benghazi explained

Oh my god, oh my god, now I get it. Now I understand why President Obama must be impeached. He called the assault on the US mission compound in Benghazi “an act of terrorism.” He didn’t say it was “a terrorist attack.” It’s so clear to me, now that Darrell Issa has explained it:

“An act of terror is different from a terrorist attack. The TRUTH is, this was a terrorist attack.”

According to Issa, Ambassador Stevens, before he was killed, made a telephone call in which he said “We are under attack.” Did he say “We are currently experiencing an act of terror”? No sir, he did not. Obama must be impeached for misleading the American public and for using Socialist Grammar techniques he learned as a Muslim boy in Kenya.

According to Issa, President Obama personally made three three fundamental mistakes. First, the US mission compound in Benghazi needed more security, but didn’t get it. Okay, maybe it’s true that Congressional Republicans voted to reduce Obama’s budget request for the two agencies responsible for providing security to embassies and ambassadors by nearly half a billion dollars over the last two years. But that was just to trim waste, and besides it was Obama who actually made the cuts — so clearly it’s his fault

Second, the attack lasted seven hours and there was no military response. None at all. Except for the well-trained six-member CIA assault team sent in to rescue the American personnel. But other than that, nothing. “You can take off from Washington, DC on a commercial flight,” Issa said, “and practically be in Benghazi at the end of seven hours.” And yes, maybe he was off by a wee bit. Okay, maybe it would take closer to twenty-seven hours. But Issa was just making a point; there’s no need to get fussy about details.

benghazi orbitzAnd third, Issa says “the American people deserve real time information” on these crisis events. Real time. Sure, that may not even be possible, but dammit the American people deserve it anyway. And yes yes, feeding real time information to the public might actually exacerbate a crisis and add to the confusion, and yes maybe providing real time information to the public would also provide real time information to the people carrying out the act of terrorism terrorist attack. But hey, the American people deserve it and if there are any unfortunate consequences, they’d be worth it in order to…to…you know. Benghazi socialist Muslim birth certificate.

There you go. Maybe now you understand why it was so vitally important to have held eleven hearings on Benghazi in the last eight months. If the Republicans in Congress weren’t doing this, they’d have to…I don’t know…govern or something.

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