dude is serious

Right, we’ve had a couple of days to give a measure of semi-sober thought to what happened on Monday. It seemed like a pretty big deal, didn’t it. I mean, we’re talking indictments, plea agreements, defendants turning themselves in to the FBI, millions of dollars in bail. On the surface, that’s some pretty dramatic shit.

That semi-sober thought business has clarified a few things. I think it’s safe to say on reflection that it’s an even bigger deal than we originally thought. It’s even safer to say this about Special Counsel Robert Mueller: dude is serious.

First, there’s this fact: Comrade Trump’s presidential campaign included three men (Manafort, Gates, and Papadopolous) who were actively working as unregistered agents of a hostile foreign government in an attempt to influence the presidential election. Three men. Actively working. As unregistered foreign agents. Of a hostile government. And one of those men was Trump’s campaign manager. If you wrote that in a novel or screenplay, you’d be accused of stretching the reader’s willing suspension of disbelief to the breaking point.

Second, there’s the George Papadopolous guilty plea. In a lot of ways, that’s an even bigger deal than the indictments. It not only serves as a reminder that Robert Mueller doesn’t fuck around, it also informs us that he and his team are professionals. While everybody was waiting for the first indictments to be announced, Mueller had already arrested this guy, convinced a judge to break the attorney-client privilege, flipped him, and got him to plead guilty. That was fast. Dude IS serious.

That also tells us that while Comrade Trump’s White House is packed full of folks willing or eager to leak stories, Mueller’s team knows how to keep a secret. Anybody who is/was associated with the Trump campaign, the Trump transition team, or the current Trump administration, has to be worried — if not for their freedom, then at least for their future career. Because more indictments are coming. More guilty pleas are probably coming. And ain’t nobody can tell where the hammer will fall next.

Robert Mueller ain’t having any of that.

That sends a further message: anybody who hopes to make a deal with Mueller had better make that deal quickly. Or somebody else will make that deal. And you know there are Trumpistas who’ll sell out anybody to save themselves. Mueller knows that too, and that dude is SERIOUS.

Also, make note that the guilty plea and the indictments all include charges about lying to the government as a mode of obstructing the pursuit of justice. Mueller ain’t having no obstruction of justice. No, sir.

Mueller is like the shark in Jaws. He’s coming. He’s not going to stop. You try to distract him with a huge pot roast on a hook, he’ll take the roast, take the hook, and take the pier you’re standing on too. Dude is serious.

5 thoughts on “dude is serious

  1. Let’s play ‘conspiracy theory’. On the day of these announcements, suddenly some ex-Soviet bloc idiot pseudo-Muslim (non-practicing) decides to rent a construction truck to kill & maim and make a name for himself. What ‘self-respecting’ terrorist uses a pellet gun and a paint gun ??

    Instead of headlines on Mueller, headlines are on yet another attack. (btw- what’s the latest on the Las Vegas domestic “white” terrorist?) More- instead of headlines and deep discussion on the Congressional questioning of the social media heads- twitter, Google & FB, we’re hearing non-stop anecdotal stories about NYC’s resilience. ~1/2 of the voting population base of the US was targeted by Russian stories … cue up the Uzbeki dope to conduct a haphazard, deadly but not well-plotted attack… hmmmmm

    Maybe its better that these investigations aren’t getting the headlines- trump lives off simple banners- and its not unrealistic to anticipate trump’s explosion & removal of Mueller. Who’s pushing for that for his own political aspirations? Bannon. He’s not hidden his desire to destroy our political system & the very fabric of our constitution. He’s an anarchist who has $$$ supporting this angle. (Now we see that Kelly has no issue in showing his racist beliefs as well; so much for having ANY adults in the WH.)

    All the while, Putin is laughing non-stop. Any which way we slice this- he wins.


    • I think your conspiracy theory is heavy on the theory and light on the conspiracy. You ask “What ‘self-respecting’ terrorist uses a pellet gun and a paint gun ??” The sort that wants the police to ‘martyr’ him. And sure enough, the police shot him. Just didn’t kill him.

      But yeah, Putin won. And keeps winning.


  2. Greg, I’m giving up the punditry of the collective web in favor of your astute observations on Trump and Mueller. Keep. Them. Coming.

    “he’ll take the roast, take the hook, and take the pier you’re standing on too. Dude is serious.”

    You’re putting the other observers to shame.

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