lying, ignorant, or delusional?

So, what do you think? Is he lying? Ignorant? Or delusional? Me, I’m inclined to go with lying, with ignorant coming in a close second — but it’s impossible to completely rule out delusional. I could be talking about any number of Comrade Trump’s recent comments, but I’m focusing on this one particular Tweet for now.

He’s not entirely wrong about that whole ‘scandal of our times’ business. But the scandal is we have a president who is either lying about the coming election, ignorant of how mail-in balloting is done, or suffering from paranoid delusions. It’s got to be one of those.

I’ve voted by mail. It’s dead easy, and its secure. Here’s how it worked for me:

After you fill out the ballot, you put it in an envelope labeled ‘Secrecy Envelope’, and seal the envelope. The Secrecy Envelope is then placed in an ‘Affidavit Envelope’, which you have to sign and date and seal that as well. The Affidavit Envelope is then placed in the ‘Return Envelope’, which also has to be sealed. All of these envelopes are the old-fashioned lick-and-seal type, not the fancy new remove-a-strip-and-press type. If you want to vote Absentee, you have to be willing to sacrifice a lot of saliva.

What I didn’t say — and didn’t know at the time — is that the Return Envelope had a unique barcode for each ballot to insure the individual ballot corresponded with the envelope. Nor was I aware that my signature on the Affidavit Envelope could be quickly compared to my signature which is kept on file by the local election office (you’ll recall you had to sign up to vote the very first time; you also signed in to register for every earlier in-person election).

That level of voting security — signature verification, ballot barcode verification — is only the beginning. The ballot itself has been tested to insure the ballot scanners will read ONLY authentic ballots, and only authentic ballots for that particular election cycle. The scanners aren’t able to read ballots from previous election cycles, even if those ballots were created to use the same scanning system.

But wait, there’s more. There are 3,007 counties in the United States. There are another 236 first-order administrative divisions, which are basically counties by other names (for example, Louisiana has parishes instead of counties, Alaska has boroughs, and the District of Columbia has…well, the District of Columbia). Why is that important? Because there is NO national ballot.

That’s right. Every voting jurisdiction designs and creates its own unique ballot. We’re talking the typeface, the weight of the paper used for the ballot, the size of the ballot, the phrasing of the text instructing the voter on how to vote by mail, the envelope in which the ballot is mailed to the voter, the security envelope containing the marked ballot to be returned, and the actual return envelope. These designs are deliberately changed from election to election.

So in order for Comrade Trump’s claim that “millions of mail-in ballots will be printed by foreign countries, and others” to be true, those foreign countries (and ‘others’ — I have no idea WTF he could possibly mean by ‘others’) would have to exactly duplicate thousands of distinctly different ballot packets unique to every voting jurisdiction in the United States for the 2020 election cycle PLUS be able to match the signatures on file of the individual voters they were attempting to impersonate.

To believe that could happen, Trump would have to be delusional. Which, let’s face it, isn’t out of the realm of possibility. Ignorance, on the other hand, is not just a possibility but almost a certainty; he’s profoundly ignorant of how government works. But I’m opting for lying, simply because that’s Trump’s natural response to almost everything.

5 thoughts on “lying, ignorant, or delusional?

  1. I have voted by mail, twice in fact. There were no allegations of voter fraud in either case.
    I got into a Facebook scrap with a friend of a friend over whether restricting mail voting is the right thing to do or whether it deprives people of their voting rights. I came out of it feeling that this belief that mail voting is insecure is based on little more than a gut feeling (and a certain political persuasion) with no evidence to support it.
    I second your conclusion that Trump is lying. Lying specifically to influence election results, which ought to be illegal.

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    • There is absolutely NO reliable evidence that voting by mail is insecure. The ONLY problem with voting by mail is that voting envelopes must be postmarked before a specified time — usually midnight on election day.

      One of the great advantages of voting by mail is that when you have the ballot in front of you, you can take your time and do some research into the candidates and issues. If there’s a referendum on, say, library funding, this gives you the opportunity to actually looking into the issue and make an informed decision. Same with candidates for lesser offices. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve been totally unfamiliar with ALL the candidates for City Council.

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  2. This is all easier to understand when you just accept that he’s creating buzz. (Thaaaat’s not really the right word, but I can’t find it right now.) The content doesn’t matter, regardless of the topic. He’s just putting an idea, or a feeling, or a conspiracy to think about, out to his base. It doesn’t matter if it’s got a shred of truth in it.
    It’s in his interest, in this particular case, for his voter base to believe that mail-in ballots are insecure and highly susceptible to fraud. So, now he’s put that out there, and his followers will eat it up with the rest of the MAGA-chow he feeds them.
    It’s sales. Put something in front of people. Just make sure they see it. Brand visibility.
    That’s all he does. Regardless of topic.


    • I think that’s pretty accurate. I’ve also been seeing a lot of folks saying Trump isn’t really holding rallies to campaign for president; he’s campaigning for president in order to hold rallies. He’s only interested in the adulation. That also seems accurate to me.

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  3. 1.Machines used to count ballots can be set to miscount !
    2. Same machine software can be hacked !
    3.Signatures and vote can be thrown out by the whims of person opening security envelope as happened to me !
    4. You are never notified if your vote has NOT been counted ! We should all be notified if our vote is not counted and the reason why !
    5.When recount is asked for in most cases only electronic precinct record is recounted .
    6. All recounts must be done with human eyes and not by machines !!
    7.Paper ballots are the only way to vote and above problems must be fixed !


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