fuck this guy

This guy, I declare. This whiny, small-minded, pissy-pants guy. This privileged, lying, unworthy, lazy, ignorant guy. This vindictive, self-pitying, arrogant, despicable guy. This conceited, fuck-witted, always complaining, cowardly guy. This sour-souled, slack-eyed, gorbellied, muddle-headed guy. The fucking guy is still insisting he won the election.

I am SO sick of this guy. I’m sick of hearing his voice — his griping, carping, sneering voice. I’m sick of hearing his name and seeing it on everything from buildings to flags to signs. I’m sick of his hideous presence on television, which he haunts like some gross and malevolent spectre. I’m sick of his ridiculous hair. I’m sick of seeing his face — his slack-eyed, flaccid, pouty-mouthed, jaundiced face. I’m sick of knowing he even fucking exists. I’m SO goddamned sick of him.

I’m sick of his appallingly ignorant and loathsome adult children. I’m sick of his wife. I’m sick of ALL of his wives. I’m sick of his democracy-hating sycophants in the Senate. I’m sick of his ass-licking toadies in the House of Representatives. I’m sick of all his groveling and cringing ‘news personalities’ on television and in the newspapers. I’m sick of his apologists and enablers. I’m completely sick of his fawning, eyelash-batting, lickspittle Press Secretary. I’m sick of every single goddamned person in his easily-replaced, unprofessional, ill-equipped, odious, merry-go-round of a Cabinet.

Fuck this guy. Fuck everybody in his orbit. Fuck everybody who volunteered to work for him. Fuck everybody who campaigned for him. Fuck everybody who planted one of his yard signs in their yard. Fuck everybody who bought and flew one of his godawful flags. Fuck the people who made and sold the flags. Fuck everybody who voted for him. Seriously, just fuck this guy.

There. I needed that. I feel better now. Normally I read the news in the morning, then think about it for a while, calmly and objectively, before I say or write anything. But this morning that I WON THE ELECTION tweet just flat out pissed me off. It’s a bright sunny day and I didn’t want to let this fucking guy ruin it. So I decided to vent. Get the ugly shit out of my system. Now I can get on with my day and be happy and have fun.

Hope y’all have a good day.

11 thoughts on “fuck this guy

      • I have to admit..I had to google Remora. Comparing Rudy to a Remora is crazy funny. However, we can be fairly confident that a shark will eat a remora if it brings it any annoyance, no questions asked.

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      • Wikipedia informs me that, contrary to earlier belief, recent closer studies have found that remoras don’t feed on scraps of a hosts meal’s, but largely on fecal matter from the host. Which is *[chefs kiss]* perfects for describing Rudy…


  1. I always loved my morning coffee…the zen like mode I momentarily sink into with my first sip. You know..the coffee comfort high you get from that first cup.
    I haven’t had that feeling in 4 years..4years of torture of an Administration from Hell. First mistake..turning on NPR….ok….so I’m addicted to good stories..news..good and bad…keeps my brain happy….intelligent conversation is what makes me happy. Absorbing the interesting shit while sipping that first cup…it jump starts my day.. Well..that morning routine is sadly losing its charm..the dreamy wake up slumber I’m use to along with that First sip of Comfort coffee is losing ground. I turn on the radio. Big mistake.. Perhaps it’s time to change that habit. No..i don’t want to give up my only joy left..my morning coffee..i just refuse to listen to my favorite radio station and then maybe I’ll begin to actually taste and enjoy what a good morning cup of coffee taste like again.

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    • Seriously, fuck that guy.

      To give credit where it’s due, Trump DID, after a great deal of dithering, ban bump stocks for semi-auto rifles. That was a good thing. But other than that, fuck that guy.


  2. “Fuck everybody in his orbit.” <- The real problem. Fuck 5 decades of dumbing down the elecatorate. Fuck the mycelium that emerged the stinkhorn.


  3. If we could just wave a magic wand and make every trace of him disappear….The world would be a better place. That means the a**hole in the pickup truck with his flags as well.


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