uninformed, ignorant, and easily played

It’s been a while since I’ve stuck my head into the roiling mass of hate, stupidity, and hot bubbling fear that’s FreeRepublic. Lately I haven’t really felt the need to find out what’s going on in the fevered minds of the extreme right, mainly because it appears every day in headlines from the White House and in the cesspit of Comrade Trump’s Twitter account.

But this morning, while waiting for the coffee to get off its ass and do its job, I decided to see what that group of manky patriots are fussing about today. And I saw this subject line:

New Poll Finds 92% of Democrats Uninformed, Ignorant and Easily Played.

Now that, I thought, would be an interesting poll to look at. There was a link to the Gateway Pundit (which, in case you don’t live under a rock, is a conservative website that describes itself as ‘one of the top political blogs in the nation’ and has received (and no, I’m not making this up) the Breitbart Award for Excellence in Online Journalism). But before examining the source material, I thought I’d look at the comments made by Freepers. Here’s a representative sample:

Willful ignorance. Combined with pathetic and badly-constructed lies. That’s all the FraudStream Media knows how to sell. Problem is, there is a WHOLE LOTTA STUPID goin’ on out there, taking it as “truth”. How do you educate someone who rejects reality?

Which is a good question, isn’t it. How DO you educate someone who rejects reality? Let’s probe deeper into that question.

When you combine the results of Dunning-Kruger and Murray’s The Bell Curve, when you look at street gangs like Antifa, BAMN, or any communist humanities college student, you are left with the inescapable conclusion that democrats are genetically stupid. They were short-changed in the DNA Lotto, with their ratio of grey and white brain cells, short-term vs long term memory, and the number of synaptic connections.

Sorry, there it is.

Yes, there it is. Democrats are genetically stupid. It’s inescapable. Need more proof? This Freeper has it for you.

92% of democrats are on the left side of the Bell Curve. That is why they have been named the LEFT. 8% of democrats are the political leaders of the LEFT, and they know better than the lies they tell to the other 92%.

There it is again. You can’t argue with science. Or whatever this is.

Democrats are the masses of ignorant dependent. Led by the bigoted elite. Pretty much. More exploited for their votes than led by. To be honest. The elite of America hate our history and hate male dominated western civilization and resent Christianity in anything but puff form.

This is how stupid I am. I didn’t even know there was a puff form. Why didn’t anybody tell me about the puff form? I don’t even know what the puff form is, but apparently it’s a pretty important form and is the reason I hate history and male dominated western civilization.

My favorite comment was a photo. That’s it. Just this:

It’s a still from The Return of the Archons, a Star Trek episode from 1967. The episode takes place on planet Beta III in the C-111 system, ‘at the start of “Festival”, a period of violence, destruction, and sexual aggressiveness.’ Apparently during the Festival the inhabitants of Beta III arm themselves with baguettes and potatoes — not normally the weapons of choice for violence, destruction, and sexual aggressiveness. But, to quote an unnamed Freeper, there it is.

Democrats voters is stupid. Republican voters are abused, taken for granted. That’s hopefully not going to fly any more.

Yeah, I don’t think that’s going to fly anymore. I think that’s pretty much incapable of flight. Because Democrats voters is stupid.

With this collective Freeper wisdom in mind, I clicked on the link to the Gateway Pundit. I wanted to see the poll that found 92% of Democrats were ignorant, uninformed, and easily played.

It turned out to be a poll by CBS News that indicated 92% of Democrats believe the Trump campaign did something sleazy with Russia. Seriously, that’s it. That’s the entirety of the claim. Allow me to present the Gateway Pundit’s evidence:

The liberal mainstream media has pushed the conspiracy that the Trump campaign was colluding with Russia during the 2016 election to defeat Hillary Clinton.

This was all a lie. In fact, it was Hillary Clinton and the DNC who colluded to defeat Bernie Sanders in the primary and then colluded with Russia. Democrats and the Obama FBI paid cash for a fake Russian dossier so they could spy on Donald Trump at Trump tower.

But Democrat voters are ignorant. And Democrats rely on the fact that they are stupid and easily played.

A new poll released this week by CBS News found that 92% of Democrats believe Trump advisors had improper dealings with Russia.

There it is, yet again. How do you educate someone who rejects reality? Democrats resent Christianity except in puff form, and Democrats voters is stupid.

You may not like it, but there it is. That’s just the way life works out here on planet Beta III in the C-111 system.

8 thoughts on “uninformed, ignorant, and easily played

  1. It’s hard even reading the excerpts. That people think this illogically, because they’re too lazy to see anything but in broad, caricatured categories is disturbing, but it does seem that the decline of civility and critical thinking go hand-in-hand.


    • I think we’re all inclined to more readily accept information that supports what we want to believe. But these folks seem to seek out ONLY information that supports them. That’s both sad and scary.

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  2. Ugh. I consider myself independent, leaning more left but ffs, I have a strong dislike for conservatives that’s only getting worse with the Trump administration. This idea that they are smarter, morally superior to the rest of us. Seriously? They are endorsing a pedophile. There’s no other words to describe Moore besides pedophile. I had someone tell me that at least he isn’t pro late term abortions like his rival. Seriously? I’m pro-choice but i don’t believe in late term abortions unless there’s medical risk. That’s just my opinion. But regardless, is there really a decision here? Are the masses morals that shattered that they’d rather vote for a legitimate pedophile than someone that is pro-choice? SERIOUSLY? I thought it was a no-brainer. Apparently not. But please explain to me how they are morally superior? Now, I have met a few intelligent conservatives but truthfully, very few. The majority are the least informed group of people I have ever met that buy into fear propaganda & anti anyone who doesn’t look like them. Anyone who isn’t Christian is a degenerate. No offense to Christians but did they ever wonder why they are referred to as sheep in the Bible? In society, we consider sheep to be thoughtless and easy manipulated. Sheep just do what they’re told.That’s exactly what the majority of the conservatives are. Again, just freaking UGH.

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  3. Another fine piece, Greg. Thank you for diving into the basket of deplorables for us and for doing what 92% of deplorables won’t do … dig deeper. To think, the rest of them were just one click away from enlightenment. Or, really, just one auxiliary verb.

    But I guess that’s why we is special. The 92%. ✊ *

    * P.S. I’m not really a Democrat; I’m just ig’nant like one. ;)


    • To be fair to the folks of FreeRepublic (lawdy, I DO hate being fair with them), I only pick the worst examples for these posts. There are also posts and comments by people who, in my opinion, are profoundly wrong, but who are making logical arguments. Granted, they’re rare — but they exist.

      But the rest of them really are fucking deplorable.


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