zika brains & the voice of the little guy

I took a few minutes today to catch up on the Patriots of FreeRepublic. It was, as always, enlightening. I learned that Freepers are:

In favor of troops disobeying the Commander-in-Chief when the C-i-C is Obama:

— I personally think that every officer who did not offer to resign rather than implement Obama’s faggot and women policies in the military, should be fired. The time to have a backbone was when Obama told the military to do irrational and stupid politically correct things. The military should have said with one voice, “F*** YOU B*TCH!!!” There are times when a President should be deliberately disobeyed by the Military, and that was one of those times.

— The Military should not be subject to the whims of an ignorant lazy symbol of Tokenism who’s only in office because of his color. He’s a fool and an idiot, and he needs to be in prison. We hanged the German generals for “following orders”, the least we can do is fire our generals who did the same thing, though with less bad consequences. Obama’s homosexual and women policies are going to get people killed. We need purges.

Eager for President Obama to leave office:

— It is 327 days, 0 hours, 37 minutes, 38 seconds until the arrogant Christophobic imperious petty henious vengeful destructive Islamic malevolent anti-American sissified thin-skinned racist traitorous evil supercilious angry incompetent Supreme-Court-destroying middle-finger-waving socialist petulant deviant Constitution-ignoring malignant narcissist noxious Saboteur-In-Chief illegal hideous communist gay crack-smoking pernicious Kenyan crypto-muslim dictator usurping President “Stompy-Foot” Obama leaves office.

Pleased that Melissa Harris-Perry has left MSNBC

— I’m so fed up with mulatos and their racist need to exploit their blackness.

— It seems to me that a lot of these products of biracial unions have many mental problems including a self loathing and hatred for 1/2 of themselves.

— Today it is simply more profitable to identify as “black”: social promotion throughout your education, free college and job offers for which you aren’t qualified.

The Patriots of FreeRepublic.

The Patriots of FreeRepublic.

Are not fond of Hillary Clinton:

— The Negroes in South Carolina were all in for Hillary.

— I keep praying that that evil bitch, Madam Benghazi will “stroke out” and fall flat on her ugly face.

And are convinced the National Enquirer will out her as a lesbian:

— If Hillary/Huma is outed as a lesbian relationship, it will be a resume enhancement in many spheres

— I wouldn’t mind seeing a pic with Huma in the nude but with Hillary in it?

— hildebeast is a lesbian. it’s been an open secret in DC for decades now. rumor is the real reason she didn’t want to disclose the e-mails from her private server is because they detail exactly who she’s been sharing her bed with.

But they really like Trump:

— The elites still don’t get it. They are as far removed from knowing what the public wants as the nobility was at Versailles in 1789. The election of Trump is the French Revolution sans guillotine. Long live the people! All the rest can be sorted out later.

— Mr. Trump is proposing to solve basic issues in American society, like illegal “immigration” and chronic unemployment. Will he do these things himself? No, he will delegate. That’s how business works.

— I, along with many Trump supporters concede he is not a conservative. I will concede he may in fact have his own agenda. I will concede in a nation of over 350 million he may not be the best person to be President. In fact I will concede all your point. So what! If Trump was not in the race, many things that a vast number of Americans are concerned about would not even be on the table for discussion. Can Trump solve these problems, who knows. I do know that the other candidates would prefer they were not on the table and that they did not have to address them. Trump is the voice of the little guy

— Trump is the right person at this time. The fact that so many see this reality is unconvincing to you that he is. On top of that that it is beyond your capability to discern why Trump receives so much support because you have allowed yourself to become so biased in the belief that you are so smart and others are so stupid, that your viewpoint is valid and the viewpoints of others are illegitimate. Time for you Trump haters to do a little self examination. You people border on irrational behavior that by and large have proven to be unfounded lies perpetuated amongst yourselves like a quickly spreading virus that is immune to any vaccine.

— He will balance the budget by eliminating fraud, waste, and abuse. This will be easy because he is smart. Mexico will pay for The Wall, so that will be free.

