very good people

Really, when you think about, who is really at fault here? I mean, back at the end of April the President of These United States suggested his followers should ‘Liberate Michigan’. It would have been unpatriotic not to take the president at his word. So a couple of weeks later, a group of ‘patriots’ arrived at the state capitol building to discuss issues involving the tyranny of mask-wearing with Gov. Gretchen Whitmer and other lawmakers.

Okay, so yes, they may have arrived for those friendly discussions armed with semi-auto rifles and handguns, but this is America…or used to be before Obama tried to turn the nation into a gay socialist guitar-strumming pedophile ring. Anyway, they just wanted to talk to Gov. Whitmer, that’s all. And President Trump realized that. He said:

These very good people were just angry, that’s all. They just wanted their lives back, which is understandable since Gov. Whitmer STOLE THEIR LIVES by asking them to wear masks and avoid gathering in large virus-sharing groups. Trump felt Gov. Whitmer should try to be reasonable, listen to the angry armed men threatening her and other Michigan lawmakers, give them a chance to screamsplain rationally why she was wrong.

But no, she wouldn’t do that, the bitch. Now look what she made them do.

Explaining the charges against Gov. Whitmer

Really, whose fault is it that these thirteen very good people felt forced to concoct a plan to kidnap her and put her on trial for…okay, it’s not clear exactly what she’d be put on trial for. Being a bitch, probably. Being a ball-cutting bitch by undermining their authority — undermining their very manhood — by trying to make them look like mask-wearing pussies. But the important point — the point everybody seems to be overlooking — is that they always intended to give her a trial. Did she give them a trial before ordering them to wear gay masks?

No. No, she did not.

Prosecutor’s opening statement.

They were going to give her a trial, that’s how reasonable they were. A fair trial. Okay, maybe the judge would be somebody involved in the kidnapping. And yeah, the jury pool would probably have to be drawn from folks involved in the kidnapping. But hey, still a trial, right? She’d have had a chance to defend herself and explain why she was being such a bitch, right? You’d think she’d thank them for giving her that chance, wouldn’t you.

But no. She’s showed no gratitude at all. Hell, she didn’t even thank Comrade Trump after his own personal Federal Bureau of Investigation disrupted the plot to murder kidnap … wait, was it really even a kidnapping? Was it? When you really look at it closely, wasn’t it really more like a citizen’s arrest? Followed by a fair trial. I don’t see what all the fuss is about.

Whitmer trial jury pool.

You invite a woman at gunpoint to accompany you of her own free will, you give her a chance to explain her ridiculous behavior, you agree not to punish her until after she’s had her say, and is she even the least bit grateful? See, that’s the problem with putting a woman in charge of anything other than the kitchen. They’re just too emotional.

And now the lives of these thirteen very good people are going to be tarnished. It’ll be hard for them to get a decent job. They may even lose their guns. Is that fair?

20 thoughts on “very good people

  1. OMG, you do realize that these people who you “claim” acted on Trump’s orders actually do not like Trump. You do realize that right? These people were Anti-Trump and were anti-police. Now which group of politicians and activist do these people more align with again?

    I guess I thought at first you were actually an open minded, fair writer but the reality is you are no different that the others with TDS and anything negative you can pin on Trump, you will do it no matter how big of a lie you have to tell.

    Still nothing about the 10’s of 1000’s of deaths directly caused by Cuomo in NY. Nothing on Pelosi and here insane attempt to circumvent the will of the people since 2016 and now, just weeks before election, she is trying again to do it in an attempt to use the 25th to tell 60+ million people that their votes do not count and that she is indeed a dictator attempting to overthrow a government. I guess she is so confident that Trump will win come november that she has to continue to try and illegally remove Trump.


      • spoken like a true leftist, tolerant, supporter of free speech advocate. You cannot handle anyone having a different idea or opinion so you must attack them and call them names. I have many liberal friends here in Los Angeles and they are good people with just different ideas than mine. But you know what, we do not call each others derogatory names.

        Well I do call them progressives and liberals and that is derogatory in my book. I commend Greg for allowing a dissenting voice on his comments instead of just creating an echo chamber, which is obviously all you want. You see I like to listen to all sides which is one reason I follow this blog and many other leftist blogs so that I get a balanced amount of info coming in.

        But obviously you cannot handle this so I suggest you get your bubble wrap suit on, get your handi wipes, and of course an extra large costco sized bottle of prozac as you will need it come election time when Trump wins and will be here for 4 more years.


    • people who you “claim” acted on Trump’s orders
      Billy, you’re projecting here. I didn’t claim any such thing.

      which group of politicians and activist do these people more align with again?
      That would be misogynistic white 2A nationalist terrorists (who are trying to circumvent the will of Michigan people who voted for Whitmer).

      Pelosi and here insane attempt to circumvent the will of the people since 2016
      You mean the will of the three million more people who voted for Clinton than Trump?

      use the 25th to tell 60+ million people that their votes do not count
      Maybe you should actually read the 25th amendment and see how it works.

      she is indeed a dictator
      And while you’re at it, read a definition of ‘dictator’.

      she has to continue to try and illegally remove Trump
      Voting is how we traditionally decide who should govern the country. We have one group of people urging citizens to register to vote and then to vote. We have another group doing everything they can to discourage and prevent voting. You support the latter group.


