piece of cake

Just stop and think for a second. Just stop, take a moment, take a deep breath, and remember these three things:

  • Comrade Trump lies.
  • There are about 157 million registered voters in the U.S.
  • On a normal day the USPS delivers 472 million pieces of mail.

So when Trump says the Postal Service can’t handle the crush of election ballots, he’s lying. They absolutely can do the job. Even if every single one of those hundred and fifty-seven million voters put their ballot in the mail, the Postal Service would be able to sort them and deliver them to the proper address. Hell, last year the Postal Service delivered 2.5 billion pieces of mail in the week before Christmas.

Seriously, the USPS has this process down. Here’s what happens when you slide your ballot into a mailbox along with all the other envelopes people have dropped in there. Somebody fetches all the mail from that box and takes it to a mail processing plant. Machines separate mail by shape and size. The envelopes are oriented so the addresses are right-side up and facing the same direction. The envelopes are scanned, given a postmark, and machines print cancellation lines across postage stamps. A fluorescent bar code is imprinted on the back of each piece of mail. An optical scanner scans the address, then a bar code representing the specific address is sprayed on the front of the envelope . Other machines read the bar codes and direct the letters into bins based on ZIP codes. The bins are then flown or trucked to a regional processing plant. At the final processing plant, the same thing happens. Instead of sorting individual envelopes into bulk bins, the bulk bins are sorted into individual envelopes. Those envelopes are taken to individual post offices, loaded onto trays, and distributed to individual vehicles and individual carriers for delivery.

Your ballot envelope has been developed to speed that process. Most mail-in voters will get postage-paid envelopes for returning their ballots, the address is pre-printed and prepared for machine sorting, and (unless you’re a true absentee voter) your ballot is probably already in the correct regional processing plant. Easy peasy lemon breezy.

Delivering a hundred and fifty-seven million pre-addressed postage-paid ballot envelopes? Piece of cake. The USPS has the infrastructure, the technology, the human resources, and the commitment of their personnel to get the job done quickly and professionally.

Unless the process gets disrupted. That would take a concerted effort to degrade the infrastructure (like removing mailboxes), to eliminate the technology (like removing sorting machines), to put limits on the people (like putting an end to overtime), and to undermine the commitment of the members of the USPS (by destroying their creed to deliver all the mail in a timely fashion regardless of weather).

The only way to disrupt voting by mail is for some corrupt motherfucker to install a corrupt motherfucker as Postmaster General and for other corrupt motherfuckers in Congress to shrug and turn away while yet another American institution is destroyed.

7 thoughts on “piece of cake

  1. You are preaching to the choir Greg. But keep preaching. Sometimes a fence-sitter just needs a little more info to make a choice.

    I will say though, the air has that heavy feel to it and there is darkness gathering at the horizon. I don’t know that it is not gonna be a hard rain a gonna fall, big hail too. Maybe I should have prepped for an apocalypse.

    The lies about the economy Trump had built before the pandemic, have you addressed that?


  2. The POST OFFICE is saying they cannot handle and guarantee mass mail in voting.

    And still with the comrade Trump. Just cannot own the fact that you and the others were wrong and that your golden boy Obama is guilty as fuck for probably treason.


    • Hey Billy. The USPS is saying they can’t guarantee the processing and delivery of ballots given the conditions created by the new Postmaster General. Louis DeJoy became Postmaster in June. Since then he’s had 670+ mail sorting machines removed, he’s reassigned or displaced 33 senior USPS officials who have decades of experience, he’s ended overtime for postal workers which means mail doesn’t get delivered by the end of the day, he’s encouraged other senior officials to accept early retirement, he’s instituted a hiring freeze, and he’s told state election officials they can no longer mail ballots to voters at the bulk rate of 20 cents but must pay the First Class rate of 55 cents — which most states can’t afford. All of those things make it difficult for USPS to guarantee the delivery of ballots on time.

      It’s not that the Post Office can’t do the job; they HAVE done it. But now they’ve been kneecapped. I know you don’t want to accept that, but it’s true all the same. Since June, the USPS has been deliberately made less efficient. And we all know why.


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