Imagine my excitement
At Comrade Trump’s indictment.
The result of his gobshitement
Is arrest.

But I say without restriction
Or any contradiction
It’s really his conviction
I request.

I’d wear a red carnation
And make a big donation
For his incarceration
Without fail.

It would not be prejudgemental
Or in any way grudgemental
To hope that his judgmental
Will end in jail.

7 thoughts on “trumpoetry

  1. I’m looking at his stupid supporters, swathed in MAGA and flags and wondering what on earth America did to go from being the country so many aspired to visit or live in in the 1950’s and 1960’s to this. To MTB balling into a bullhorn in support of one of the worst examples of humanity we currently have.

    He’s a danger to the whole world. I want him gone. Behind bars will do, for now.


    • It’s like the bible says – the Nazis will always be with us.
      It’s a matter of percentages and boldness.
      They were with us in the 30s, in the 40s and 50s some U.S. department was making PSAs warning against fascism. I can’t find it now, but I watched one on YouTube that mad me very sad, some German guy saying he’d seen all this before and that we need to be aware of what this can lead to, it had led to a world war that just ended but was being allowed to grow again. He hoped it would be curtailed before the damage done was irreparable.
      Wikipedia comes through again with an example from history.


      • That’s a chilling read. I started watching a programme on the BBC about the rise of German Nazis. It was coldly frightening to see how they did it, who they manipulated to get the electoral response they wanted. How they got the jumped up little decorator from Austria, that no one liked, become Hitler! I haven’t finished watching yet. I can’t face it.

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    • [W]ondering what on earth America did to go from being the country so many aspired to visit or live in in the 1950’s and 1960’s to this.

      We combined white nationalism with rabid Christianity, then added guns.


  2. He’s so entirely slimy that I just can’t get excited until I see that conviction handed down, along with the end of any chance of pollution the political scene again. Then I’ll put on my party hat.


    • I hear this argument a LOT, and I understand the skepticism. It’s probably warranted. But me, I’m going to celebrate every fucking moment that inches toward holding that bastard accountable for ANY of the crimes he’s committed. I don’t care how minor or apparently trivial it is, I’m going to take as much satisfaction as I can wring out of it. We may never inflict a metaphorical Death by a Thousand Cuts, but I intend to enjoy every cut we make.


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