holy peyote and the fuckwit collective

“I think it’s important we have a sense of perspective. In Iran they hang you for the crime of being gay.”

Seriously. This jamoke actually said that. Out loud. I mean, yeah, he said it on CNN (which nobody watches anymore) to Wolf Blitzer (to whom nobody listens anymore), but he still said it. If a fuckwitted tree falls in a fuckwitted forest and there’s nobody but Wolf Blitzer around to hear, does it still make a sound? It surely does.

Here. Listen to Senator Tom Cotton go boom:

So. We don’t treat gay folks nearly as bad as they do in Iran. Yay?

Senator Cotton claims the RFRAs issued by the legislatures in Indiana and Arkansas are ‘modeled’ after the original RFRA signed by President Clinton. Modeled after. Not identical, not similar to — modeled after.

Here’s a fact that for some reason always gets omitted in these discussions about the Republican-based RFRA laws: the original Religious Freedom Restoration Act was written to protect the rights of Native Americans whose worship practices were sometimes in violation of Federal law. Their religion sometimes required them to hold ceremonies on what they considered to be sacred land — but which was considered by the government to be Federal land held under Federal jurisdiction and therefore subject to Federal laws. And their religious rites sometimes required the use of peyote.

Peyote cactus

Holy peyote

That’s right, the original RFRA — the one Senator Cotton and Governor Pence and Governor Hutchinson keep saying was the model for their RFRAs — was created to allow American Indians to use psychedelic mushrooms on Federal land.

Now that is religious freedom. That protects the right to practice religion.

Can I get an Amen, brothers and sisters.

5 thoughts on “holy peyote and the fuckwit collective

    • Oh, I don’t know — a lot of religion is defined by who and what the believer opposes. Historically there’s been a lot of religious hate; it’s sort of hard-wired into it.


  1. Many of us who are considerably older than the young pups who think they can legislate how people think and behave toward others come from a time when morals were considerably different from those of today. And inasmuch as there are people like me who continue to think the manner and content we were taught by our parents is just as valuable now as it was back in those other times is correct, if it’s alright with you I’ll hold my values right were they are right now. Unfortunately for those who believe I have to think otherwise because they behave otherwise are going to be sadly disappointed because I have always, and do now, think some of their behavior constitutes an abomination against civil humanity. Those who fail to recognize they are such abominations against humanity need not worry, though. I tend to keep my own beliefs and practices to myself, and don’t usually bring them out into the light unless provoked.


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