many sides

The president — and man, I cannot tell you how it sickens me to refer to that colossal lying fuckwit as ‘the president’ — said this in response to the violence in Charlottesville yesterday:

“We condemn in the strongest possible terms this egregious display of hatred, bigotry and violence on many sides. On many sides.”

Fuck you. Fuck you from many sides. Only one side decided to gather at Charlottesville to champion hate and white supremacy. Only one side arrived carrying firearms and wearing military gear. Only one side carried flags made infamous by genocide, and flags made infamous by lynching and church-bombing and racial assassination. For that matter, only one side wore MAGA hats. The truth that only one side instigated the violence is so obvious that to dispute it is, in effect, to support and promote the violence. Which is exactly what the president did. So fuck you, Trump, fuck you and your lies about many sides.

There was only one side that Made America Ashamed Again. That side could be represented by Vanguard America, a group devoted to what they call ‘American fascism.’ Those polo-shirted fuckwits toting tiki torches and shouting “Blood and soil” on Friday night? They were chanting the motto of Vanguard America. This group advocates one side supremacy. Given the power, they wouldn’t allow many sides to even exist. The Vanguard America manifesto specifically calls for an:

America based on the immutable truths of Blood and Soil. A multicultural nation is no nation at all, but a collection of smaller ethnic nations ruled over by an overbearing tyrannical state. Our America is to be a nation exclusively for the White American peoples who out of the barren hills, empty plains, and vast mountains forged the most powerful nation to ever have existed.

The most powerful nation, there’s the clue. Not the greatest nation, not the most civilized, not the most free, not a nation of many sides, not the most open or the most welcoming nation. The most powerful. You know who wants the most powerful nation? People who are afraid. People who are afraid and want to dominate those they’re afraid of. People who hate. People who drive muscle cars (of course, it would be a muscle car) into a crowd of peaceful protesters.

James Alex Fields, the driver of that car, was associated with Vanguard America. They deny he was a member, of course, despite the fact he was photographed with the group yesterday, carrying a Vanguard shield and dressed in their usual Vanguard-emblazoned white polo shirt and khaki pants. Have you noticed how often groups that espouse the belief that only one side is legitimate tend to wear uniforms?

Blood and soil. Only one side at Charlottesville was eager to spill blood on the soil.

Me, I like a many-sided world. I love a many-sided world. I may not like or agree with some of those sides, but a many-sided world is a healthier, a more vital and a more interesting world. Yet the only time Trump and his hate group supporters refer to many sides is when they’re trying to diffuse responsibility, when they’re trying to spread the blame, when they’re trying to dodge their own culpability.

Trump is culpable. Not for the racism or white supremacy or hate itself, but for nurturing and encouraging racism and white supremacy and hate. He created a petri dish of racial resentment and gender hostility and class rage that spawned what happened over the last couple of days in Charlottesville. He didn’t drive that car into the crowd, but he helped create an environment that made it possible for James Alex Fields to do it.


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  1. The blood-and-soil thing always surprises me a lot… White-blood people took the actual american soil from the people and peoples born there just a few centuries ago… But yet they think they own America. Even its name recalls its foreign origins… Bah


  2. Hypocrite much? It seems that when the president speaks of Islamist terrorist folks like you love to bitch and moan about all the otehr terrorist out there, like those nasty Christians. So when the PResident does the same thing, stating that the evil came from both sides, you get your panties in a wad… self reflect a bit will you

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    • Comrade Trump denounces Islamic terrorism in a way that actually encourages the growth of Islamic terrorism. That’s counterproductive. He also fails to denounce domestic terrorism against Muslims, which also encourages Islamic extremism.

      In this instances, he failed to comment at all about the violence in Charlottesville until a supporter of Vanguard America deliberately turned his car into a weapon aimed at counter-protesters — and even then he attempted to blame the violence on the victims as well as the victimizer.

