yesterday was a peach bellini

Comrade Trump is gone. Uncle Joe Biden is the prez, with Kamala Harris as veep. Democracy has been resurrected. Winter will end. Bluebirds will sing again. Flowers will grow unbidden where Amanda Gorman walks. The breeze will be warm (or cool) and scented like apricots. All small towns will be called Bedford Falls. A cup of coffee will only cost a nickel.

Okay, maybe there’s some wishful thinking in there. But that’s sort of how it felt yesterday. That feeling won’t last, of course. Reality is a merciless sumbitch (as QAnon believers discovered yesterday); the Covid pandemic is still killing thousands of Americans every damned day, the climate is still massively fucked, and it’ll take a generation or so before anything like real racial/gender justice takes firm root.

But we deserve — hell, we need — a few days to just let the feeling that good things can still happen roll over us. Yes, there’s a LOT of work to do, but let’s not allow necessity to cast a shadow over the multitude of ways yesterday was special. Just one example: the undiluted joy of seeing the first woman — a woman who is black AND Asian — sworn in as Vice President of the United States by the first woman of color appointed to the US Supreme Court with her hand on a Bible that belonged to the first black man appointed to the US Supreme Court. That’s some serious history, right there.

So let’s not make a fuss about which particular bit of history yesterday was the most significant. It’s not a contest. And let’s not scold or castigate (now there’s an interesting word; it’s derived from the same root as ‘chaste’ and it originally meant ‘to make someone pure by correction or reproof’) other folks for enjoying a fashion decision, or an internet meme, or the selection of an entertainer that seems trivial compared to the magnitude of yesterday’s events. And for fuck’s sake, let’s not be assholes about ‘winning’. A bit of gloating is understandable and forgivable (did I spell that right? It doesn’t look right), but even though Trump and his followers treated us as the enemy, we shouldn’t prove them right.

I’m NOT saying we need to forgive and forget. Fuck that. But I am saying unity is important. There are people who ought to be investigated; if found responsible for awful behavior, they need to be held accountable. NOT for our pleasure or amusement, but because that’s how society is supposed to work. (On the other hand, if we get some measure of pleasure and amusement out of it, that’s gravy and we needn’t deny ourselves of it.)

I guess what I’m saying is this: yesterday was a good day. A really good day. Let’s not make any more of it than what it was, but let’s also not diminish or minimize any part of it. Yesterday was…let’s say yesterday was a peach Bellini. A cool, stimulating, mildly alcoholic cocktail with a delightful but subdued color palette. Was it a great peach Bellini? No, not really. Ideally a Bellini would be made with Prosecco and white peaches. Maybe this one was made with champagne instead of Prosecco, maybe with yellow peaches instead of white. But it was a very good Bellini, served properly, and at exactly the right moment.

Drink it, don’t diss it for not being perfect, don’t overstate its fine qualities, just enjoy it for what it is. Fizzy, refreshing, sweet, mellow, but stimulating.

7 thoughts on “yesterday was a peach bellini

  1. while it was “ohnoes, the NY Times is on it again”— with their Collins-inspired concern about Biden’s bicycle— it was also refreshing that these (annoying!) little nitpicks can make news again.

    the Right is already claiming the Left is out for drinking some RWNJ tears because of the deranged DJT syndrome… and the same will be for accountability. though I think that this “unity” stuff demands that the same people stop with their accustomed-to double standards and playing victimhood. (for example, Biden was not duly elected, but he is being divisive.)

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    • You can’t shame Republicans, since shame is an alien concept for them. I guess we’ll just have to let them whine, ignore them, and get on with business. There can’t be any unity without accountability, and it’s necessary to hold those fuckers in check by periodically kicking them in the balls. Metaphorically, I mean.

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  2. I am feeling pretty good about yesterday! Having all the previous presidents available attend, (except one, and that was especially fitting.) I even enjoyed the fashion and music choices. Jeez it all felt good. What a breath of fresh air after the dystopian world we were in.

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    • One of the underappreciated-but-still-amazing things about yesterday was how completely seamless it felt. The entire thing felt smooth, coordinated, easy peasy. But in order for it to feel that way, a LOT of very competent and skillful people had to work really hard. And they did it without calling attention to themselves, without bragging, without any need to show off. That sort of quiet competence SHOULD be the hallmark of government — and it’s been missing for four years.


    • I’m trying to find a way to disagree politely. Blunt followed tradition by presenting the Biden’s with a painting, so yes, that was nice. On the other hand, Blunt said Trump “touched a hot stove” which suggests he’s learned a painful but valuable lesson — and that’s just plain stupid. Roy Blunt may understand how democracy works, but he’s also willfully and knowingly playing a role in the degradation of democracy.

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