Okay, I let myself get sidetracked a couple of days ago when I wrote about Stormy Daniels and her (totally true, c’mon) allegations of boinking Comrade Donald Trump. There was a thing I wanted to say — an important thing — but I lost track of it on account of there are SO MANY crazy aspects of this story.

The important thing isn’t that Trump boinked Stormy (well, that’s kind of important), and it’s not that he’s lied about it (well, that’s kind of important too), and it’s not even that he had his lawyer pay hush money to keep her from talking about it (well, okay, yeah, that’s pretty important too, but just wait). The important thing is this: Clinton v. Jones, 520 U.S. 681 (1997).

You can see why that slipped my mind, right? Here’s why that’s important: Clinton v. Jones established that a sitting POTUS has no immunity from civil law litigation against him for acts done before taking office and unrelated to the office. Like, say, boinking a porn star. Clinton v. Jones forced President Bill Clinton to answer questions under oath. The result was that Clinton wasn’t entirely honest in his testimony, which led to charges of perjury and obstruction of justice, which led to the Republican impeaching his ass.

This is important because it means Comrade Trump can be deposed under oath, just like Horndog Bill was. Trump can get away with lying to the news media, he can get away with lying to the general public, he can get away with lying to other politicians, he can even get away with lying to his various wives. But he can’t get away with lying to the courts.

That’s the thing I forgot to talk about. If Stormy’s lawsuit goes through, Comrade Trump will likely be forced to either publicly admit to cheating on his wife with a porn star and paying hush money to keep her quiet about it OR he’ll lie under oath.

Either way, Trump gets legged.

Editorial Note: legged — an old gamer term describing the act of disabling or removing a creature’s leg, forcing it to become prone, thereby reducing its defensive strength, making it much easier to dispatch.

10 thoughts on “legged

    • I was also irate about Clinton and the Oval Office Blowjob. Not because he got his unit wet, but because it was just so damned stupid and cheap. I was angry because I was so disappointed in him as a person…as a man.

      It’s a shame, but the fact is Bill Clinton is much better as a former president than he was as POTUS.

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      • I agree! I was too young to understand it when it happened but I think it’s stupid. It’s the hypocrisy of the Conservative party that gets me. Like one president can’t do it but the other is allowed just because he’s a Republican.

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      • Hypocrisy, unfortunately, bats both ways. The same ones who defended Bill condemn Donald, in most cases. I condemn them both. For their lies, their philandering, their contempt of the process, everything. I’m no saint, but I’ll say the same thing now I said then, to everyone who tells me “they all lie and cheat and steal!” …

        I know.

        We caught one.

        Let’s the throw the book at him.


  1. You make a great point here, one I haven’t heard before. It seems too that there is another way in which he is legged – either he admits to the affair and hush money, or Stormy can make public the texts, dick pics and other evidence she has. Sadly, and this is very gross, but we will probably see dick pics.

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    • A lot of folks agree with you. Me, I’m skeptical. I think it’s unlikely we’ll be subjected to Trump dick pics. He’s certainly a creature of impulse, but I think he has a certain sort of low cunning that would make it unlikely he’d pose — or even allow a camera in the room. If she has any physical evidence, it’s probably something like Monica Lewinsky’s dress. Just my guess, anyway.

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  2. There is no doubt in my mind that, if he is called to testify, he will lie under oath. And then he will lie about lying under oath. If caught absolutely red-handed, with incontrovertible evidence of his affair, he’ll finally admit it happened and claim he admitted it happened under oath and never once lied about it before.

    And his base will believe him.

    This is the America we own now.


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