hold them responsible

In September of 2012 four men — a U.S. Ambassador, a Foreign Service information officer, and two CIA security contractors — were killed in Benghazi, Libya. They’d all volunteered to be stationed in that volatile region. They all knew the dangers they faced and the risks they were taking.

The deaths of these four men has resulted in seven different high level investigations, thirteen Congressional hearings, more than fifty Congressional briefings, and at least twenty-five thousand pages of documents published. The investigations have cost taxpayers more than five million dollars…so far. The investigation continues; it’s the longest Congressional investigation in U.S. history.


Three months later twenty children, all of whom were six or seven years old, were killed while attending Sandy Hook Elementary School. Six adults were also killed. The school was supposed to be safe. None of the dead were aware of the danger they faced. None had volunteered to risk their lives.

How many Congressional investigations were launched? None. How many hearings, how many briefings, how many pages of documents published? Take a guess. A limited firearm safety bill was introduced in the U.S. Senate. It failed to pass. The bill never reached the House of Representatives.


Let me just repeat that. Four adult men who volunteered to serve their country in a dangerous region were killed in the line of duty, and Congress is still investigating it in order (they claim) to ensure the tragedy never happens again. Twenty prepubescent children and half a dozen school teachers and administrators innocently attending school were killed, and Congress did exactly nothing.

Nothing is what they’ve done in response to every single mass killing since the horror at Sandy Hook. Nothing is what they’ll do about yesterday’s mass killings in San Bernadino and Savannah. They’ll continue to do exactly nothing unless ordinary people call them on it. Unless ordinary men and women and mothers and fathers and sisters and brothers pick up their telephones and call their representatives at their offices, unless we bombard them with email, unless we contact out local newspapers and demand action, unless we make it politically risky for the cowards in Congress to continue ignoring gun violence.

You can find the contact information for your Congressional Representative here. You can find the contact information for your Senators here.

Call them. Raise hell. Hold them responsible.


3 thoughts on “hold them responsible

  1. The primary reason why there seems not to be any Congressional interest in investigating or preventing mass shootings here is the same as it is for not allowing funding for gun-violence research: the NRA is against it, and is more than adequately experienced in applying just the right amount of “influence” to prevent it from taking place. Need proof? Why not ask your favorite government representative about the legislation that was quietly and secretively passed this last July whereby no federal funding can be provided for any purpose relating to gun violence in America.

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  2. I’m Australian and our media as well as citizens really can’t understand how gun control is not a top issue. I remember reading a blog post that was essentually asking why police can’t identify and watch people who show the signs of being a potental mass shooter. When I explained that most people who do show these signs end up living a law abiding life (while still being “loners” or “outcasts”) the person who asked the question then asked what else could possiblely be done to stop the shootings. Not once did anyone else raise the gun control solution. I can not understand why so many people in the US are not only attached to their guns but they actually think MORE guns will keep them safe.
    Don’t get me wrong gun control laws don’t mean the whole country gives up their guns or that criminals wont be able to get guns. Gun control laws simply limit what types of guns can be sold and to who, they requre how guns can be sold and yes some types are reserved only for hunters. These simple steps make guns much safer and minimise gun violence. I mean come on Australia is an ex-prison coloney and quite a few of us can trace our family lines back to some criminal or another and we have far less gun crimes than you guys.


    • Australia took sensible gun control measures after the horrific Port Arthur massacre. I can only wish the U.S. had done the same after…well, after any of our mass killings. But our Congress is full of cowards and greed-heads and refuse to act at all.


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