      • Greg you know full well you are trying to pin this on Trump. You and the others will outright lie to everyone about Trump being a racist, misogynist, bigoted, and everything else while the facts demonstrate he is anything but. As Pence pointed out to Harris, you are entitled to your own opinions, just not your own facts. Facts are clear, Trump has made policies that help all peoples and genders.

        And stop with the total BS of the “3 million more people”, when we have only a popular vote where mob rules, then you have something to say. Till then it does not matter. If 200 million people lived in CA and NY they should not be able to tell the rest of the nation how to live. The electoral college is here for a reason and has worked perfectly. I GUARUNTEE if it were the other way around and Trump had won the popular vote but lost the electoral college, you would be singing the praises of the founding fathers and their insight into the future.

        I know the constitution quite well thank you and I know the 25th. Pelosi is again trying to perform a takeover of the government based ONLY on the fact she does not like Trump, does not like his policies, does not like that he embarrasses her and her party for exposing them for the racist, bigoted, do-nothing pieces of trash they are. She is evil and insane.

        AS for pelosi being a dictator, hyperbole is lost on your isn’t it? I have as much evidence of her being a dictator as you do Trump being a “comrade”.

        As for voting, I encourage everyone to vote and to every vote count. Mass mailings of votes is a disaster in the making. we have already just seen 50,000 incorrect ballots mailed out in just one county last week and that does not include the countless other cases. Absentee ballots are fine as they are first requested by the voter. Anyone who is afraid of voting in person can request an absentee ballot. I received my ballots in the mail that were forced on to me in CA and I also received my neighbors ballot.. go figure. Luckily he is also a Trump supporter so I happily returned it to him.
        It boggles the mind that the left is so against showing an ID to vote. With the number of cases of ballot harvesting, allowing votes to be cast weeks after an election, this is yet another example of if it were on the foot, you would be screaming for IDs to be shown.

        There is NOTHING the republicans have done circumvents anyone’s right to vote, this is yet again another lie continually passed on by the democrats who can NEVER win in the realm of ideas so they instead need to attack the opponent and tarnish them because they have no ideas of their own other than Tax high and give things away for free.


      • You and the others will outright lie to everyone about Trump being a racist, misogynist, bigoted, and everything else while the facts demonstrate he is anything but.
        Naw. Trump lies to you and you believe him. I tell the truth, and you believe I’m lying. Trump has a long history of racism, a long history of misogyny, a long history of bigotry.

        The electoral college is here for a reason and has worked perfectly
        It served a purpose when the US had multiple viable political parties and when it was an essentially rural nation. It makes little sense now. One person, one vote is more fair and just. There’s no reason a vote cast in upstate New York should carry less weight than a vote cast in Montana.

        I know the 25th. Pelosi is again trying to perform a takeover of the government
        Naw, Billy, that’s not even close to what’s happening. Pelosi introduced legislation to create a commission to determine whether FUTURE presidents are capable of maintaining power during an illness. Seriously, dude, just read the fucking news.

        Absentee ballots are fine as they are first requested by the voter.
        Unfortunately for you, the election commissions for each state (and often for each county or parish in the state) determines how absentee ballots are handled. You don’t get to decide what is ‘fine’.

        By the way, those 50 thousand incorrect ballots were in Franklin County, Ohio. I used to live in Franklin County. It’s a Republican county in a state in which the Sec. of State is also a Republican. They decided to send every registered voter an absentee ballot because of the pandemic. 50,000 ballots (out of about 250,000 mailed absentee ballots to Franklin County voters) had an error (an incorrect Congressional district race). That’s an advantage of mail-in ballots; they give you a chance to catch errors BEFORE the votes are counted. Now, instead of having to throw away those incorrect ballots, voters will be able to cast votes on the correct ballots.

        ballot harvesting, allowing votes to be cast weeks after an election
        Ballot harvesting probably doesn’t mean what you think it means. It’s legal in about half of the US states. It simply means a third party can collect SEALED absentee ballots and deliver them to the polling place. It mostly happens in hospitals or nursing homes or correctional facilities or facilities for the disabled. Instead of requiring everybody in a nursing home to stamp and mail their own ballots, somebody from the nursing home will gather the sealed ballots and deliver them.

        Also? No votes cast AFTER the election are counted. It’s the law. Votes cast and mailed before or ON election day, but arrive after, are still legal votes.

        There is NOTHING the republicans have done circumvents anyone’s right to vote
        That’s just not true.


    • Billy, you are not open-minded. Greg continuously provides back-up to prove your complaints are incorrect or misguided and you act like he didn’t reply – unless he says something else you don’t agree with.

      There’s a website: “Republican Voters against Trump”. Please see that there are many Republicans who were able to discern that Trump is a constant liar with terrible policiies and zero empathy. Or maybe they just don’t like one of those but still realize that Trump is a threat to the United States. I learned about this group by watching the video posted by Retired Gen. Hayden, former CIA director under Bush, But you know better than he, right?


