active shooter

We don’t know very much. His name, we know that. Robert Lewis Dear. Fifty-seven years old, six-four, about 250 pounds. Beard. We know he was armed with some variation of the AK-47. We know he used it to kill three people and wound nine others. We know this took place in and around a Planned Parenthood facility.

REUTERS/Isaiah J. Downing

REUTERS/Isaiah J. Downing

Beyond that, we can only speculate. Make informed guesses. Form conjectures. Assign blame. Most people, hearing about the shooting, assume it was an attack on Planned Parenthood. It’s a pretty safe assumption. It may turn out to be wrong, but there’s plenty of support for that assumption.

PP clinics are routinely vandalized. They’ve been the target of arson attacks and a variety of homemade bombs. PP employees are frequently harassed, often threatened, sometimes assaulted. occasionally killed. In recent months PP as an organization has been falsely accused of crimes through widely distributed, highly edited, agenda-driven videos. The organization has been widely demonized by Republican presidential candidates. So is anybody really surprised to hear a mass shooting is taking place at a Planned Parenthood clinic? Is anybody really surprised to turn on their television and see police officers in military gear establishing a perimeter around an active shooter barricaded inside the clinic?

planned parenthood attack

This morning, still less than 24 since the shooting began, we don’t know that this was a deliberate attack on Planned Parenthood. But as assumptions go, this is a pretty solid and completely logical one.

Unless you’re an extreme conservative. Unless you’re a regular on FreeRepublic. In that case, you assume the active shooter at a Planned Parenthood clinic is a Muslim terrorist. While the shooting was underway, I followed the FreeRepublic discussion thread. Here’s a sampling of what I saw:

– Colorado Springs was one of the cities ISIS listed it wanted to attack…
– Quite likely a case of Islamic Terrorism at the Planned Parenthood Clinic, despite Obama promises that America was safe over the Thanksgiving Holiday.
– Hope that the injured recover quickly. From a politics standpoint – it does not matter. Now the message will be that all terrorists come from all part of the world. There will be no way to stop the Islo terrors.

But if it wasn’t Muslims, then it was probably a ‘false flag’ event — a covert operation designed to deceive the public and disguise who actually planned and executed it in an effort to further an undisclosed agenda. Almost certainly not a decent white Christian conservative man.

– I suspect false flag. Left wing nut cases doing this.
– If they are a shooter, it is a false flag operation.
– Too many benefits for the left for it NOT to be a flase flag. 1. Equate white Christians with Muslim terrorists 2. Gun control. 3. Counterbalance the memory of the videos 4. Damage pro-lifers.
– I’m more than willing to find out what happened later, because I know oboma needs a major sized false flag right now. He seriously has to draw attention away from his ISIS boys and Syrian imports and make their innocent victims the new boogie man instead. Things aren’t always what they appear to be.
– I think it is a staged by the left event in order to get pro-lifers placed on official terrorist lists, all to help Hillary and the Democrats in general.

Who would plan and execute a false flag assault on Planned Parenthood? And what would be the ‘real’ purpose of the attack? President Obama, of course, and his left-wing minions who want to disarm innocent white male Christians.

– They hope it is “Christian terrorism,” which, incidentally, does not exist. Until we know for sure, it could be a false flag operation, or something else.
– Hold onto your guns. This will absolutely result in major, major anti-gun maneuvering by Obama. You can’t assault the ultimate feminist sacrament of all time without paying on hell of a high price.

But if it wasn’t Muslims and it wasn’t a false flag event, then it was almost certainly the work of liberals or ‘leftists’ who are clearly insane. Conservatives would never do such a thing.

– A leftist looney with a gun…who would’ve thought. BO cannot say this was a right wing idiot!! Not this time!!
– Odds are it’s a leftist or retard. It’s a thin line.
– Those of us against abortion and planned murderhood are not the types that blow up and shoot up people and places.
– The media will get quiet pretty quickly when they dig into the suspect’s background and find out he was an ardent Leftist.

But even if the shooter was NOT a liberal or leftist, you can be sure those hippie types (and all those Planned Parenthood billionaires) are delighted about the shooting.

– This is where there loony lefties start equating perceived right wing terrorism with islamic terrorism. RIght wing terrorism doesn’t exist, at least in the US, but they are looking for any reason at all to show us that the Muslims really aren’t all that bad after all.
– Distraction to make pro-lifers look bad and counterbalance the videos? These people have the same moral code as the Nazis or the Communists — so it wouldn’t surprise me if this is for show. As much as the Planned Parenthood billionaires love to play the victim, the fact that even the (friendly) media is being kept away seems suspicious to me.
– The left is rubbing their hands with glee over this, I assume.
– they so want this to be tea party type trying to shoot up PP…but it may be a bank robbery gone bad.
– Leftists are all over this as “Christian terrorism” before the body is even cold.
— You would think leftists would be cheering, an officer is dead
– Know why liberals don’t like Christmas? Because it’s about a birth, not an abortion.

We don’t know very much. Maybe the Freepers are right. Maybe Robert Lewis Dear is a Muslim. Maybe he’s involved in a sinister false flag operation designed by the Obama administration to give them an excuse to seize everybody’s firearms. Maybe Dear is a leftist looney, or maybe he’s in the hire of Planned Parenthood billionaires who need to be entertained.

Robert Lewis Dear

Robert Lewis Dear

But if it turns out he’s NOT a Muslim or a leftist, if we discover the shooting was NOT a false flag operation, if Robert Lewis Dear happens to be a white male conservative Christian who was deliberately attacking the Planned Parenthood clinic — well, then that’s okay.

