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Praise be, Ammon Bundy has just announced he’s running to be the governor of the great state of Idaho. Well, to be fair, he first announced he was running to be governor of Idaho about a month ago–but the Idaho Deep State tried to prevent him. They insisted that in order to hold a high office in Idaho–hell, in order to even attempt to hold a high office in Idaho–you first have to be registered as a voter in Idaho.

It’s that sort of communist bullshit that keeps good American patriots from being in government, which is corrupt anyway. But hey, Ammon jumped through their commie lesbian hoops and registered to vote, and now he’s really truly no-shit running for governor. In his announcement, Ammon told his followers,

“I’m running for governor because I’m sick and tired of all of this political garbage just like you are. I’m tired of our freedoms being taken from us and I’m tired of the corruption that is rampant in our state government.”

Without our freedoms, America would be just like China or Iran or Canada. Without American freedoms people like Ammon’s daddy wouldn’t be able to graze cattle on land he didn’t own for free. I mean, his poor daddy would be expected to pay grazing fees to the US government, just like the other 20,000 ranchers in the area. That ain’t right. If you make the Bundy family pay grazing fees, you might just as well open up high school bathrooms to pedophiles and boys in dresses playing girl’s basketball.

Ammon Bundy has opinions and a cowboy hat.

And Ammon, he stood up for Idaho’s freedoms time and again. When the government came to move his daddy’s cattle off government land in Nevada (which, okay, is not in Idaho), Ammon blocked their way with an ATV. They tasered poor Ammon, just like he was black or maybe an Indian. Tasered him twice. Ammon, he was so soul-hurt by the way his own government treated him, that he went on Fox News and told the nation about it. He said,

“If someone came in, busted into my house and abused my children, and so I call the cops, they don’t respond, and then I take them to court. I show up at the courtroom, look on the stand, and it’s the very person that abused my children looking down at me in a black robe. How in the world are we going to get justice in that court?”

Okay, it was cattle and not children. And okay, the cattle weren’t abused. And yeah, okay, it was federal land, not Bundy’s house. And okay, maybe it was federal land officers and not local cops. And it was the feds who took them to court, not Ammon. And sure, this was in Nevada not Idaho, but freedoms is freedoms. How can we expect justice from a government like that? That’s a government that will ram Critical Race Theory down the throats of Christian bakers.

Ammon also defended Idaho’s freedoms when he and a couple dozen armed fellow patriots seized control of the Malheur National Wildlife Refuge in Oregon (which, okay, is also not in Idaho) to protest the conviction of two men who’d committed arson on federal lands. Okay, maybe those two men didn’t actually want Ammon defending their freedoms, especially by an armed occupation of federal lands that weren’t even the same federal lands they’d committed arson on, but sometimes a man’s got to do what a man’s got to do.

Ammon Bundy is a man (and he has rights, just like Commander Waterford), and what he and his fellow patriots had to do was seize and occupy a federal wildlife refuge, break into the refuge’s safes, steal money and cameras and computers, desecrate some so-called ‘culturally significant’ sites, (which were just graves of Indians who’d been dead a long time) because freedom isn’t free. When a man and his armed buddies can’t spend 41 days protecting freedom on a federal facility, you might just as well put Hillary and AOC in charge and make us all pay dues to Antifa.

Ammon Bundy standing up for freedom by sitting down in a comfy chair.

And that’s not all. Ammon also defended Idaho’s freedoms–all of them–by protesting the phony Covid hoax mask mandate and refusing to leave the Idaho capitol building (which is totally in Idaho), after which the Idaho Deep State arrested him and charged (probably in violation of the Constitution) with trespassing and resisting arrest. And if that’s not bad enough, when he was supposed to be tried, they wouldn’t even let him into the courthouse, because he patriotically refused to wear a mask. Ammon was then banned from entering the Idaho Capitol for a year. Which was probably just a fake false flag ploy to try to prevent him from becoming governor and keeping Idaho safe from BLM homo-terrorists.

But now that he’s registered to vote, they can’t stop him from running for governor. Ammon promises to “bring that same vigor and willingness to stand for what is right [that he’s shown in the past] to the state of Idaho.” He pledges that as governor, ain’t nobody going to “take away gun rights, freedom of religion and parental rights” from patriotic Idahoans. Idaho needs a simple rancher (and okay, Ammon’s not technically a rancher, but only because he doesn’t own a ranch and doesn’t own any livestock and technically owns a truck repair company and an apple orchard, but he does wear a cowboy hat) to show them the way to prosperity and success. Praise be.

