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You guys! You know who’s a fuckwit? I’ll tell you. Speaker of the House John Boehner, that’s who’s a fuckwit. How big a fuckwit is he? I’ll tell you. He’s a colossal fuckwit. A fuckwit of immense proportion. Do you know what this colossal fuckwit said yesterday? I’ll tell you. He said this:

“This idea that has been born, maybe out of the economy over the last couple years, that you know, ‘I really don’t have to work. I don’t really want to do this. I think I’d rather just sit around.’ This is a very sick idea for our country.”

And do you know what colossal fuckwit John Boehner did then? I’ll tell you. He ended the Fall session of Congress. Seriously, the Fall session. I know! It’s still officially summer. How big a fuckwit do you have to be to end the Fall session before Fall even begins? I’ll tell you. Colossal. That is fuckwittedness of herculean magnitude. And when will Congress return and get back to work? I’ll tell you. Sometime after the elections in November. November, you guys!

Massive Fuckwit, John Boehner

Colossal Fuckwit John Boehner

And do you know what’s even more fuckwitted than that? I’ll tell you. Congress just returned from its Summer vacation on September 9th. How many days has Congress been session since their holiday? I’ll tell you. Ten. Ten days. How many bills did Congress manage to pass in those ten days? I’ll tell you. One.

One bill. What was that bill about? I’ll tell you. It was to approve funding that will allow the U.S. to give money and training to Syrian rebels so they can fight ISIS. Or ISIL. Or Da’esh. Or Tanzim Qaidat al-Jihad fi Bilad al-Rafidayn. Or whatever the fuck they’re calling themselves today.

One bill. Then they took off. Do you know how many days Congress has been in session this year? I’ll tell you. Fewer than a hundred. Ninety-seven, to be exact.

I really don’t have to work. I don’t really want to do this. I think I’d rather just sit around.

Jeebus. Jeebus on a fucking pretzel. You know what would have been nice? I’ll tell you. It would have been nice if they’d stayed away those last ten days and kept us out of another war in the Middle East. That would have been nice. I’d have liked that.


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    • Congress has always been a vitriolic cesspit, but for most of the past the rancor was primarily driven by real differences in deeply-held principles. This is the first time in history when one party’s ONLY goal is to make government unworkable. It’s really astonishing.


  1. and still not one single Jobs bill. And he calls us lazy? Maybe he ought to get his lazy Congressional ass out here to the real world and find out just what the hell is actually going on before he even opens his mouth about the people being lazy. Excuse me? I have been looking for gainful employment (and this doesn’t include the 90 days “wham-bam-thank you Sam” temp work that is all too prevalent in the job market in my area. sure it helps in the short run, but it solves NOTHING in the long run.) since before Dubya left office. Around that time, every “good paying” job was either cutting back or closing in my area.

    Lazy? If I could control the Congressional purse-strings, they would get seasonal pay for seasonal work, not a freaking salary. I am sorry, but every seasonal job I ever held paid me only minimum wage and had NO benefits. And the pay stopped when I left the job. I had no holiday pay, no paid vacations, none of the freaking bullshit Congress seems to think they are entitled to. And they open their mouths about entitlements. that is a line of BS.

    Perhaps if they quit sticking their heads up the asses of the three (count them) idiots paying the most to get their freaking way on everything (worker’s rights, Social Security, Medicare, Minimum wage, etc.), maybe they would see who is ruining this country. The reason Democracy is not working is that there is a “privileged class who think they don’t have to pay to live here (and I am not making these remarks about the poor. Hell. I am poor. But about a handful of ultra-wealthy who have really never had to work a day in their lives who think that it is a sin for them to have to pay taxes, do their civic duty, pay a LIVABLE wage, be responsible for their mistakes and their crimes, and basically help this country survive. Yes, we have those who want to rule. They no longer want the democracy that allowed them to rise to their status, least of all share in their success. They are doing everything to destroy public education, worker’s rights, and everything else good and right in this country.


    • It’s really remarkable, but it’s true that most of the actual work done in this country is done by the working poor…and yet the system continually punishes them in a variety of ways for being poor.

      Here’s an example: I’ve a cousin who has been working steadily at a variety of low wage jobs for at least three decades. She lives paycheck to paycheck, and always pays her bills–although sometimes she’s a week or two late. When she’s late, she has to pay an extra fee, which of course makes it harder to pay the rest of her bills. Because she can’t maintain a steady bank balance of a certain amount, her bank charges her a small monthly fee. Her low bank balance also makes her ineligible for an interest-bearing account. If she were to make, say, an extra hundred dollars a month, she’d not only be able to accrue interest on her account, but she’d be able to avoid the extra hundred dollars a year she pays in bank fees.

      The system is rigged against the poor.

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      • This is how fat cats get fat – they eat the poor:


        “Since the 1970s African countries alone are estimated to have lost over $1 trillion in capital flight, dwarfing their current external debts of ‘just’ $190 billion and making Africa a major net creditor to the world. But those assets are in the hands of a few wealthy people, protected by offshore secrecy, while the debts are shouldered by broad African populations.”

        “It [i.e. the secrecy index] shows that the illicit financial flows that keep developing nations poor are predominantly enabled by rich OECD member countries and their satellites, which are the main recipients of or conduits for these illicit flows. The trillion-dollar figure for annual illicit financial flows out of developing countries, above, compares with just US$130 billion or so in global foreign aid. So for every dollar of aid provided by OECD countries to developing nations, ten dollars or so flow back, under the table, towards OECD nations and their offshore satellites.”


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