gop evolution of political discourse

Democrat: That insurrection on January 6th was awful.
Republican: Yeah, that was bad.
Dem: No way anybody could justify that sort of violence.
Rep: Well, it was bad but folks are upset about the election, so it’s sorta justifiable.
Dem: What? No. Ain’t no way you can justify assaulting the Capitol building.
Rep: Yeah, deffo justifiable.
Dem: Are you crazy?
Rep: Wasn’t just justifiable…actually justified. And maybe even a good thing?
Dem: No fucking way.
Rep: Yeah, deffo a good thing.
Dem: You’ve gone deep into the dark place, haven’t you.
Rep: Deffo a good thing. Maybe even a necessary thing.
Dem: Jesus suffering fuck.
Rep: Yep, it was absolutely good and totally necessary. Had to be done.
Dem: Can NOT believe you people.
Rep: I’m thinking we should do it again, maybe?
Dem: What about democracy?
Rep: It’s fucking ON, bitch.

Ordinary citizens engaged in legitimate political discourse.

4 thoughts on “gop evolution of political discourse

  1. Good post. A person contends something was stolen from him. He goes to court and loses all but one of about 65 court cases that say it was not stolen. He loses every recount, every audit and every review that say it was not stolen. He tried several times to coerce the counters to cheat for him which again say it was not stolen. And, yet people still believe it was stolen. Several attorneys for said person have had their law licenses suspended for frivolous court cases – apparently judges don’t like plaintiffs wasting their time or lawyers lying badly. But, we should remember the words of an attorney and fixer for said person, named Michael Cohen who said under oath to Congress that said person “is a racist, he is a con-artist and he is a cheat.” And, said person’s fans did not bat an eye.


    • It should be clear to everybody by now that Trumpism is–and always has been–about white rage and the fear of impotence. Social impotence, political impotence, sexual impotence, economic impotence. It’s about the anxiety of losing power, of appearing weak, of not being Number One, of being (in Trump’s words) a loser.


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