17 thoughts on “freedoms and other stuff

  1. What a prize he is. Just out of curiosity, have you heard any rumblings of super conservatives up and moving to Idaho? Because I’ve been hearing from various right-wing families that I’ve been acquainted with moving to Idaho. At least one of the them stated that it was because ‘they didn’t feel welcome here anymore’ (here being the Seattle area, but there were also some from the SF Bay Area moving there).


    • Right-wing cranks, white nationalists, Christian Identity extremists, Aryan Nation adherents, militia nutjobs, and other assorted wackos have been migrating to Idaho, Eastern Oregon, Eastern Washington, and Montana for about 40 years.

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      • It’s too soon to determine if it’s escalating now that Trump has left office, but his four years of rabid hatred certainly lent massive support to the paranoid right-wing conspiracy-driven extremist landscape.

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  2. Great read.
    Freedom is an illusion when you give it away. Sadly that has happened around the world as a new ideology takes control after decades of infiltration to the point that taking an opposing view, or voicing an opinion is now the reason to destroy a person rather than respect those opposing views and opinions.
    We live in turbulent times and there is nothing good coming out of this.
    The western world should be ashamed of how we have allowed our young to be manipulated and indoctrinated to an inherently socialist ideology.

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    • Freedom is an illusion when you give it away.
      I’m not at all sure what this means.

      The western world should be ashamed of how we have allowed our young to be manipulated and indoctrinated to an inherently socialist ideology.
      Have we done that? How are young folks being indoctrinated? As far as that goes, what’s inherently wrong with a socialist ideology?

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  3. Freedom is an illusion. Okay think about it.
    In my country you have to scan in everywhere you go and yet it has been revealed the data is being used for more than contact tracing. In Victoria they detained people for disagreeing with the government last year despite all they did was disagree and nothing else. We have the lowest virus infection rates in the world and yet live under constant restrictions. Then there is the constant surveillance of our population which is so common now that no-one even notices as it is promoted as keeping us safe.
    Despite all of this we are told that we live in a free country as we allow government to impact into our lives in ways never seen since the last world war.
    All things begin small and finish big if left unopposed.
    Perhaps read Antipodean Angst as it details many of the ways in which we have allowed indoctrination to happen.
    There is nothing inherently wrong with a socialist ideology except for the disparity between theory and practice. Just as capitalism is fine except for the disparity between the theory and practice.
    All ideology requires the haves and have nots. It comes down to the desire for power and the greed that resides with those who sit at the top of the heap.
    1930’s Germany saw the rise of an ideology that is recognised now for being one of the darkest times in modern humanity.
    1917 Russia saw buyers remorse as a result of one ideology replacing another and entrenching itself with massive brutality.
    Pol Pot, Idi Amin, and so many others promoted one thing and then did another as they entrenched their ideology upon their populations.

    The problem with ideology is that it almost never works out the way it was intended to.
    One of the ironies of humanity and historically so.

    I welcome debate so long as it is honest and polite with both sides striving to understand even if they don’t agree.

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    • “We have the lowest virus infection rates in the world *and yet* live under constant restrictions.”
      “and yet” in this statement could be changed to “because we” and make sense. I won’t allege this is the case, just that it is something to consider.

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    • there is the constant surveillance of our population which is so common now that no-one even notices as it is promoted as keeping us safe.
      Yes, I see your point. Constant passive government surveillance may not directly limit one’s freedom, but it can (and almost certainly does) have a chilling effect. I don’t agree that it makes freedom illusory, but it can inhibit the behaviors of individuals.


  4. Good point but yet open to inspection when considered in the light of recent admissions from Fauci and his attempts to validate his position which has been ever changing. Consider his statement being if you don’t believe him then you don’t believe science which is a protectionist point of view.

    To subscribe to believe the science is flawed when taken into consideration as one point of view is demonised and another is popularised.

    Think on that if you will.

    Does this not suggest an agenda based on motive rather than science?

    Would that be nothing more than propaganda based in narrative and not science as opposing views are debased and cancelled? That can be considered indoctrination in context as science is ever changing. Read Antipodean Angst part one for examples given on how science was debunked.

