gloom of trump

You’ve heard it a million times, often incorrectly. Neither snow nor rain nor heat nor gloom of night stays these couriers from the swift completion of their appointed rounds. It’s the creed of the United States Post Office.

The Post Office is maybe the most democratic institution in all of These United States. You put any sort of reasonable address on an envelope, slap a fifty-five cent stamp on it, stick it in your mailbox and the Post Office will send somebody right to your house, fetch that envelope right outa your mail box, and carry it to that address, usually within one to three business days.

Delivering mail in the rain during a damn pandemic.

Don’t matter if that address is in Manhattan or Boise or some farm house outside of Broken Bow, Nebraska. Some poor carrier in Sidney, Montana has to drive a mail route nearly two hundred miles long to deliver the mail to 272 mailboxes. There are 176 folks who live along a 30-mile stretch of the Magnolia River in Alabama who get their mail delivered by boat. A native tribe, the Havasupai, who live at the bottom of the Grand Canyon get their mail after an eight-mile trip down the canyon using mules. Mules. You got a legit address, the Post Office will deliver your mail. And yeah, even if it’s raining or snowing or hot or gloomy AF.

Delivering mail by a damn mule train.

The USPS isn’t perfect, but considering the massive scale and scope of their mission they do a damned good job. Again, First Class postage is only fifty-five cents. If somebody asked me to walk the thirty feet to my mailbox in the rain in exchange for fifty-five cents, I’d tell them to piss off.

But Comrade Donald Trump is deliberately wrecking the Postal Service. Deliberately. And he’s doing it for the most corrupt reason: to make it harder for US citizens to vote during a pandemic.

He replaced the Postmaster General — Megan Brennan, a woman whose 34-year career with the USPS began as a letter carrier, who was familiar with every operation inside the USPS from personal experience — with Louis DeJoy, a man with no USPS experience at all. DeJoy is a major donor to the Trump campaign; over the last four years he and his wife have contributed more than US$2 million to the Trump campaign and other Republican causes. Trump is also considering DeJoy’s wife to be Ambassador to Canada. In her financial disclosure statement, she noted she and her husband own “between $30.1 million and $75.3 million in assets in USPS competitors or contractors.”

Delivering mail in a damn boat on a damn river.

That’s what we call ‘a conflict of interest’. Any harm DeJoy does to the USPS not only helps Trump, it helps DeJoy’s businesses. He was obligated to divest himself of those holdings within 30 days of his appointment. Has he? We don’t know. He’s stated “I’ve done what is necessary to ensure that I am and will remain in compliance with those obligations” but I confess I find it impossible to uncritically accept the word of any Trump appointee.

Since his appointment in June, DeJoy has 1) instituted policies that deliberately slow mail delivery, 2) discontinued the practice of carriers delivering mail by the end of the day if it results in overtime, 3) informed the states they can no longer mail ballots to voters at the bulk rate of 20 cents but must pay the First Class rate of 55 cents (nearly tripling the cost of mailing ballots), 4) reassigned or displaced thirty-three senior USPS officials who have decades of experience, disrupting the chain of command, 5) instituted a hiring freeze, and 6) encouraged career USPS officials to take early retirement.

That’s just since the middle of June.

Delivering mail in a damn snowstorm.

This isn’t just Trump eroding faith in a trusted US institution, it’s deliberate sabotage of the Postal Service. It’s clearly intended to disrupt mail service as we approach an election that very likely will hinge on mail-in ballots. And Republicans in Congress will aid and abet Trump in another step toward authoritarian government.

Neither snow nor rain nor heat nor gloom of night stays these couriers from the swift completion of their appointed rounds. But Trump will.

14 thoughts on “gloom of trump

  1. OMG, I just can’t imagine how it feels to be living in a proto-dictatorship and knowing what is happening but feeling powerless to do anything about it.


  2. The USPS loses money every year. They have been poorly run for decades. trump is trying to right a sinking ship and because you have such a short version of history, you think the post office was running like clockwork before Trump took office. The reason why you get rid of old guard at the USPS is because they have failed in every way. They allowed themselves to be the nearly free delivery service of Amazon for how many years and Amazon saved enough money that they now have their fleet of delivery trucks and that was on the back of the post office. Amazon at the time had no way to deliver the millions of packages it sent out and the USPS bent over and said, we’ll take it.

    Your hatred is again clouding every way you think.


    • Hey Billy. Yes, the USPS has lost money since the day it was born. There’s a good reason for that. It was never meant to be a for-profit business. It’s always been a public service — just like the military, just like the FBI, just like municipal police and fire departments. You may as well complain that the Marine Corps has been losing money.

      But no, I don’t “think the post office was running like clockwork before Trump took office.” I do, though, think it has been knee-capped by Republicans who’d like to privatize it and turn it into for-profit business. That would mean folks who live in small towns and distant places would have to pay high prices to get mail delivery. It would mean you’d pay a lot more for mail pick-up. It would mean most folks wouldn’t get daily mail delivery.

      I do agree with you, though, that hatred can cloud the way a person thinks.


  3. Maybe if his parents had taught him to ride a bicycle instead of how to screw people over and file for bankruptcy he would be doing a better job. He has not “drained” the swamp….he IS the swamp, and it can’t swallow him fast enough to satisfy me.

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