a roach in the spaghetti

Yeah, it’s not treason. This is treason: 18 U.S. Code § 2381 – Treason

Whoever, owing allegiance to the United States, levies war against them or adheres to their enemies, giving them aid and comfort within the United States or elsewhere, is guilty of treason and shall suffer death, or shall be imprisoned not less than five years and fined under this title but not less than $10,000; and shall be incapable of holding any office under the United States.

Do you see the problem? Did Comrade Trump Jr. levy war against the U.S.? Nope. Did he adhere to any enemies? Nope. Adhere, in this context, basically means ‘join’. Did he give aid or comfort to the enemy? Nope, not really. Aid and comfort — that phrase doesn’t have any strict legal meaning, but in general it’s about giving (or even making an attempt to give) some sort of substantial assistance or material support. Trump the Lesser is a despicable creature, but he didn’t commit treason.

Nevertheless, you could make a solid argument that Comrade Trump Jr. is still a traitor. A traitor, after all, is just somebody who betrays their country. Colluding with Russia to influence the election makes him a traitor, even if he didn’t commit treason.

This oleaginous, French-cuffed fuckwit cannot be trusted.

I’ve heard some folks arguing that all Trump Jr. was doing was gathering opposition research. Balderdash (this is a wonderful word, by the way; it was originally an Elizabethan term for a jumbled mix of liquors — you know, like at a party when folks pour three kinds of wine, some beer, and half a bottle of gin into a bowl and call it ‘punch’ or something. When you drink balderdash, you speak balderdash).

Okay, I got distracted there. As I was saying, balderdash. I’ll even add an exclamation point here, because it’s warranted. Balderdash! Opposition research is a sleazy but common practice. What Comrade Trump the Lesser did was sleazy, but not at all common.

It’s important to remember that Putin wasn’t supporting Trump the Elder because he thought he’d be a good president. He wasn’t really supporting Trump at all. He was just fucking with the electoral system in order to destabilize the U.S. If Russia could cast doubt on the legitimacy of the electoral process, then that would weaken the authority of the next president, regardless of who got elected.

Let’s not forget, Russia didn’t just illegally obtain and distribute emails. They also invented and promoted false narratives. Like that Pizzagate bullshit. Like the bullshit about Hillary Clinton’s health, or her relationship with her aide. They flooded social media with bots that promoted bullshit stories. Putin-Russia deployed a LOT of different attacks. If one failed, there were a dozen others. None of them needed to succeed entirely in order for the plan to work. The combined effect was enough to cast doubt on the authenticity of the election.

I got a bowl of pasta for you, tremendous bowl, best ever, just for you. Don’t ask questions, just eat.

The lawyer with whom Comrade Trump the Lesser met — even if she was entirely innocent (which is exceedingly unlikely, but still possible) — is inextricably linked with the folks who DID do all that other stuff.

Right, time for an analogy. What do you do if you see a cockroach sitting in a bowl of spaghetti? Do you try to untangle the roach-touched noodles from the rest of the bowl? No. You chuck out the entire bowl of spaghetti.

That Russian lawyer is a noodle in a roach-tainted bowl of spaghetti. Trump Jr. knew the spaghetti was tainted. But he was willing — even eager — to serve it to the public.

1 thought on “a roach in the spaghetti

  1. The consummate rebuke of an abused son against a psychologically & physically abusive father or the incompetent steps of an unskilled individual attracted to the flame of the Russian flame?

    Disgruntled ’employees’ have been known to lash out when they’ve had enough or feel they’ve been mistreated. The stories of Jr’s animosity towards trump are well documented and confirmed. He was at the front of watching ‘daddy’ show off his adultery & affairs throughout NYC and was watching the abuse his mother faced during the dirty divorce.

    trump also used physical attacks to show his low esteem of jr, especially at Penn State, where many fellow students witnessed daddy punching jr for his lapse in attire selection. Was trump’s embrace and praise of Jared Kushner the final straw that pushed jr over the edge?

    Was jr, then, laying the trap to take his father down? Or was he, really, as the NY Post (and others) have surmised, an idiot? In sharing the emails, he not only indicted himself as a liar but also favored son (in-law) Kushner and campaign boss Paul Manafort. They all lied, some in public and some in public AND on legal documents, re their meetings & engagements with Russians.

    The next punch will be Kushner and vp Dense. What we are seeing is the layers of the onion revealing a truly corrupt campaign being caught with its Russian-made pants down. There are so many angles to the corruption. pence, knowing he was about to lose the IN governorship (his ratings were in the gutter and terrible track record), seeing an opportunity to jump ahead in line to a cherry position- well expecting trump to implode. trump- total disregard & ignorance re business ethics, accountability, politics and 24/7 public scrutiny. And then the enablers- ~entire Repub primary candidates (aside from Gov Kasich) who watched the charade, on over to the RNC, who did nothing to maintain the foundation of conservative beliefs, especially on foreign policy & Russia.

    All had their own vested interests that ‘trumped’ patriotism commitments to our constitution. All are guilty.


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