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      • LOL, I don’t think you know what “open minded” means.

        Greg does not provide proof of anything for the most part. he replies back with his one-sided opinion. He repeats the exact same talking points of Pelosi and the MSM over and over. Continues to claim Trump is a Russian operative even though Trump and his family were exonerated, the evidence shows that the democrats and Clinton were in bed with Russians and Obama and Biden were in the middle of it all. But that real evidence is ignored by folks like Greg, you, and the MSM because again, the facts do not fit your disjointed narrative.

        As of a July poll by Newsweek over 10% of dems are voting for Trump. You will not find 10% of republicans voting for Biden


      • rmany Republicans who were able to discern that Trump is a constant liar with terrible policiies and zero empathy

        In Billy’s world, Trump is honest, courageous, patriotic, a faithful husband, a good Christian, a successful businessman, a skilled negotiator, a brilliant strategist, and a loyal friend.


      • I never said any of those things and this is why you guys continue to fail. We do not support Trump for his personal choices in life. Unlikr you, we do next expect people to be perfect. We vote for Trump because of his policies and j his continued support of a more conservative ideology. I don’t have to have lunch or spend Christmas with Trump in order to suppost him


    • “We do not support Trump for his personal choices in life. Unlikr you, we do next expect people to be perfect.”

      Oh please. What happened to the party of family values? Yet YOU all hate on Dems who aren’t “perfect”. Look at all the hate Michelle Obama got for wearing a sleeveless dress.

      Okay, so 10% of “dems” could be supporting Trump. People believe his lies. But the Republican Trump-haters include Kellyanne Conway’s husband, four star generals, former Republican strategists, etc. You don’t see that among the Trump-supporting Dems.


      • Unlike Democrats, we can have our own family values and not push them onto others. Values mean nothing if you are not going to legislate in a way that is in the best interest of the nation. I have said for nearly 20 years that this nation needed a business person in charge instead of a politician. That’s what we have now and the country has been booming because of it.

        I do not give a flying f*ck what Michelle “player of the race care” Obama wears. I do not care where they live or anything about the house they bought, etc. What I cared about were the policies he instituted that were destructive and illegal. Changing immigration laws without going through congress was illegal, but of course when a democrat makes laws up, you are just fine with that right?
        As for Kelly Anne Conway’s Husband and daughter. I cannot think of two more sick individuals to publicly do that to their wife and mother. They can disagree but in the manner in which they have done it is disgusting.

        And as for the few “generals” who now support Biden, they are establishment kiss asses who want to keep getting invited to the parties. No legit military man or woman would support a ticket that supports the destruction of America and one that support turning the nation into a socialist country.

        Trump now has more support of the black population than any republican president in recent history. More and more are realizing that the democrats are the real racist, trying to keep their black folks on the plantation and their brown folks picking their veggies and cleaning their homes. We know who you people are now because you have been exposed for the racists and bigots you truly are. You have no shame about it anymore.

        That will go down as one of Trump’s greatest accomplishments, exposing the left.


  2. The terrorists are not anti-police. They pal around with extremist police officers like Dar Leaf of Barry County, who enable them. They want to BE the cops and gain the authority to kill anyone who doesn’t smell bad and answer to Donald Trump.

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    • You love to just lie do you not? Those people are anti-Trump. You lie just like the others to try and suit your narrative. Anytime anything bad happens you blame it on Trump, I get it. It is the same old story and it is no longer being listened to.

      The facts are clear, these men were anti-Trump, anti-cop, and anarchist. No amount of lying by you, the media, and the democrats can change that.

      There is a reason other prominent democrats have not joined her in her blaming of trump because they know she is wrong and it will hurt to try and pin this one on Trump. She LIED claiming Trump supports white supremacist groups, again another attempt to push a negative stereotype because her ideas have failed.


    • That remark was directed at Billy–like, he’s trying to argue that their targeting police somehow makes them “not bad guys”? I have such trouble following Billy’s logic…. I am NOT condoning a SINGLE THING these “militia” members did, no matter whether they love Trump or hate him. They are animals.


      • You truly are slow, how did you get I was saying they were good guys? I said that they hated Trump and the police and that they were not guided by Trump yelling them he supported them. They were more in line with Biden and Harris than Trump.



    • I’ve stopped using the term ‘militia’ to describe these groups. ‘Militia’ conveys a sense of legitimacy. They aren’t militias; they’re terrorist groups.

      There’s some level of diversity among these modern day domestic terrorist groups. Some are white supremacists or white nationalists, some are tax revolters, some are perversions of Christian fundamentalism, some are little more than hateful incels, some call themselves ‘sovereign citizens’ and believe the highest legal authority is the county sheriff, some are plain apocalyptic survivalists, some are anarcho-conservatives.

      But they all have some things in common: they all tend to be 2nd Amendment purists, they all tend to believe in the violent resolution to cultural disagreement, and they all see themselves as victims.


      • How many people have been killed by militia and how much peppery has been destroyed by militia compared to the deaths and destruction caused by blm in the last 3 months? Blm are the real terrorist.


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