    Something to be considered in objectivity rather than subjectivity.

    Also consider CRT which proscribes that all whites are inherently racist despite any other consideration and that they may never be forgiven this sin based on nothing more than a theory devoid of reality. This distracts from the human condition of interaction and belief based entirely on a narrative.

    I have friends of many races and religious beliefs and we can all agree to disagree.
    That is true objectivity. This tracing back decades from more uncertain times and beliefs in turbulent times.

    Perhaps I am a dinosaur in the life I have lived and the experiences encountered from a Cold War mentality. Perhaps not.

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    • The scientific method involves observation, formulating hypotheses, testing those hypotheses, using the testing results to refute or refine the hypotheses, followed by testing of the new (refined or alternate) hypotheses and so on.
      This is not the same as debunking, something that takes statements and conspiracy theories, researches and fact-checks the claims supporting them and reports on the veracity or grounding in reality of those statements and theories. Debunking usually refers to the statements that turn out to be false for some reason or reasons.
      The “debunking” to do with Fauci’s statements includes both new findings regarding the pandemic and the progression of the pandemic itself. For example, the first one I checked had to do with Fauci saying that masks were not necessary (but that this could change)” and was fated “Outdated”, indicating that the statement was made before the virus had yet spread nation-wide.
      You see, when and where it was not yet present there was not yet a need for masks. When it spread nationwide then the necessary precautions became more important and it became more important to apply them universally.
      And so on.
      I can totally understand Fauci being frustrated at explaining what needs to be done to keep the death and destruction toll of the pandemic down only to be contradicted and accused of making stuff up.
      Also, your use of “protectionist’ is confusing. It typically means supporting local producers by restricting imports, so – what did you intend that to mean?

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      • This explains the empty whores who promote narrative based in self-interest and nothing else.
        They are the whores who debase themselves upon the alter of public opinion.
        Think on that as events unravel.
        Regards protectionist think simply on the narrative versus reality in regards to the lives of those impacted and in that you perhaps may find some answers. Those who do not suffer under the edicts emplaced have no consideration to those that suffer as a result.

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    • consider CRT which proscribes that all whites are inherently racist despite any other consideration and that they may never be forgiven this sin based on nothing more than a theory devoid of reality.

      But that’s NOT an aspect of Critical Race Theory — it’s how CRT has been misinterpreted by conservative media. CRT isn’t about individuals at all. It’s about systems. All CRT really says is that the social structures of culture, society, and the law look and behave differently when viewed through a lens of race (or gender, or sexual identity, or social class).

      Pick any aspect of law or culture–housing, history, medicine, literature, education, music, sports, art–and examine how it affects/treats the poor, or how it treats American Indians, or how it treats women, and you’ll see that some groups have been systematically marginalized. Not necessarily by individuals, but by the social structures that deal with those aspects of law and culture.

      You can use CRT to examine how Irish Catholic immigrants to the US were shunted into specific neighborhoods, or into specific types of lower wage jobs. You can see how the banks and the civil service rules and housing boards and college admission services and cultural organizations quietly made it difficult for Irish Catholic immigrants to join mainstream society.

      That’s what CRT is about. It’s just a perspective for studying institutional systems.


      • I agree with you on some of your response regards CRT.
        The problem I have is not with that.
        When you consider in the past few years the concepts of toxic masculinity, white supremacy, white privilege, and unconscious bias to name some of the more controversial ones.
        They are promoted in a one-sided fashion in the pursuit of something that is decidedly unhelpful to people in general.
        Do you honestly believe that demonising entire segments of a population can ever end well?
        I question the intent of the people who support things such as that as it is done to apparently build a fairer, more cohesive society when instead it creates divides and labels people regardless of the individual.
        Consider you are male. That makes you violent according to some based entirely on your genitalia and it doesn’t stop to consider anything about you as a person.
        It is about the way in which a thing is promoted and the intent behind it that matters. as even the best intentioned things can and are perverted to promote something else.


  5. Perhaps critical thinking and looking of events, which is easy to find will detail the hypocrisy of narrative if you care to look objectively. Big tech are incomplete in their censorship thankfully.
    I look objectively and find the discrepancies and from that find my reality. As is the political narrative if you care to look. Particularly as events unfold.
    Correct me if I am wrong at your leisure.


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