-made from the front of your global warming dire predictions.


      • “There is no real evidence that man has any ability to change the climate of a planet. None. All of the so called evidence are computer models hand fed by researchers who make a living on the hope that man can somehow change a climate.”

        Bill, you cannot wave your hand and make demonstrable repeatable evidence go away. The evidence is not from computer models. That is clearly false. You don’t question the science when you take your metformin or your atenolol. Why do you question the science of climate change?

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      • Show me the empirical evidence then that shows man is altering the climate. You really do not need to bother because there is none.

        100% of all man made climate change theories are from computer models. Things like temperature changes, carbon gasses and emissions, core ice samples, tree ring data, etc etc etc are all fed into computer models to try and show that man is causing global warming. That is the ONLY evidence that man is causing global warming.

        Again, I am NOT saying the globe is or is not heating or cooling. That tiny star in the sky and it active and inactive solar spots have far more to do with climate on this planet than solar panels, wind mills, and carbon offsets.

        So you go doing your googling and look for any non-computer model that shows man is changing the climate. But the only thing you will find are computer models and the computer models are inherently flawed when it comes to climate because of the very limited history of accurate climate and weather recording. The only way to test a computer model for climate to be accurate is to do hindcasting where you feed in historical data to see if it predicts what happened in the past, problem is, that historical data is flawed and thus the models are flawed and easily manipulated. You see, there were no weather stations gathering data millions and millions of years ago.

        But you go ahead and keep destroying economies based on flawed science. I know, it is a power trip for you.


      • Oh come on. Exactly what would Trump had done differently that would have prevented any deaths from covid? Where is your disdain for Cuomo in NY and the thousands of nursing home patients killed by him and his decision to put covid patients in nursing homes? Oh wait, Trump did not do it so you do not care right?

        So what exactly should Trump have done differently? Not close the border with China? Not implement a task force to combat it? Not go balls to the wall in the background to deal with this? He followed all of the guidelines gave to him by the CDC and Fauci.

        The blame lies squarely on the local governors who instead of pushing for the vulnerable to stay home, created a false sense of security telling everyone just wear a mask and stay 6 feet away and all would be fine. Do you know far more people will die as a result of the lock downs than from covid? Do you know far more young people will have died from suicide due to the lockdown, not being in school and not being able to see their psychologist that will have died from covid? Millions are now not being diagnosed for cancer, heart disease, lung disease and others that will kill because they are not going to dr’s offices out of fear. And you wanted Trump to create even more fear!!

        TDS, it is all about TDS with you guys. Blaming Trump for covid deaths is laughable.


    • If Trump is taking orders from Putin then. Putin should be pissed because US Petroleum is taking a good part of their revenue. He must like the sanction approved by Trump. Pulling out of nuclear treaties and a continued good relationship with Israel Syria is a losing war for us or Russia. Let them lose their men and not us. We will strike back at terrorist and do our policing of our own shores. Sorry Greg I disagree Trump has never been in Putin’s pocket or served him in anyway. We have to keep the doors open for a relationship but not propping up the little Russia dictator. A shake of the hand doesn’t mean he is bed with Putin.


      • Anything Trump does is evil to those with TDS.
        He can cure cancer and left will be mad that cancer centers are having to lay people off. It would be the biggest story in the media “Trump causes 1000’s of medical professionals to lose their jobs”.


      • Sorry Greg I disagree Trump has never been in Putin’s pocket or served him in anyway

        No need to be sorry about disagreeing. But I think you’re ignoring Trump’s long history of involvement with Russian corruption. That began back in the 1980s when Russian organized crime figures associated with Semion Mogilevich began buying Trump properties in a money laundering scheme (google David Bogatin and Trump). And remember, there’s a very high degree of cooperation between Russian organized crime, Russian intelligence services, and Russian banking interests. Then look at Trump’s stubborn reluctance to hold Russia accountable for anything (including paying bounties to the Taliban for killing US troops), look at his multiple private no-note-taking meetings with Putin, look at his pro-Russian policy decisions, look at his refusal to implement sanctions against Russia for election interference, look at his betrayal of our Kurdish allies in Syria and northern Iraq which allowed Russian troops to occupy military bases built by US troops.

        Yeah, Trump’s in Putin’s pocket.


      • You are the Qanon of Russian conspiracy theories. Maybe you should have been on the impeachment inquiry team, I am sure they would have loved all this solid evidence you have against our president.

        The idiotic Russian story is again based on anonymous sources and has been debunked, so I am not sure what sanctions you want called for when it never happened in the first place. There is no consensus in intelligence findings that confirm this so called bounty program ever happened. But you keep up with the whole Russia hoax thing.

        As for meddling in our elections, lets first start with the Clinton foundation and the millions and millions funneled into there by Saudis and other Persian states? Oh right, I forgot, Democrats are allowed to rig elections, my bad.


  2. LOL!

    ” Things like temperature changes, carbon gasses and emissions, core ice samples, tree ring data, etc etc etc are all fed into computer models to try and show that man is causing global warming.”

    Way too funny.


