trump 2020: never indicted!

Jesus suffering fuck. I’m already seeing folks declaring Comrade Trump is going to be re-elected because of AG Bill Barr’s summary of the Mueller report.

Take a breath, people. Remember who Bill Barr is. Last year he was a lawyer with Kirkland & Ellis (the firm that also employed Brett Kavanaugh, Robert Bork, Ken Starr, and several lawyers now serving in the Trump administration). Last June Barr wrote an unsolicited 19 page memo to Rod Rosenstein (who oversaw the Mueller investigation) arguing that Mueller’s approach to investigation possible obstruction of justice by Trump was ‘fatally misconceived’ and ‘legally insupportable.’ He said Mueller shouldn’t even be allowed to interview Comrade Trump.

And hey, what a surprise, Trump picked Bill Barr to be his new Attorney General. So having spent part of his weekend reading the report of Mueller’s two-year investigation, Barr concluded he was right last June. He agreed with himself; no obstruction of justice. In other words, Bill Barr did the job he was hired to do: he protected Trump.

Republicans toss confetti, set off fireworks, wear party hats. Democrats weep, rend their garments, cast themselves into the Pit of Despair. And the news media, bless their simple little hearts, repeat that narrative and cast it into the cement blocks Democrats will use to drown themselves.

Trump 2020: Never Indicted!

I totally understand why folks are disheartened and glum. We have a corrupt president supported by corrupt administrators put in place by corrupt senators. But remember this: we haven’t even seen the actual Mueller report yet. We don’t know what it says. But we know this:

  • in the course of the Mueller investigation, grand juries and federal judges approved 2,800 subpoenas, 500 search warrants, and 50 pen registers to gather evidence, which we haven’t seen.
  • that evidence resulted in 199 criminal charges against 34 individuals and three companies.
  • seven of those individuals were either members of Trump’s presidential campaign team or closely associated with Trump’s campaign — all of whom have either pled guilty, gone to prison, or are still awaiting trial.
  • at least six other individuals were referred to career prosecutors in the DoJ on related criminal matters; there may be other referrals that haven’t been made public.

Those facts would end any other administration. But there are other investigations still progressing out there. Comrade Trump may have dodged this particular bullet (and ‘may‘ is the operative term), but he’s still facing a whole lot of trouble.

For example, there’s the New York Attorney General’s Office, which is investigating:

  • allegations of illegal operations by the Donald J. Trump Foundation
  • allegations of tax fraud by the Trump family and the Trump Organization
  • allegations of tax evasion by the Trump family and the Trump Organization

And there’s the US Attorney’s Office for the District of Columbia, which is investigating:

  • irregular Political Action Committee activity by the Trump campaign and by Rebuild America
  • matters relating to Russian intelligence operative Maria Butina and her interactions with the National Rifle Association
  • allegations of violations of the Emoluments Clause of the US Constitution by Comrade Trump and the Trump Organization
  • irregular spending by the Trump Inaugural Committee

And there’s the US Attorney’s Office for the Eastern District of Virginia, which is investigating:

  • the Russian disinformation campaigns
  • improper Turkish influence in the Trump campaign and administration

And, of course, there’s the US Attorney’s Office for the Southern District of New York, which is investigating:

  • various violations of campaign finance laws
  • unregistered foreign lobbying

So even though Comrade Trump and his fluffers are celebrating the end of one investigation, there’s still a metric ton of ugly fetid shit hanging over his head. Some of it’s going to land on him. He may survive his first term, but he’s going to have a hard time convincing anybody but his most loyal supporters that Trump 2020: Never Indicted! is a winning campaign slogan.

4 thoughts on “trump 2020: never indicted!

  1. Do you think the social media and MSM will apologize to the millions of people who were banned, mocked and named in reports for being Russian agents? Most of us were writing about world events unfolding as we have done for decades. Will NATO still control Facebook who stopped our articles from appearing in the feeds? I do understand what u r saying about Trump. The Democrats have made a mockery of freedom to speak while going after Trump. 21st century McCarthyism or worse.


      • Who do u get to see or listen to since the Democrats started the witch hunt? Only the paid so-called experts appear on TV and elsewhere. The Democrats have led people to believe, Russians cannot be trusted or believed, as in knocking RT down as Russian propaganda. They forgot to mention 100s, maybe 1000s of well known journalists worldwide, are guests on RT. Why? MSM black listed them including myself. Remember Hillary during the election campaign saying she would attack Russia? I lived through the cold war with daily air raid sirens. The voices of reason can only be heard outside the US.


      • I’m assuming that by ‘the witch hunt’ you mean the various investigations into the Trump campaign’s associations with Russia. If so, then you need to know those investigations weren’t started by Democrats — or even Americans, for that matter. The counter-intelligence investigation was started when George Papadopolous (who was part of the Trump campaign’s foreign policy team) got drunk in London and told Alexander Downer (an Australian diplomat) that he’d met with Olga Polonskaya and Joseph Mifsud, who informed him they had ‘dirt’ on Hillary Clinton in the form of hacked emails. Downer informed the FBI of the conversation; they initiated a counter-intel investigation which, oddly enough, was intended to protect candidate Trump from possible blackmail.

        The Democrats have led people to believe, Russians cannot be trusted or believed, as in knocking RT down as Russian propaganda.

        RT is an “autonomous non-profit organization” founded by the Russian news agency RIA Novosti. Both RT and RIA are funded by the Russian government, and they’re considered to be propaganda outlets by the British government, the US government (even under the Trump administration), the French government, the watchdog group Reporters Without Borders, Accuracy in Media’s Center for Investigative Journalism, and other journalism professional groups.

        Even so, I can easily watch RT if I wanted to. They haven’t been censored or silenced. So I still don’t understand why you think Democrats have “made a mockery of free speech”.


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