      Throughout his campaign Trump encouraged violence. He told the crowds he’d pay for their legal fees if they were arrested for beating up non-supporters. He’s hired staff who are openly supportive of white supremacists. This shit is on Trump, and on his defenders. If you’re one of his defenders, then this shit is on you as well.

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      • So you are saying that if the President used kinder, gentler words they would blow people up less?


      • I’m going to assume you’re just trying to be provocative, because I don’t think you’re actually stupid enough to believe that.


      • You cannot have it both ways. You cannot say his words “…encourages the growth of Islamic terrorism.” while at the same time saying that if he did not speak those words terrorism would be less. You are 100% contradicting your own statement.


    • I was giving you the benefit of the doubt, assuming you weren’t stupid enough to believe that “if the President used kinder, gentler words they would blow people up less“. Maybe I was wrong. So even though this post was about Trump’s failure to address the nature of domestic terrorism, let’s talk instead about your Islamic terror tangent.

      How does the way Trump speak about Islamic terror actually encourage Islamic terror? First, by equating all Muslims with terrorism. That’s like equating all Republicans with white supremacy. It alienates those Muslims — the vast majority of Muslims, by the way — who aren’t already anti-American. It makes them less sympathetic to the US. Second, by making Islam itself a target (remember, during his campaign Trump said he believes “Islam hates us”), he creates a line in the sand. He suggests a Muslim can’t be trusted. We have a lot of Muslims in the US, and if they feel the government distrusts and hates them, why should they trust the government? Third, on more than one occasions Trump has said he’d consider closing “all the mosques” in the US. How would Christians respond to a president who’d consider closing all the churches? Some would respond violently.

      So Trump’s language creates anger, resentment, fear, and suspicion among US Muslims and Muslims around the world. That’s the breeding ground of terrorism.

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    • What? No. No…one is a retirement fund, the other is a group of white supremacists. So unless you want to trust your retirement to a bunch of racists, I advise you to research the difference.

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    • I’m fairly used to trolls. Not everybody who appears to be a troll actually IS a troll, so I’m generally willing to engage them until I can determine they actually ARE trolls. Even then I’ll sometimes have a discussion with them because it either gives me a chance to refute some bullshit or because it entertains me.

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  3. What angers me is the effort to cease this is at a bare minimum compared to when my kind had riots & rallies towards the injustices done against us that caused swat teams to be deployed & such to put an immediate stop to it.

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    • Yeah, I think just about everybody would agree that the police (and the news media) would have reacted in a totally different way if, say, dozens of supporters of Black Lives Matter had shown up at a rally wearing tactical gear and openly toting semi-auto rifles and handguns. And yet the police and the news media will insist that it’s somehow not an issue of race.


      • You guys have such revisionist history. The larger police presence at LATTER BLM protests were because of the violence and looting at previous BLM protest. They learned from previous times that a patrol car or two was not going to be enough.
        It has been only recently that the left has decided to erase all history of the south and the men who died during the civil war. While yes, there are some repugnant groups who are upset by this, there are many millions of us who are not racist nazis who also think the removing of Robert E. Lee statues and removal of Confederate flags is wrong. But we do not resort to violence.

        The protest in question was to save the statue due to be removed. It was the counter protesters who showed up and aggravated the situation. Those counter protesters also included violent group Antifa who has shown in many situations to be more trouble than anything else. They block roads and traffic and harm average, everyday citizens. It was only a matter of time before some kid (and this was a kid at only 20) got frustrated and did something stupid and criminal and just run through the protesters.

        Just as the president said, this is not one-sided and this is not some crazed white terrorist.


      • It was the counter protesters who showed up and aggravated the situation..

        If only people would stop picking on armed white guys in tactical gear waving Nazi flags and shouting insults at Jews and gay folks, we could all live in peace.

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      • If you just let the LEGALLY ARMED white guys with their flags march and then go home, guess what, 19 people not in the hospital and one 34 year old woman is not dead.
        Why do people on both sides feel the need to counter protest at the same time as other protest? It is a recipe for violence almost every time.


      • I had to respond to your comment. This was not a girl scout stroll through the park…it was a march intended to intimidate and spread fear. That type of public display demands a response.