Donald Trump

Donald Trump

They especially like his immigration policy:

— It’s all about building a wall, controlling immigration once again That’s it. That’s everything. Because Trump supporters know that if we don’t have real borders, we don’t have a country… everything else pales in comparison. We also don’t trust politicians… any of them. So rant and rave and throw every piece of crap that Donald probably is at us and it won’t matter because of THE WALL !

— I don’t think N. Korea has an illegal immigration problem, does it? Thanks for proving my point that walls are effective.

— Millions of illegals taking up millions of jobs and clogging up hospitals and schools with Zika-brains. Make them vanish and overnight- economic recovery.

Although there are some Freepers who aren’t fond of Trump:

— Something I hadn’t noticed before — Trump uses the same (incomplete) sentence structure my mother-in-law did when she talked about picking berries as a child. She was 95 at the time and could go on for an hour or two about it without ever completing a sentence.

— There is no issue on which you can find Donald Trump speaking eloquently, passionately, and with any detail that doesn’t involve his poll numbers or his wealth. …. That people are willing to believe him, unchallenged, and take offense when others do challenge him, is the mentality that has led to dark places in world history.

And finally, Freepers know who’s at fault for the violence at a KKK rally:

— At some point the Klan will arm itself again. It can’t appear in public without being physically attacked.

— And yet, Black klans go unchallenged. And if you don’t know any black klans try the Black Panthers, BLM, NAACP, and Black Caucuses for starters.

— Yes, and La Raza has a member on the Supreme Court. And, I believe there is a congressional Black Caucus.

— Heck…add the Bloods and the Crypts in there as well. These are some of the nastier negros. Shoot’cha and never blink an eye.

— The race war is starting and we can thank odumbo for that “hope and change” too.

Oh, and a public service announcement: If you’re not registered to vote, get registered. And be there on election day, even if your candidate didn’t win the nomination. Because these guys from FreeRepublic will be there, and they’ll be voting..

6 thoughts on “zika brains & the voice of the little guy

  1. Absolutely perfect! I agree that maybe Trump isn’t the best person to serve as President of the united States, but he seems to be the only candidate ready to stand up against the political mainstream of this nation who have for too long found the people to be nothing more than votes for election or re-election, and a perpetual source of tax dollars they can direct to satisfy the whims of their personal and political special interests. And for this the man will get my vote!


    • You’re going to vote for…Trump? Donald “I’ll build a wall and Mexico will pay for it” Trump? Donald “stop Muslims from entering the US” Trump? Donald “China invented global warming to steal American jobs” Trump? Donald “Where is Obama’s birth certificate” Trump?

      This is a guy who makes campaign speeches about China stealing US jobs while a sizable proportion of his own clothing line is made…that’s right, in China. To reduce costs and increase profits. To me, that suggests Trump is doing a fine job of satisfying the whims of his personal and political special interests.

      Still, at least you’re voting FOR somebody rather than against somebody. That’s something.


      • You’re absolutely right on many fronts, but what would you rather have? Someone with enough guts to say what the American people have been saying for decades, or someone who takes their orders from the conventional political establishment? For more than four decades, the American people have largely been ignored by government EXCEPT when votes were needed for election or re-election, or as a perpetual source of tax dollars that can be spent satisfying the whims of PACs and other special interests that contributed huge sums of money to campaigns.

        People, this nation is at the edge of becoming the next Greece financially. We are looking directly into the face of what appears a developing civil war; that is, Americans fighting Americans on American soil. And what are our cadidates coming up with to resolve any of these issues? Rhetoric. Pure, unadulterated rhetoric. Whatever they think people want to hear to garner their votes. And what can we expect once someone is elected? If the political establishment has its way, more of same.

        So you tell me what I’m missing in all this. Until something better comes along, I’ll stand pat right where I’m at. At least I’m not supporting Cruz or Clinton …


      • “We are looking directly into the face of what appears a developing civil war; that is, Americans fighting Americans on American soil.”

        Americans fighting Americans…over what?


    • Think of this as like getting a flu shot. It might make you feel a wee bit ill for a while, but mostly it’s good for you. It’s important to be aware of what folks like this think and believe. They’re voters too, after all.

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