bombs, for fuck’s sake

You know, it was bad enough when our president was just ignorant. I mean, yeah, he was ignorant about the world and about how government worked, but it was just plain old ignorance. And it was bad enough that the president was an inveterate liar, who showed no compunction about making shit up on the spot and acting as though it was accepted truth. Sure, only his supporters actually believed them, but most of his lies were really obvious, so folks could ignore them. And it was bad enough that Comrade Trump was a hateful bully. But hey, he bullied everybody he thought he could get away with bullying, his friends and supporters as well as people who opposed him.

All that was bad enough. But now we have bombs. Actual bombs.

Now we have bombs sent to men and women who’ve publicly criticized Comrade Trump. We have bombs sent to people Trump considers to be enemies. Now we have bombs sent to two former presidents, a former vice president, a former Secretary of State, a former head of the CIA, a former Attorney General, a senior member of Congress, and others. Bombs, people.

Crude bombs, yeah, but fucking bombs. None of them detonated, yeah, and nobody got hurt, but the fact remains that somebody sent bombs to people who criticized Comrade Donald Trump. Somebody considered how to keep the weight of the bomb low enough to send through the mail, considered what materials could be used to make a bomb that would escape metal detectors. Somebody gathered the components to make the bombs, manufactured them, prepared the envelopes, delivered a couple by hand and sent the rest of the bombs — sent bombs, people — through the mail in order to kill or maim critics of Donald Trump.

Before, Trump or his followers would do or say something that was ridiculous or offensive or crazy, and we’d all repeat the mantra ‘This Is Not Normal and Must Not Be Seen as Normal’. But bombs? Bombs in the mail is so far outside of normal that you’d need the Hubble Space Telescope to find the galaxy where normal still exists.

Make no mistake, this is driven by Comrade Trump. No, of course, he didn’t tell anybody to make bombs and send them to people he considers to be enemies. What he did was repeatedly claim the people he considered as his enemies were enemies of The People. Enemies intent on destroying…well, whatever Trump happened to stand for at the moment.

In his recent rally speeches, Trump has taken to calling Democrats “the party of the mob.” Seriously. He stands in front of an angry, disorderly crowd (which, by the way, is pretty much the fucking definition of ‘mob’), encouraging them to become angrier, and then he accuses Democrats of being an angry, disorderly crowd. He actually said this at a recent rally:

“You don’t hand matches to an arsonist, and you don’t give power to an angry, left-wing mob. And that’s what the Democrats have become.”

It’s no surprise that one (or more) of Trump’s followers, having been told that an enemy exists, having been told that the enemy is dangerous, having been told the enemy is intent on causing harm, and having the enemy identified by name, decided to act.

To act by sending bombs. 

Comrade Trump bears some responsibility for this, though he’ll never acknowledge it. The Republicans in Congress bear some responsibility for this as well, because their only response to a couple of years of the president lying, threatening, and making appalling personal attacks has been to occasionally issue a bland disagreement.

The primary responsibility, of course, lies with the criminal fuckwit who believed Trump to the degree that’s he (and yeah, I’m assuming we’re talking about a man here) was willing to put together a group of bombs and send them on their way to kill or maim.

Bombs, for fuck’s sake. That’s where we are now in this nation. Bombs. We’re sending bombs through the mail.

10 thoughts on “bombs, for fuck’s sake

  1. lololol, Those “bombs” were sent by democrat operatives in hopes of getting their sheep worked up and it looks like it worked perfectly on you. Exactly on cue you come forward blaming Trump and Trump supporters.
    This has all the hallmarks of an inside job designed to try and affect the election. An FBI counter terrorism and bomb expert this morning also said the same thing, this looks like an attempt to sway the election as the bombs were designed to never explode and had no explosive material as sulfur on its own is not volatile enough to explode.
    But you keep clutching your pearls.


    • lololol, That “CARAVAN” was sent by republican operatives in hopes of getting their sheep worked up and it looks like it worked perfectly on you. Exactly on cue you come forward blaming Democrats.
      This has all the hallmarks of an inside job designed to try and affect the election. But you keep clutching your pearls.

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    • Hey Billy. I’m afraid I’ve lost count of the number of false flag attacks. I mean, with all the police shooting false flags, the Russian false flags, the Kavanaugh hearing false flags, the Charlottesville false flag, the KKK flyer false flags, the G7 false flag, the various mosque attack false flags — and I could go on, but lawdy. It seems there’s a serious false flag industry out there.

      The fact is, we don’t know who sent the bombs and we don’t know why. But here’s something I think we both can agree about: the bombs are a manifestation of a deep social division in the U.S. And it’s my opinion that the division has been exacerbated by Trump’s rhetoric.

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  2. I can’t even…. thank you for posting this. Sometimes I feel so alone. We need to rise up and do whatever is necessary to change this shit! sighs…preaching to the choir I know…


    • I think it’s probably pretty common to feel alone these days, simply because there’s so much awful shit taking place that we feel overwhelmed by it, and that makes us feel helpless, and feeling helpless makes feel isolated and alone.

      But hey, we’re not alone. Don’t forget, Hillary Clinton won the popular vote.

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  3. Reblogged this on It Is What It Is and commented:
    We’re not saying that he made these bombs, or that he mailed them! Yet … ‘What he did was repeatedly claim the people he considered as his enemies were enemies of The People. Enemies intent on destroying …well, whatever Drumpf happened to stand for at the moment.’

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  4. Exactly Greg, BOMBS through the mail. What;s next???? It’s bad enough we get the occasional anthrax/ricin scare. What gets me is that these items come addressed to people that do not open their own mail and risk innocent lives. I work in a prominent media mail room, I just want to go to work and come home and not worry about receiving bombs at work. Thank God this person was apprehended today…well at least according to what they are releasing to the public.
    Always enjoy reading your post!


    • You’re right, of course. The people who were most at risk from these bombs weren’t the named targets, but the ordinary folks who handle their mail. The thing is, for a terrorist, it would be almost as effective if a bomb took out regular folks rather than the targets.

      The purpose of terrorism is to terrorize, after all, and killing ‘underlings’ would not only spread terror, it would also serve to alienate the target from regular folks. It would suggest that the target, whoever it was, wasn’t really at risk — and was, in fact, willing to put other folks at risk. It’s an effective way to neuter the social power of the target.

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