they don’t say that anymore

Making America great again, that’s what this fuckwit says he’s doing. Another school shooting, eight to ten dead, explosive devices scattered in and around the school, and this guy’s first response? Strap on his pistol (because Texas is an open carry state), grab an American flag, slap a Trump/MAGA hat on his melon, and head to the scene to stand up for the Second Amendment.

And the other guy in this short video? The one who is outraged by the fuckwit with the flag? His answer is that we need prayers. Prayers. I suppose it’s better to ask for prayers than to strap on your little friend and start a one-fuckwit Second Amendment parade. But prayers? Hasn’t helped yet, has it. Hasn’t made America noticeably great again.

And the patriots at FreeRepublic? They know who is responsible.

“[S]ingle mother whores having children indiscriminately because they don’t need a father figure. Their bastard children growing up without morals, values or ethics. An utter sense of depravity and lawlessness. Liberals have only themselves to blame for this chaos.”

“False flag event to distract from yesterday’s IG Horowitz report on illegal acts by FBI to whitewash Clinton email investigation. As the heat increases against the deep state, watch for more of these.”

“The deep state is the group who covered up Holder’s, Obama’s, Brennan’s, Rices’s, Clapper’s, Lynch’s and Clinton’s crimes, who then tried to to stage a coup against a rightfully elected president by creating a completely fictitious narrative about collusion with the Russians. They’re funded by a global cabal that includes the wealthiest families on earth. The same families who financially fund both sides of World Wars.”

Single mothers, liberals, the Deep Fucking State. How can you possibly reason with people like this? They also know how to put an end to school shootings.

“Perhaps time to bring back public hangings.”

“It’s time to arm the teachers and students.”

“Ban violent video games. Hollyweird’s crap spewing violence is also not a help to these unstable kids of leftisms rotten fruits.”

Ban video games. Hang offenders in the town square. Arm everybody. Carry a flag to the site of a school shooting. That’s how to make America great again.

I rarely get discouraged. I’m an optimistic person by nature. But it guts me to know that this shit is NOT going to stop. It guts me that the people with the authority and power and the goddamn obligation to reduce this shit aren’t going to do it. It guts me to admit that this county, which has done great things in the past, isn’t capable of greatness now. And won’t be for the foreseeable future.

Kids used to say “I never thought something like this could happen at my school.” They don’t say that anymore.

4 thoughts on “they don’t say that anymore

  1. Too bad Donald didn’t do EVERYTHING IN HIS POWER before they got dead! Too bad this is all just words and he still won’t do anything in his power, even now.

    To voters who forgive Republicans who are afraid of the NRA – You’d better hope it isn’t your child, or grandchild or neighbor child next.

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    • Although Comrade Trump has, as POTUS, made things measurably worse in almost every possible policy area, the fact is there’s not much the president — any president — can actually do alone in regard to firearm legislation. Congress makes the law.

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      • Ah, but he is the leader of the sitting party. He apparently has the congress afraid of him. If he wanted to, he could probably make SOMETHING happen. And he’s said he would. He just doesn’t mean it. Dead kids don’t mean anything to him. Only people cheering and calling his name get through. Especially when he’s going to campaign rallies sponsored by the NRA.


      • If he wanted to, he could probably make SOMETHING happen

        Yes, he could — by executive order. Executive orders are handy in terms of generic policy, but they’re pretty limited in scope when it comes to the Bill of Rights. Obama did what he could through EOs, but clearly Trump has wildly different priorities.


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