putin kim salman and trump

Comrade Trump believed his boy Vlad Putin when he said “Hacking? Interference in U.S. elections? Dude, it wasn’t us.” He believed his boy Kim Jong Un when he said, “Hey bruh, we was just nuclear-curious, y’know? We done with that shit now.” And he believes Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman when he says, “C’mon man, you really think we’re gonna murder and dismember a guy just on account of he disagreed with us? Seriously, that’s not who we are.”

Now, I’m not going to claim I understand what’s taking place inside Comrade Trump’s head, but I’m beginning to see a pattern here. You got three (3) absolute rulers who are free to do pretty much whatever the fuck they want whenever they want. Control the news media? Fuck yeah, do it. Prevent public protests? Fuck yeah, do it. Murder journalists and opposition leaders? Fuck yeah, do it.

“You can’t hide your lyin’ eyes.”

I’m thinking Comrade Trump is jealous. I mean, he can’t control the news media. All he can do is call them ‘fake’ and claim they’re the ‘enemy of the people’. He can’t prevent public protests. All he can do is limit where the protests take place, and even then his authority is pretty limited. And he sure as hell can’t Jimmy Hoffa journalists and opposition leaders. The most he can do is get his bone-ignorant crowds to chant “Lock her up.”

That’s pretty small beans compared to what Putin, Kim, and Salman are capable of doing. It’s got to be sort of embarrassing to meet with those guys and admit you can’t just lock up Nancy Pelosi or Hillary Clinton without a bunch of due process bullshit.

“And your smile is a thin disguise.”

So I kind of wonder if he sees these guys acting like low-level Marvel comic villains and he’s thinking, Man, I wish I could pull shit like that. Call up the editor of the Washington Post and say “You motherfuckers are shut down as of right this fucking minute.” Find those pricks with the Baby Trump blimp and lock they asses up in fucking Alcatraz. If Alcatraz is still open. Fuck that, I’m president. OPEN Alcatraz again and lock ’em up. And oh, what I’d do with Obama and Elizabeth Warren, why I’d... Okay, I’m stopping there. I don’t even want to imagine what Trump would like to do to Obama and Elizabeth Warren. That said, I’ll give Comrade Trump this much: unlike his boy Salman, I don’t think there’d be any bone saws involved.

“I thought by now you’d realize, there ain’t no way to hide your lyin’ eyes.”

The thing is, I suspect Comrade Trump is smitten with the notion of absolute power. I suspect in his dreams he’d like to be on an equal footing with Putin, Salman, and Kim. I also suspect Trump is financially deep in the pocket of Putin and the Saudis. Kim, not so much, because he and his raggedy-ass nation are basically broke.

One thing I’m confident about. Trump will do anything he can to avoid placing blame or responsibility on those three guys. Yesterday he tried to blame ‘rogue killers’ for Khashoggi’s murder. I don’t know who he’s blaming today. Tomorrow he’ll probably claim Khashoggi killed and dismembered himself just to make the Saudi royalty look bad.

4 thoughts on “putin kim salman and trump

    • Hey Billy. I’ve hardly ever mentioned the Saudi royal family in this blog. There only so many evil empires a guy can attack at any given moment.

      I’m not a fan of the Saudi regime. The Saudi royal family has been giving cash to US politicians and lobbyists since FDR met with King Abdulaziz ibn Saud in 1945. The BIG money didn’t start, though, until the Reagan administration and the arrival of Prince Bandar bin Sultan al Saud.

      The Saudi government DID donate several million dollars to the Clinton Foundation when Hillary was Sec. of State — and clearly it wasn’t because they supported what the Clinton Foundation was doing with that money (education for women, fighting AIDS in Africa, etc.). However, this was investigated by the FBI and by at least two Congressional committees, and in each case they found no evidence to indicate any State Dep’t policy was created or changed in response to those donations.

      The difference, of course, is that Trump has clear and direct financial dealings with the Saudi government and the Saudi royal family. Saudis have bought Trump apartments and condos, spending something like US$40-50 million for them. The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia actually OWNS the entire 45th floor of Trump World Tower. The Saudi government has spent hundreds of thousands at Trump’s hotel in DC, often renting rooms that aren’t even used.

      Personally, I’d be happy to see the Saudi government considered international terrorists.


      • Possibly. Okay, probably. But it doesn’t matter, really. The good thing about being challenged (and I’m talking about me here, not Billy) is that in order to respond, you’re forced to organize and articulate your thoughts.

        Of course, it’s a lot easier for Trump followers, who usually respond to being challenged with “Fuck your feelings, snowflake.”


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