  3. I have a feeling the kompromat is probably something akin to Putin basically saying “Yeah. All that money you owe the Russian mob, I mean the very fine people though some call them oligarchs? If you don’t want them looking to collect from your entire blood line, you’ll need to make ME happy.”

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  4. what would Trump had done differently that would have prevented any deaths from covid?

    He could have had his staff read and followed the “Playbook for Early Response to High-Consequence Emerging Infectious Disease Threats and Biological Incidents” which was developed by the National Security Council under the Obama administration. It actually mentioned the threat of a novel coronavirus as a national and international public health problem. He could have retained the White House National Security Council’s Directorate for Global Health Security and Biodefense group, which was a sort of epidemic strike force developed by the Obama administration — but instead, he allowed it to be dismantled. He could have done what most European and Asian nations did: create a national strategy that included strict lockdowns with federal financial support for businesses and individuals, widespread testing, rigorous contact tracing, and a mask mandate.

    All of that — any of that — would have saved lives. Instead, Trump downplayed the risks, refused to accept the science, and dumped all the responsibility of a national catastrophe onto the individual states.


    • Lot of assumptions you make there.
      Sweden seemed to do just fine with non-mandatory mask wearing and keeping their country open.

      You must forget which country we live in. The president does not have the authority to mandate at the federal level to the states to force the citizens to wear masks. You know this. Trump passed along all of the requirements of the CDC and from Fauci. They had daily briefings giving information.

      All of the information was there and given. Again you FAIL to even mention that NY and NJ account for 1/4 of all of the deaths with NY being double the next highest. They had some of the strictest regulations yet they had more deaths than any other state. So explain to me what Trump could have done differently to prevent that? I mean I guess he could have called in the National Guard to remove the idiots that run that state and city but you would have surely complained about that.

      California has had some of the most restrictive, if not the most restrictive lock downs in the country but still CA is 4th on the list of deaths at almost 15,000. So again, what more could have been done by Trump to stop those deaths? But guards in front of people’s doors to force them to stay in their homes?

      The people to blame for this start in China.
      After that the people to blame are the media for passing along lies and falsehoods about the safety of masks and social distancing. The message should have been from day one to inform the vulnerable to stay home and allow the rest of society to live their lives. Instead the vulnerable assumed it was safe because people wore masks.

      And of course, when you look at all of the numbers involved, including populations of the countries. The US is 9th on the list of deaths per million BEHIND the United Kingdom. When you calculate the deaths based on population you get a small %
      0.00060244648 – US
      0.00062662054 – UK
      0.00057475442 – Sweden (no mask mandates)

      So unless you are using all of the information you are only stating non facts and outright lies, just like the media is doing. And these are the numbers they tell us. We all know the covid death numbers are inflated so those percentages are even less.


      • “We all know the covid death numbers are inflated so those percentages are even less.”

        Um, no. If anything covid deaths are under-reported. But hey, as an American I am embarrassed at my country’s response to this pandemic. We are America. The whole world used to look to us with envy. Now they laugh at us and at our leader.

        200,000 dead. There could have been much less and covid could have nearly run its course by now. There were not less and covid is a still ongoing epidemic in the United States of America. Trump had an opportunity to make a more positive impact on these events. He made things worse.

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      • Hey if you are embarrassed there are surely plenty of countries you can move to that you must be proud to live in.

        Again, not sure what you expect the federal government to do in this situation. You have Trump closing the border with China and then you have Nancy and all the other dems calling Trump bigoted.

        And you are outright wrong about under reported covid deaths. I would love to see your evidence of that little lie. There has been countless examples of people being listed as a covid death when the cause was not covid at all.

        I guess you think the man with dementia can do better. LOL


  5. Move to another country? I am an American. I served in the military. I was a civil servant for 25 years. I have a right to be embarrassed and that you suggest I leave is an insult and the cry of a false patriot.

    Evidence for covid deaths? LOL!! You have demonstrated you do not understand how evidence works earlier in this thread. That is funny right there, and quite sad. You have nothing that demonstrates “countless examples of people being listed as a covid death when the cause was not covid.” Sorry Bill, you are simply repeating what you hear on Fox.

    I am done here. Sorry to spam your comment section Greg. The Mark Twain Quote I wanted to use earlier was the one when he said “Never argue with idiots, they drag you down to their level and beat you with experience.” There were a couple of chuckles at Bill’s expense but this has become tiresome. I will no longer engage this individual.

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    • Oh please, if you cannot handle me telling you if you do not like it, leave then you have issues.

      Just because you served in the military, like good old Greg did as well, does not make your opinion any more important than any other person’s.

      You and Greg both have huge blinders on and your narrow focus of “hate Trump at all costs” is all you see. Trying to paint Biden and the democrats as some kind of saviors is so patently absurd. The Democrats and Biden have a looooong history of bigotry and using minorities to gain power. Pandering to groups to gain votes but never doing anything to really help.

      In the grand scheme of things most of the establishment Democrats and Republicans are one in the same, two sides of the same power hungry coin.

      Each time one of them become president it is 4 or 8 years of not much going on. No leadership. Spit shined turds standing in front of America pretending to be someone they are not. We have NEVER seen the real Obama because he keeps that hidden away from the masses. Those who know him know of his temper, they know how he goes off, but you never see it in public.

