shrieking rage and frustration

Every morning it’s the same damned thing. Get up, check the perimeter, feed the cat, make coffee, read the news, try to decide if Comrade Trump is driven more by an undifferentiated infantile need to be the center of attention or by a massively corrupt desire to feed his own self interests. Or if he’s just completely fucking nuts.

It’s dark and cloudy out this morning. Looks like a storm is coming. I should leave soon and try to get a walk in before it hits.

The news this morning is largely about Comrade Trump being pissed off. He’s pissed off at U.S. Jews who didn’t/won’t vote for him, accusing them of being either stupid or traitorous (although it’s unclear whether he believe they’re betraying him, the U.S., or Israel). He’s also wildly pissed at Denmark, not just because they won’t/can’t sell him Greenland, but also because the Danish government mocked his desire to buy an autonomous state and its entire population.

On the other hand, Comrade Trump is pleased as punch (tangent — where the hell does that expression come from? Pleased as punch?) with a conspiracy theorist who said — and I swear I am NOT making this up — that he’s “the greatest President for Jews and for Israel in the history of the world, not just America, he is the best President for Israel in the history of the world…and the Jewish people in Israel love him….like he’s the King of Israel. They love him like he is the second coming of God.”

You guys, I actually don’t know how to respond to shit like this. I mean, sure, I’ll mock it and make fun of him, but Jesus suffering fuck, I just want to step out onto the deck and shriek my rage and frustration at…at I don’t know who or what. It’s almost enough to make me want to believe in god or gods so I’ve got something to shriek at.

I mean, how the FUCK did this guy ever get elected? (And yes, yes, yes, I know the answer to that, but how the FUCK did this guy ever get elected?) He’s an absolutely horrible human being. He’s corrupt, he’s cheap, he’s got no integrity, he lies about anything for no reason, he’s delusional, he’s gauche, he’d be amoral if he understood what morals are. He doesn’t read, he doesn’t listen to music, he knows nothing about art. He’s got no conscience, no respect for anything, no empathy, no patriotism, no compassion, no courage, no principles, no honor. He’s got no friends.

Let me say that again. HE’S GOT NO FRIENDS. Comrade Trump is arguably one of the most powerful people on the planet, but nobody cares enough about him as a person to tell him he’s got toilet paper stuck on his shoe.

Fuck. It’s raining now. It’s gone really dark outside. There’s thunder. I can see lightning in the distance. Fuck fuck fuck. I won’t be taking the walk I really need to take in order to calm the fuck down.

I don’t know…maybe this is the perfect time to step out onto the deck and shriek my rage and frustration. If you’ll just excuse me for a moment…

17 thoughts on “shrieking rage and frustration

    • Nope. But damn, it IS weary-making, isn’t it. People keep telling me I should avoid the news, take a break, practice some ‘self-care’. I understand why some folks do that. And I DO take a break every day. But this shit is too important, and stepping away for any length of time — that’s how Trump wins.

      Controlled rage, insistent mockery, refusal to give up — that’s my plan.

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  1. He got elected because a great many humans are as stupid as, or stupider, than he is. (When I use stupid in this sense, I mean stupid, venal, infantile, greedy, entitled, uncharitable, fearful, ignorant and lacking in empathy). It’s always been like this, but now those humans, through various mechanisms, are enabled.

    We have the same problem down here. We have a fucking hand-waving Pentecostal moron for a prime minister, who was elected in on policies that serve no-one who elected him. Every morning I shout ‘what is fucking wrong with you people?’ But I actually know what’s wrong with them.


    • There’s no satisfaction or comfort, is there, in understanding how things got so fucked up. One of the most awful things about the situation in the US is we KNOW the majority of voters want Trump out — but it’s still possible because 1) a refusal to make voting safe from hostile foreign interference, 2) the deliberate suppression of certain voter demographics, and 3) the rigging of voter districts that Trump could be re-elected.

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      • Understood re the satisfaction quotient. And also re the majority thing, BUT even if Trump was not technically voted in by the *majority* of voters, a frikkin’ HUGE proportion of Americans legitimately voted for him. The margin he won by is a comparative sliver, statistically. That’s the real problem in my opinion, as it is down here. There was no vote rigging or gerrymanders or Russian interference in our recent election, but just enough morons to get Scott Morrison over the line. A good half of the country plus a sliver got a religious moron in power. That worries me more than the fact that the actual person leading the country is a dick head.


  2. Can you hear me shrieking from Bangkok? I am addicted to reading about him, mainly because this shit is so terrifying and surreal. I was planning not to read the news today but got sucked in. We should be talking about health care, education, the national debt, Russia, trade wars, etc etc etc, but we are stuck talking about this bat shit crazy man.

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  3. As pleased as Punch means to feel a great sense of delight. The phrase is derived from the Punch and Judy puppet shows that were popular during the 1700s and 1800s in Europe and Great Britain and are still occasionally seen. The character of Punch has his roots in the puppet Polichinello, created in the sixteenth century by Italian Commedia dell’arte. Punch is always depicted as evil. He beats his baby to death, as well as his wife, a policeman, and various other characters. After each of his murders, Punch is very pleased with himself and declares “That’s the way to do it!” The original phrase derived from this disturbing puppet show was as proud as Punch, in time it evolved into as pleased as Punch. The name Punch in the phrase should be capitalized, according to the Oxford English Dictionary. However, as time goes on the origins of the term are being forgotten, and the phrase is more often rendered as pleased as punch, omitting the capitalization of the name Punch.

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    • Thanks. A few other folks have also pointed me toward this answer — which seems obvious once you think about it. I was actually aware of the history of Punch (from the novel Rivers of London), but for some reason didn’t make the connection. Perhaps, as you point out, because of the lack of capitalization.

      In any event, ‘pleased as Punch’ seem particularly apt in this case, considering the cruelty of both Punch and Trump’s policies.


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