      • Why do people on both sides feel the need to counter protest at the same time as other protest? It is a recipe for violence almost every time.

        No, it’s not a recipe for violence; it’s a recipe for democracy. I’ll stand up for the right of Nazis to parade and hold rallies — but I’ll also stand up for the right of others to stand right next to them and call them Nazis.

        The Nazis and white supremacists aren’t victims in this. The argument that anybody was there to ‘protect’ the statues of Lee and Jackson is a bullshit argument, because the statues are in no danger of being moved until the court rules on the civil suit in October. The pro-Confederacy people knew what they were doing; they intended to be provocative. They knew there would be scuffles with counter-protesters. And some of the counter-protesters knew there would be scuffles as well. But only one side arrived in military gear, armed with firearms, and only one side actually killed anybody.


      • You missed my point. I am not saying anybody should be stopped from protesting or counter protesting. I am speaking to just being smart about when to do it. Read my reply to Larry and it should clear things up for you.


      • I didn’t miss your point; I just disagree with it. If I hear hate speech, I’m not going to wait until the hater is gone to speak; I’m going to speak up immediately. If I know a hate group is going to hold a rally, I’m not going to wait until the rally is to over to make my voice heard; I’m going to be there to let them know I oppose them.


      • Then be prepared for violence. I do not condone it nor do I encourage it, I just know human nature.

        To me it is like the person using the crosswalk. Yes, you always have the right of way using a crosswalk and traffic should always stop for a pedestrian. But does you little good from underneath the car that just ran you over when you failed to look both ways before crossing.

        Yes, it may seem like the right thing to do, but it is not always the smart thing to do.


    • Then be prepared for violence.

      Why? If people are spouting hate speech and I oppose them, why should I be prepared for violence?

      I’m not trying to be a jerk here. But think about what you’ve suggested in this discussion. You suggest the ‘smart’ thing to do would be to let hate groups express their hatred unopposed, then afterwards protest what was said. You suggest if I stand in opposition to hate speech and express my own opinions, I should expect a violent response. If effect, you’re suggesting that I should allow hate groups to intimidate me.

      No, fuck that. I won’t start any violence, but neither will I allow hate groups to bully me into silence.


      • Nobody asked you be silent. I asked you to be smart. Anti-Hate groups are also violent and it has happened often. Remember, BLM is supposedly not a hate group but we have seen the violence at their rallies.


  4. Then Larry, You wait till they go home and then you go out and do your thang. If they are doing something illegal, call the police and let them handle it. But to just put two groups of hot heads together out in the hot sun in the middle of they when tempers are high and thresholds are low, you get what happened. People need to be smarter. Did they think if they showed up that the Nazis would just be like “yeah, those people are right, lets go home”??


    • If it were a simple matter of protesting the removal of a statue, perhaps they could have showed up in t-shirts and jeans, no weapons, banners, clubs, and hoods. A smart thing to do would be to let the supremacy people have their little Halloween parade in their costumes out in an isolated park where they could walk around for hours, seig heil each other with other people around, no news coverage, and milk and cookies after the festivities.


      • That is my point. If you show up in mass to protest their hate filled rhetoric you give it weight and you give it legitimacy. If nobody shows up, no news reporters, no broadcasters, not counter protesters, etc. They have failed at their goal to gain an audience and create an issue.

        Let them parade in the hot sun and go home. Then next week have the all inclusive peace rally of love where all colors are invited to live and laugh. Unless these KKK nazis come knocking on the door, there is zero reason to have any interaction with them. They will most likely fight with each other and kill a few of themselves off.

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      • Yes, I agree with you to a point but the counterprotestors were peaceful. There was no need for the violence. Besides, personally, I’ve always believed those who sat by and did nothing when there is hate are just as bad as those who are actually involved in it. If you saw someone being murdered, would you just pass on by like nothing was happening. If you saw someone being verbally abused for their religion, race, or sexuality or whatever, would you just walk on by? Again, just my thoughts.