      This is one of the reasons Trump resonates with so many people across so many types. You do not get a polished politician. He will step in it at times, he lets his anger show. He can be pissy at times. He can be caring and loving. He is actually being a human with all of his flaws in full display. Just like the rest of us who recognize we are all flawed we can relate.

      Beyond just being real he also does his damnedest to keep his promises to everyone, even though it is always a fight against the Dems to get crap done. Hell he just completed peace deals that even the media cannot be happy about. All they could do was talk about some of the world leaders not wearing masks and pretending that this peace deal is no big thing. BLINDERS!!

      So yeah, if you want to remake this nation into something different than what our traditions and founding have been, then you should leave and find a country that suits your needs as a human. But right now the leaders in the democrat party want to completely remake this country in a socialist nation that penalizes wealth and hard work. That gives to those who do not produce and wants to control more and more of our freedoms every day.

      If the Dems when the WH and retain the House and win the senate, you can kiss the 2nd goodbye as we know it and more of the 1st will be stripped away as some speech will now be deemed hate speech and will be illegal and punishable with jail time. That is not America. Freedom of speech means the good, bad and the ugly can be uttered without fear of our government’s heavy hand.


      • Just because you served in the military, like good old Greg did as well, does not make your opinion any more important than any other person’s.

        Military and public service don’t make our opinions more important. But it shows we do more than just talk about patriotism. It means we’ve made sacrifices for the good of the nation and the communities we live in. It means we’ve thought of more than ourselves, that we’ve committed to helping, caring, and protecting all our citizens — not just those who agree with us. It’s nothing to sneer at.


      • Nobody is sneering at military service. Having many in my family serve I know full well the sacrifices that are made. But just as there are good cops and bad cops, good teachers and bad teachers, there are good and bad people in every line of work and that includes military and civil servants. I spent my fair share of time as a public school teacher in some of the poorest schools in the LAUSD system and have seen many teachers who were not worth their weight in dirt think very highly of themselves by wearing the badge of teacher.

        While you and Joe here may not agree with President Trump and the more conservative ideology he was voted into office to support, it does not make him a danger to the nation or to our Republic, if anything he has honored it and restored more of the freedoms that have been taken away.

        I find it laughable that Joe thinks Trump is a threat to American “Democracy” (sic) when it is the Democrats who at every turn look to create more restrictions of freedoms, do more to support non-citizens voting in this country, do more to make sure non-citizens are represented in government than citizens, do more to dlegitimize elections by doing things like ballot harvesting, massive mail-in balloting, etc. Democrats look to force their socialist agendas onto others, erase America’s past, demonize our founders, put down America’s greatness, put other nation’s before our own. Democrats who look to put lawmakers on the SCOTUS instead of people who are constitutionalist who are supposed to follow and interpret the Constitution, not make up laws within it that never existed within it. When you have a previous President using the FBI to try and spy on and destroy the candidate from another party. When you have the DNC creating fake documents and using those fake documents, knowing they are fake, and lying to judges in order to get warrants on the other parties candidate, those are examples of people are a danger to our Republic. Not Trump.

        There is nothing wrong with putting your nation and its people first above others. It is not unlike when the plane loses pressure and you are told to put your mask on first before helping another. If we do not help our own by supporting freedom and the Constitution and the American way of life, we cannot in turn help others. If we continue down this path of remaking the country in the eyes of people like AOC and Bernie Sanders, our nation is lost.


      • Billy, when you say “our nation is lost” what I hear is “white privilege and corporations are at risk”. Other than that, almost everything you’ve mentioned is conspiracy theory and Russian bot-feed.


      • There is no such thing as white privilege. Talk about conspiracy theories. Right now you can be a black rapist who attempts to kill police officers and you get your name worn on the helmets of million dollar athletes, only because you are black. You can have the VP candidate of the democrats claiming she is “proud of you” even though you sexually assaulted a woman after breaking into her home and then attempt to kill police officers who were trying to arrest you, only because you were black. Right now you have black and white DA across this nation ignoring crimes committed by some people, only because they are black (Jussie Smollet ring a bell). No in America you can commit a crime, in the process of being arrested for that crime, attempt to kill a police officer, get shot and get parades and marches in your name, only because you are black.

        No, there is no white privilege in this nation and to think so is racist.


    • Joe, the only reason to respond to Billy and other Trump supporters is publicly refute bullshit. There’s value in that, but it’s wearisome. It’s not about convincing them; it’s about creating a bulwark against willful ignorance. But yeah, at some point you just have to stop and move on.


      • You know Greg, if I were a younger man I think I would volunteer in some way to assist in the struggle against what I think is the biggest threat to American democracy in my lifetime. I will vote in a red county, in a red state. My vote will change nothing, but I will do it. This time around I regret not having done more somehow.


      • Joe, we all do what we can — and it never feels quite like it’s enough. I’ve volunteered to work at a polling station this year, since so many of the usual poll workers opted out because of the coronavirus. So instead of attending an election party, I’ll be spending 14 hours at a polling station in another district.

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