– And how many active killings going on inside the building?
– Only in a fallen, lawless America: A mass shooting in which more innocent lives are likely saved today than are lost, and in which a number of the innocents who were saved today will be brought back tomorrow to be murdered, with police standing guard for the murderers.
– At least the baby killers got the holy crap scared out of them. Maybe some will repent. unlikely.
– At least some lives were saved today!
– Won’t it be wonderful if some who didn’t get abortions today decide not.
– I do not care. IF someone kills members of Planned Parenthood, I simply do not care. If i’m on a jury, i’ll acquit. What they do at Planned Parenthood should never have been tolerated in the first place.

We’ll know more about Robert Lewis Dear before the day is out. We’ll be more informed about his motivations. Eventually we’ll know more about the weapon he used to kill three and wound nine other innocent people; we’ll know whether he bought it legally or not. We’ll know more. But we won’t be any smarter.

The ugly truth is that whatever we learn about this guy and why he did what he did, it won’t change anything. The United States has become a culture ruled by fear, a culture in which politics are dominated by anger and bluster, a culture in which opinion and belief overrule rationality and science. We’ve become a culture in which the expression ‘active shooter’ has become commonplace.

15 thoughts on “active shooter

  1. I worked with criminal investigators for 20 years. I know Obama is a communist cronie and a radical Muslim. I follow all the false flags and I personally know a crisis actor from Aurora who is an organizer for the communist party. We had a head on confrontation. They live in Scottsdale in the winter and drag all thei communist friends with them. They’re a bunch of old white guys, and they love to drink and party. I can tell this is another false flag because Obama just couldn’t wait to push him control. A pregnant woman was shot by 3 Black terrorists last week. Did he say anything about gun control? No. The stats on the number of Black shooting deaths ce out this week, including a nine year old black child. Did he push for gun control? No. Thiere is a guy named Robert Dear with a rather threatening website and an MO that looks suspiciously false flag. Plus the army psyops unit at Fort Bragg North Carolina has been busy lately. Chris Mi to was fr Fort Bragg. He mysteriously disappeared after photos of him punking the hospital cameras appeared online. This is another false flag because Obama showed up. Just consider Obamas appearance enough evidence to disregard it as a false flag. He has no regard for Fatralhan calling for his Black liberation army to kill whites. He wants Syrian refugees and ISIS fighters. He loves theMuslim Brotherhood. If only Americans didn’t have guns it would be so much easier.


    • Wow.

      Okay, let’s just focus on the least irrational comment you’ve made. Why didn’t the president mention safer firearm legislation after the murders you referred to. On a typical day, about 30 people are killed by gunfire in the United States; some of those are murders, some are accidental deaths. More than 150 people are wounded, and about 50 people use firearms to kill themselves. There are simply too many deaths by gunfire for him to comment on.. He does, however, often comment on mass shootings.

      As far as “the army psyops unit” and your false flags are concerned, I think you may have been visiting too many conspiracy theory sites. But thanks for taking the time to comment.

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  2. Ah Greg. I am so weary, aren’t you? So so tired of this crap. I don’t know where to turn any more. I turned off all media a couple of years ago, and have lived in relative isolation from the insane propaganda wars, but it still hits me hard when I see and hear it. I am truly glad you still have the stomach to handle it and are pointing it out for what it is; I hope some folks are listening.

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    • Jody, it’s pretty important for me to keep abreast of the news. I can’t blame anybody for wanting to avoid it, but I think it’s worthwhile to look at this stuff and address it.


    • I haven’t watched television news since September 11, 2001. I haven’t read a printed newspaper since 1996. My RSS feed is nothing but technology, photography and independent writers. This was supposed to protect me from the negative of the world.

      And yet here I am reading this story about a mass shooting, albeit for the first time, and reading about the comments (including the hate filled one above) and wondering why humans have such little compassion for others.

      I’m saddend.


      • I don’t mean to be snarky, but do you really think there’s actually any way to protect yourself from the negativity of the world? I’m inclined to believe that ignoring the negative is as counterproductive as focusing on the negative.

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      • Not watching or reading the news is a start. Of course I still deal with the the daily interactions of people in the moment being less than their best. But I see no benefit to watching or reading the news. Events like still one will always find a way past my self imposed filter.

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  3. “Those of us against abortion and planned murderhood are not the types that blow up and shoot up people and places.”

    I flatout GUFFAWED over that one. Hysterical. Also, irony is a bitch.

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  4. I’m interested to know if the pro-life people realise that the stress of being shot at by a gunman randomly like this can cause complications which could leave the baby with a disability, the woman could suffer complications with the pregency, or even suffer a miscarrage? Most people who where in that building when the shooting happened will now suffer enough psychological trama that their body may not be able to sustain a baby regardless of whether or not the woman now may wish to carry the baby to term.
    A woman needs to have enough sleep, proper food, energy, and general health to have a baby (and even then something can still go wrong). All of these important elements are disrupted after a tramatic event and if the body can’t sustain both it will natually stop sending the resorces to the baby in order to keep itself alive (this is demonstrated in animals as well as humans). In sort the shooter might have killed every single baby that was already going to be aborted.


    • It’s my opinion that the most radical ‘pro-life’ people aren’t so much in favor of life as they are in favor of religious control. There’s no compassion involved in their protests; they’re all about frightening and intimidating people — patients, doctors, staff — into obeying their personal brand of religion.

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