      • Not true, there are many eye witnesses who state that the counter protesters threw bottles and other objects at the KKK/Naxzi marchers.


  5. I’ve been seeing quite a few Trump supporters on my page saying that just because they voted for him doesn’t make them racists, bigots, etc. Which is true. However, by voting for him they were advocating the hate. His true colors didn’t wait til his presidency to shine. They were there all along in his speeches during his campaign. His comments like, “Grab her pussy” or that most crime in the U.S. is committed by illegal immigrants (which isn’t true) & all the other garbage he spewed. They knew exactly what he stood for when they voted.

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      • Wow, you really do not get it do you. You are still clueless as to why Trump won the election. This has been spelled out many, many times by people with much more clout than I.

        We did not vote for Trump, Trump was the vessel for the change we have been dying for for nearly 3 decades. For about 30 years the middle class and the average American has been pushed to the side and forgotten about. Both the left and the right instead focused on groups of people who could get them elected and keep them in power. The left looks for downtrodden groups and exploits them while NEVER helping them. Just look at the war on poverty, it is friggin joke and you know it. Now the left has moved on to the next downtrodden, the poor illegal aliens. I bet you my home that if the republicans offered amnesty on the condition the illegals could not vote for 20 years, they would never agree because it is not about amnesty, it is about votes.

        The same with republicans. The have become democrat lite. They now too look for their specific groups to just keep them in power. They talk a big game about repealing Obamacare, defunding PP, smaller gov, fewer taxes, less regulation, etc etc, but when it comes down to it, they spend as much as dems and tax just as much as well. We have all been screwed over by the establishment in DC.

        So the people decided to vote against establishment and vote for REAL CHANGE. Not that fake Obama hope and change BS, he was as much establishment as the others. There is a reason why both dems and reps hate Trump, he ain’t them. Hell if Bernie did not have Hillary sabotaging his campaign from the inside, the ones feeling left out on the left would have voted him over her in a heartbeat.

        But in the end, none of us voted for Trump, we voted for the opportunity of having real change in DC. Yes, Trump is not a refined DC elite, yes trump is like a bull in a china shop, yes I wish he would use a speech writer and lay off the twitter some times, but in the end, I keep my eye on the prize of real change in this country.

        Trump is not a bigot, racist, or homophobe, not by any stretch of the imagination. But the narrative of the left always has been to cast that onto who ever is a republican. Trump is about results and wants the best people, regardless of race, gender, or sexual orientation. So because he says “all sides” Antifa and the KKK nazis, were at fault, he is telling the damned truth. he is not trying to say that he favors nazis or the KKK, that is idiotic.

        I wish the continued character assassinations would just stop and people would let him lead.


      • No, not clueless, just follow a different drummer. You see, I fit many of the groups you depict as “downtrodden”. Only difference is I don’t see myself as a victim. I am a proud member of the family of mankind. And yes, Trump is all of those things simply by association and by campaign rhetoric. If it quacks like a duck it most likely is a duck. I believe that possibly you are clueless and don’t want to see that the man is incapable of leading.


      • Give me one statement, quote he has said that is against black people… just one please.

        Currently he is considered a huge racist by the left but I have failed to see any evidence of that, in fact I often see the opposite.


      • I am not asking for tit for tat Larry, I am asking for evidence. What is the evidence that he hates black people? I find it deplorable that anyone can call anyone else a racist just because they do not like their political views.

        If this is really your view, and not one placed in your head by the MSM and the left’s narrative, you must then have some kind of evidence that makes you feel that way.

        I think Obama is a racist and I have many pieces of evidence from his own mouth and his actions that demonstrate that to me that I can easily state. So why can you not state what things Trump has said or done that are against blacks?


      • As is classic in those in your position, once asked to back up your stance with evidence, you run. I thought better of you Larry, i guess I may have been mistaken.


      • Trump is not a bigot, racist, or homophobe, not by any stretch of the imagination.

