folks buying groceries refreshing the tree of liberty

As Thomas Jefferson famously wrote, “The tree of liberty must be refreshed from time to time with the blood of patriots and tyrants. Oh, and kids in school. And folks shopping for groceries, if they’re not white.” Yesterday, while I was enjoying a pleasant…what?

Okay, some of you are saying, “Greg, old sock, I don’t think you’ve accurately quoted our boy TJ.” Maybe you’re right; this may not be an exact quote, but it’s close enough to the way it’s interpreted by a lot of people who identify as right-wing lunatic gun nuts. Okay, okay, maybe they don’t actually identify themselves that way, but stop calling me old sock.

I mean, sure, TJ was talking about Daniel Shays, a farmhand in western Massachusetts who was having trouble paying his taxes, partly because he was also having trouble collecting the pay he was supposed to have received as a grunt in the Continental Army during the American Revolution. There’s still a lot of debate about what TJ meant by that tree of liberty bullshit, but the right-wing lunatic gun nuts take it as an article of faith that TJ was suggesting folks need to periodically have a good old fashioned bloody war of rebellion against the legitimate government. This is exactly WHY the term lunatic is included in the name of ‘right-wing lunatic gun nuts’.

But even right-wing lunatic gun nuts have trouble explaining how mass murder events at schools, mall, movie theaters, and grocery stores fit into that ‘blood of patriots and tyrants’ business. Especially when…oh yeah, and churches, I forgot to include churches. And temples and mosques. Anyway, right-wing lunatic gun nuts have trouble explaining how that blood of patriots stuff fits with those mass murders committed by white men specifically against victims who aren’t white. Or men. Or people who don’t quite fit into the right-wing lunatic gun nut definition of ‘men’.

So the right-wing lunatic gun nuts have developed a pair of sure-fire (get it? Sure-fire? See what I did there? I’m a hoot) responses to those events. First, they…well, wait. I say ‘first’ as if this is the preferred response, which would be inaccurate on account of these two responses are pretty much equally relied on. So when I say ‘first’ I’m just admitting that I can’t share two responses at the same time. These responses are numerical, not sequential. Or the other way around, maybe? Doesn’t matter.

First, they blame the mass murder on emotional health. As in “This kid who shot up the supermarket in Buffalo must be CRAZY because, yeah sure, he says he was motivated by hate and he says white folks are being replaced by non-white folks who breed faster and yeah sure, that’s exactly what Tucker Carlson says on FoxNEWS every night, but c’mon, you’d have to be CRAZY to believe that, so there, it’s a mental health issue.”

Second, they claim the mass murder is a false flag event perpetrated by Democrats or Jews or some other Satanist-pedophile group in order to TAKE OUR GUNS, or at least distract us from Hunter Biden’s laptop. They seem to think this is a perfectly reasonable thing to believe.

Sometimes they combine the two responses, suggesting Democrats and Jews and other Satanist-pedophile groups convince mentally ill white folks to commit mass murders to distract the population from some vague but really awful thing that Democrats, Jews, and other Satanist-pedophile groups really enjoy.

But as I was saying (you may have to refer back to the beginning of this blog), yesterday, while I was enjoying a pleasant 30-mile bike ride from one bike pub to another bike pub, some white kid went to a supermarket in a predominantly black community and killed a whole bunch of folks who were just buying groceries.

Mentally ill (probably) white kid led astray (probably) by Democrats, Jews, of some other Satanist-pedophile group (probably), but clearly guns aren’t the problem.

Right now on television (I don’t actually know this, but I know this) some conservative is on a national news Sunday program explaining that the mass murder in Buffalo would never have happened if we had better mental health programs, which we can’t afford to make free because that would raise taxes, but maybe for-profit insurance companies could include mental health anti-mass murder options for people who can afford it, but guns don’t kill people, mentally ill people kill people and if they didn’t have guns, they’d do it with axes, do you really want to ban axes, and besides guns are good because an armed patriot inside the store could have returned fire and prevented more needless death, and sure there was a security guard who did return fire and hit the killer, but the shooter was wearing tactical body armor which is protected by the Second Amendment, however a highly trained patriot could have shot him in the head–or at least the part of his head that wasn’t covered by his tactical helmet–and that would have ended the tragic situation, but there’s nothing in the Second Amendment that says private citizens should have to undergo training to carry a weapon, and did I mention the kid was mentally ill, because that’s the problem. Unless if was a false flag event.

So it turns out TJ, whatever he actually meant, was right about the blood and the tree of liberty. We are refreshing the fuck out of that tree.

5 thoughts on “folks buying groceries refreshing the tree of liberty

  1. Dude drove 200 miles from downstate to do this. I’m from Buffalo, I have friends in that neighborhood. I’m white but I have friends everywhere. & I used to work for Tops. I love Tops, even though I make fun of the store & their jingle.

    The guns he used aren’t legal in NY but where he’s from, he could easily go to PA & get them. That’s an old story, everyone knows it.

    I’m sick of hearing the mentally ill thing. I suffer from bipolar disorder, I would as soon shoot up a supermarket as I would cut off my right arm … it’s not gonna happen. I know dozens of people with all kinds of mental disorders … they’re sweet kind loving people … they just want to get high & be left alone.

    Racism isn’t a mental illness, it’s learned behavior. It’s learned in a million little ways, usually from early childhood. The fact that this guy was only 18 tells me that he was being taught this shit from the time he was weaned.

    It’s a sad day in Buffalo. A very sad day for all of us.

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    • I agree with you about the mental ill issue. Conklin is only about half a hour where I live and it’s a pretty isolated area with no minorities. There’s a big difference in being criminal and suffering mental issues.


    • Conservatives/GOP will ALWAYS blame white hate crime and rampant gun violence on mental illness or the absence of prayer in schools or anything rather than admit the dangers involved in the toxic combination of systemic racism, misogyny, and the easy access to firearms.

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  2. You also forgot the blaming of gun restrictions and gun-free zones – because apparently the only way you can stopped these kind of mass shooting events is to have a lot of other citizens armed to the teeth ready to take somebody out. As if that’s somehow not a recipe for disaster.

    I find it astounding that gun advocates don’t look at the data, or even other countries, and see that more guns correlates well with gun violence, nor do they seem to care that the American problem of mass shootings doesn’t happen to anywhere near the same degree in other industrialized countries.

    The second amendment is a relic of the past and needs to go into the dustbin of American history.

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    • I find it astounding that gun advocates don’t look at the data
      I find it sad and frightening and discouraging, but I’m not at all surprised. Conservatives have been in a decades-long war against science and the scientific method. Data means nothing to them unless it can be used (or distorted enough to be used) to support what they WANT to believe.

      We actually understand most of the world’s problems, and we actually know how to fix them (or at least begin the process of correcting them). We can fix homelessness and world hunger. We can mitigate climate change. We can radically reduce gun violence in the US. We can run fair elections. We can address misogyny and racism and reduce them.

      We just won’t, because it’s inconvenient to the people in power.

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