yeah, he’ll be indicted

First, a disclaimer. I want this motherfucker to be indicted, tried, convicted, and imprisoned. It’s my opinion he deserves to be indicted, tried, convicted, and imprisoned. It’s my opinion that he’s deserved it for a long time, long before he was POTUS.

Oh, right. Yes, I’m talking about Comrade Trump. It’s important that I include that disclaimer so that you realized I’m biased. I don’t think that bias affects my reasoning about Trump’s criminal liability; most of the jobs I’ve had in my long, semi-wicked life have trained me to evaluate facts and information as objectively as possible. Even when I don’t want to.

So. Trump. I can imagine that he’ll dodge responsibility again. But I think it’s unlikely. Really unlikely. There’s so much evidence that he’s committed multiple felonies — and I’m just talking about the evidence that we know about, not the evidence that almost certainly exists inside the FBI and the DOJ — that I can’t see any way Trump can escape indictment. He may not be tried, convicted, and imprisoned, but he’s got to be indicted.

This is what we KNOW:

  • When he left the White House, Trump took classified material he wasn’t authorized to take (in other words, he stole it).
  • He moved that stuff to Mar-a-Lago and stored it in areas that were unsuitable for storing classified materials.
  • He (or his staff) ‘unfoldered’ some of the classified material (in other words, they removed the cover sheets detailing the level of classification — secret, top secret, ts/sci, etc.) and mixed those documents in with unclassified ‘innocent’ documents (which is a well-known white collar crime tactic designed to muddy the concept of criminal intent).
  • He initially refused to return the classified material to the National Archives when requested.
  • After months of negotiations, he allowed the Archives to collect some of that material.
  • He (and his lawyers) lied and claimed they’d returned ALL the classified material.
  • The FBI got a search warrant and found lots more classified material scattered in various parts of Mar-a-Lago.

That’s what we KNOW. There are three or four felonies in what we KNOW. Even worse, though, is what we can reasonable infer from circumstantial evidence. Given the relatively lax security at Mar-a-Lago AND given Comrade Trump’s well-known disregard for security protocols AND given Trump’s peculiar (and suspicious) affinity for Russia and Vlad Putin AND given Trump’s willingness to put his interests above everything else, we can with some degree of confidence posit that the motherfucker has committed treason — either passively or actively.

We can with some degree of confidence posit that the motherfucker has committed treason.

The most egregious possibility is this unsettling set of facts:

  1. Among the classified material Trump illegally took to Mar-a-Lago were documents regarding HUMINT Control Systems (HCS). That’s clandestine human intelligence — serious spy stuff. We’re talking about activities, capabilities, techniques, processes, and procedures spies use.
  2. A few months after Trump took that material to Mar-a-Lago, there was a ‘covcom’ breach. Covcom refers to the classified covert communications systems used by the CIA. The breach exposed a number of agency assets, especially in China and Iran. A number of informants had to be extracted; others were reportedly captured and executed. US counterintelligence officials warned every CIA station about the breach. Back in October of 2021, the London Times reported the suspicion that there was a ‘super mole’ in the US government betraying CIA assets.

This, of course, is circumstantial evidence. But lawdy, there’s a LOT of circumstances involved, and a long history of those circumstances. Back in January of 2019 I suggested Trump was a Russian intelligence asset. And in July of 2018 I figured Putin had kompromat on Trump. I’m not saying where there’s smoke there’s always fire. But when the smoke has been visible for years, the probability of fire is pretty fucking high.

It bothers me — it offends me — to to even suggest a US president might have knowingly put US intelligence assets at risk. But with Trump, I can’t dismiss the possibility. Let’s not forget that in June of 2020, when we learned Russia had paid a bounty to the Taliban for killing US Marines, Trump responded by…well, ignoring it. It seems clear, he’s not really concerned with the well-being or safety of the people who are putting their lives on the line for the US. So it’s not unthinkable that he could be responsible — knowingly or through gross incompetence — for the ‘covcom’ breach.

So yeah, I want the motherfucker indicted, tried, convicted, and imprisoned. I’m pretty confident he’ll be indicted. As for the rest…I won’t take any bets. That in itself demonstrates how badly Trump has corrupted the US.

1 thought on “yeah, he’ll be indicted

  1. I so want to see him do jail time. He is the person who started to break up the world in recent times. His flagrant disregard for the people he was supposed to lead paved the way for Liar Johnson and his entire rotten cabal of greedy bas*ards. And those 2 in turn set the stage for Putin to try his hand at weakening NATO and the EU. I want Trump to suffer.


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