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Is there anybody more patriotic than Tea Party conservatives? Anybody more supportive of military veterans, more loyal? Is there anybody more true-hearted and flag-waving on this Memorial Day? Let’s ask Bob Dole — war hero, lifelong Republican, former Senate Majority Leader, and one-time presidential candidate.

Yesterday in a television interview on FoxNEWS,  Dole stated the Republican Party has changed so radically in recent years that neither he nor Ronald Reagan would be welcome in it. It’s a comment I’ve heard voiced many times.

Senator Bob Dole

Senator Bob Dole

A bit of history. Dole joined the U.S. Army in 1942 and served with the 10th Mountain Regiment, which saw heavy combat in Italy during WWII. He was awarded the Bronze Star for trying to save the life of one of his wounded men, and was wounded three times himself. The third wound was devastating — machine gun fire killed two other members of his unit, ripped apart his shoulder, shattered his collarbone and right arm, tore into his vertebrae, and damaged his spinal cord. His men assumed it was fatal. It took Dole 39 months to recover to the degree he has; his right arm remains useless — a lump of emaciated flesh that’s 2 1/2 inches shorter than his left. In 2005, Dole wrote this:

It’s been more than sixty years since I first saw that image in the bathroom mirror. In the past sixty years, I’ve glanced at my full body in a mirror less than half a dozen times. Except to shave and comb my hair, I still avoid looking in mirrors. After showering in the morning, the first thing I do is put on a T-shirt.

Remember, this happened when he was just a kid. Dole was only 19 years old when he was wounded.

Lt. Bob Dole

Lt. Bob Dole

This guy has served his country in one capacity or another his entire life. Whether you agree with his politics or not, he deserves a certain amount of respect. But after voicing his opinion today, this was the response from the ‘patriots’ of

Of all people, Dole should keep his mouth shut when advising anyone on election success. The GOP should make a hard and fast rule. After being a Loser, you should not be heard from again until your obituary.

Establishment Republicans like Dole, who believe that there is no greater virtue than compromising stated principles and betraying their supporters, explain a lot about why the country is in the shape it’s in

How the hell does that fossil end up on Fox News Sunday now?

The GOP leadership has more fossils than the Museum of Natural History.

Another buttwad. The simpsons 1996 haloween episode satire of him was spot on. Another useless RINO.

If only they would go away and let us forget them.

Isn’t he dead yet? Why can’t we be spared the wisdom of the losers? Hey Bob, you lost to the only twice elected president NOT to receive a majority popular vote in either of his victories. Why in the name of God would we want your advice?

Bob “Let’s Make A Deal” Dole blabbering incoherently.

What’s the old saying about giving the opposition the rope with which to hang yourself? Bloody Stump Republicans compromising away the foundation of this nation.

“I’m Bob Dole, and Bob Dole knows how to surrender.”

Tedious old a**holes.

His arm isn’t the only thing that wasn’t working

Bob Dole is now and was always a Useless Idiot, though for the Demoncraps he was always a Useful Idiot.

Your Republican Party, ladies and gentlemen, patriots one and all. Something to think about on this Memorial Day.

2 thoughts on “memorial day

  1. This, however, is what the Republican Party has wanted since the Reagan years—a political process which has been reduced to two teams shouting at each other from the sidelines, caring only that their respective team wins, and not giving two shits about the state of the country. And it all serves as a diversion so that the bankers and the oil companies and the military industrial complex and Monsanto can pick our pockets and destroy everything that makes patriotism worth a fuck.


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