continuing conversations between knur and gary

Gary: I am listening, Knur. I am designated Gary.
Knur: Gary, I request information about the germ spore which initiated the cascading collapse of my life functions.
Gary: The germ spore has been officially designated as Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome Coronavirus Two of 2019.
Knur: An unwieldy designation.
Gary: Colloquially the germ spore is known as Covid-19.
Knur: A superior designation. Gary, the germ spore which infests your atmosphere may also threaten the life functions of your fellow human inhabitants of this planet. I urge you inform your planetary principle overseer.
Gary: He is aware, Knur.
Knur: Then your planet is engaged in a course of conduct to eradicate the spore.
Gary: Incorrect.
Knur: Explain.
Gary: The overseer of my sovereign state has no internally coherent approach to eradicate this germ spore.
Knur: Further explanation is required.
Gary: Elimination of the spore would require actions that would inhibit the ability of the ruling classes to accumulate valuable resources and occupiable land mass.
Knur: Illogical. The germ spores threaten all resources and land masses.
Gary: Agreed. Yet the ruling classes contend the ongoing accumulation of resources is necessary to fulfill the normative rules inscribed and certified by our progenitors.
Knur: Hail the progenitors!
Gary: Hail the progenitors!
Knur: Then your planetary overseer opts to sacrifice inhabitants to the germ spore in order to insure continuity of resource accumulation?
Gary: Correct.
Knur: Astonishing. Perhaps your secondary overseers should consider exchanging your planetary overseer for a better overseer.
Gary: The secondary overseers recently considered an exchange event.
Knur: And?
Gary: The exchange was rejected.
Knur: Reason for the rejection?
Gary: Unclear.
Knur: Speculate.
Gary: They are fucking idiots, Knur. In addition, some of the inhabitants of this planet believe themselves to be impervious to the germ spores.
Knur: Curious. Are they, in fact, impervious to the germ spore, Gary?
Gary: There are not, Knur.
Knur: Why do they believe themselves to be impervious?
Gary: They believe an invisible omniscient and omnipotent spiritual haecceity will protect them from such life-terminating events.
Knur: Such an entity exists?
Gary: There is no evidence to support that conclusion. It is linked to the wisdom of the progenitors.
Knur: Hail the progenitors!
Gary: Hail the progenitors!
Knur: The germ spores will proliferate, then.
Gary: Correct.
Knur: The life functions of numerous inhabitants will cease.
Gary: Correct.
Knur: Needlessly.
Gary: Correct.
Knur: …
Gary: …
Knur: I kind of hate your planet, Gary. It is a stupid planet.

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