faith, hope, and tax exempt charity

You guys, I’m a tad confused about this latest — well, one of the latest — scandal involving Comrade Trump and some really trashy shit. I’m talking about Trump being forced to cough up a couple million US dollars in damages for “misusing funds from a tax-exempt charity.” Here’s what confuses me: I’m not sure which particular charity scam is involved.

Is this the ‘charity’ Trump founded with the millions of dollars given to him by the guy who runs (or ran…does he still run it…did he ever really run it…does it still exist? I have no idea) the Global Fake Wrestling Event of the World (or whatever it’s called) and whose wife was appointed by Trump to run the Small Business Administration? Or is it the ‘charity’ that held events at various Trump golf resorts to raise money to help kids with cancer, while it was actually pouring the cash into the resorts themselves or was redirecting the cash to other ‘charities’ connected to Trump’s family or business interests?

“Look, I’m trying to be nice here. But get your sticky fuckin’ hands off my desk, okay?”

Maybe it doesn’t matter which charity scam Comrade Trump is being punished for. The important thing is he won’t be able to do it again. Well, not in the State of New York. In addition to fining Trump, the judge also forced him to “submit to extra monitoring of any future charitable activities in New York” in order to prevent future “persistent violations of the law.”

You guys, how bad is it that the President of These United States can’t even be trusted to run a charity to help kids with cancer? Pretty fucking bad, is how bad.

In the dimension of time and space we used to inhabit, something like this would signal the end of a president’s administration. But here in the Trumpverse, it’ll be replaced by another scandal in…oh, maybe about forty minutes. And then it’ll be forgotten.

All we can do is bow our heads and pray to the Sweet Bearded God of Goats to have mercy on us and burn this whole motherfucker down to the topsoil.

Or, you know, we could vote.

5 thoughts on “faith, hope, and tax exempt charity

      • But seriously (I’m an Australian, so I don’t know the minutiae of these things) – surely this is criminal behaviour? Doesn’t that automatically make his presidency void?


    • It’s a weird legal situation. The state Attorney General, for some reason, doesn’t have the jurisdiction to act against non-profit organizations. So based on what she described as a pattern of “persistently illegal conduct” she sued the Trump Foundation, asking a judge to 1) dissolve the foundation, 2) ban Trump and his family members to be banned from leading any other New York nonprofit organization for a decade, 3) properly distribute the monies donated to the foundation, and 4) pay US$2.8 million in restitution.

      She also referred the matter to the Internal Revenue Service and the Federal Election Commission, which are the agencies that have jurisdiction to bring a criminal case against the Trump Foundation. But don’t expect them to act; the IRS is headed by a Trump appointee who has refused legal requests to provide Trump’s tax returns to Congress. And the six-member FEC (the members are appointed by the president) currently only has three members (Trump hasn’t appointed anybody), and they can’t act without a quorum of at least four members. So there won’t be any criminal complaint.

      Yes, that’s how fucked the US is under Comrade Trump.

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