        Except, yes, he is a bigot and a racist (I’m not certain if he’s actually a homophobe, but he’s will to pander to homophobes). The very first time Comrade Trump came to the attention of the general public was in 1973 when he and his real estate company were prosecuted for violating Fair House law by refusing to rent apartment in certain buildings to black folks. The DoJ sued him twice for discriminatory practices. Twice.

        When he was running a casino he was reported as saying, “I’ve got black accountants at Trump Castle and Trump Plaza. Black guys counting my money! I hate it, The only kind of people I want counting my money are short guys that wear yarmulkes every day.” The former president of Trump Plaza and Casino reports Trump saying, “Laziness is a trait in blacks. It really is, I believe that. It’s not anything they can control.”

        He accused a judge of being biased against him because he claimed the judge was “Mexican”. The judge was born in Indiana. We’re all familiar with his statement that immigrants from the Southern border are rapists and drug dealers.

        The guy is, always has been, a racist and a bigot.

        in the end, none of us voted for Trump, we voted for the opportunity of having real change in DC.

        No, you voted for Trump. You got real change, no mistake. But not change for the better.


      • You are so selective in your research. Did you read anything about the governments lawsuits in the 70’s? They went after everybody, including Trump, but all of it was hearsay and hey settled it and the government did not go through with the case.

        We go to the 90’s and South Florida and to one of the most exclusive places on the planet Mel Largo, that excluded blacks and jews…

        “When Trump established Mar-a-Lago as a club in 1995, he welcomed Jewish members, African-Americans, and gay couples, all of whom had been prohibited from joining other Palm Beach clubs.”

        So you see, his actions do not match your words. You cannot ignore this proven behavior and ignore it based on hearsay. His actions speak louder than other people’s words.


      • When Trump established Mar-a-Lago as a club in 1995, he welcomed Jewish members, African-Americans, and gay couples, all of whom had been prohibited from joining other Palm Beach clubs.

        That’s accurate, but not honest. Yes, it’s true — anybody with enough coin in their pocket could join Mar a Lago. But this isn’t evidence of Trump’s acceptance. He had no choice under Florida law.

        In Florida, it’s illegal for a private club having more than 400 members and that also hosts public events or functions for non-members, to discriminate based on “race, color, religion, gender, national origin, handicap, age above the age of 21, or marital status.” Trump just wants credit for obeying the law.

        You cannot ignore this proven behavior and ignore it based on hearsay.

        I agree. But his actions prove him to be a bigot and a racist. That’s in addition to being an astonishing liar and almost entirely ignorant about how the government of the U.S. functions.


    • First of all, if you are going to quote the man, do it right.

      He NEVER, EVER said most crime was committed by illegals. not even once.

      Also, what has he said that was ever anti-black? He has never said anything anti-black that i have heard and he has had many, many black supporters come to his rallies and speak. So again, this racist line is a line of BS that keeps getting repeated with zero evidence.

      And as for “grab a pussy”, I am sure you are just as outraged by all men who mention the word pussy with their other male friends.


  6. WHo are “Antifa” then? By the way they act and how you describe the white extremists, (and there are some but there are normal folk as well who are not communists), and judging by their actions, surely Antifa must be a branch of some sort of extremism as well.


    • Antifa is short for anti-fascists. It usually refers to a network of people (mostly young, mostly white, mostly privileged) who are willing (or even eager) to be confrontational and violent against white supremacists, Nazis, racists, and other extreme right-wing groups. They tend to dress all in black, often wear masks, and engage in ambush-style violence. They sucker punch racists, kick them a few times, then run.

      Basically, they’re liberal assholes who like hitting people they hate. But here’s the difference: Nazis and white supremacists hate Jews and black folks and gay folks just because they’re Jews, black, and gay. Antifa hate Nazis and white supremacists because Nazis and white supremacists hate Jews and black folks and gay folks.


      • I’ve noticed that Antifa also do not seem to like Trump supporters most of whom are not in any of the categories you mention.
        Do you think the Trump supporters should have freedom of speech too?


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