this week in responsible gun ownership!

A three-year-old boy in Myrtle Beach, SC found a loaded handgun in a dresser drawer and ‘accidentally caused it to discharge.’ Unfortunately, the firearm discharged into the boy. His family rushed him to the hospital, where an ‘unknown situation unfolded between the victim’s family members.’ The unknown situation, which took place in the hospital parking lot, resulted in a Second Amendment exercise in which another family member was shot. The boy was reported to be in stable condition after surgery.

Analysis: Responsible gun owners! It would have been irresponsible to leave their guns at home, unattended, after the toddler had shot himself.

In Orlando, Florida an unnamed 31-year-old man and his wife were awakened by a noise. He grabbed his handgun, went to investigate, and exercised his Second Amendment right by shooting his 17-year-old brother dead. A neighbor said, “[T]hey all seemed to be nice people, but I guess you never know,”

Analysis: Responsible gun owner! Target identification needs work, but his aim was perfect.

Cathedral of the Blessed Sacrament and Near Miss.

Cathedral of the Blessed Sacrament and Near Miss.

A 20-year-old man in Altoona, PA has been charged with reckless endangerment after his handgun discharged accidentally during mass at the Cathedral of the Blessed Sacrament. Matthew Crawford, the gun owner, was ‘grazed’ during the Second Amendment incident; nobody else was harmed. Crawford’s attorney is seeking to dismiss the charges on the grounds that his client’s conduct didn’t rise to the level of ‘recklessness’.

Analysis: Responsible gun owner! What if a Muslim had decided to attack the cathedral? Preventing a citizen from carrying a loaded, unholstered handgun with the safety off into a cathedral is both tyranny AND an assault on Christianity.

Meanwhile, in Sioux Falls, SD, 36-year-old Nicholas Anderson was charged with recklessly firing a gun after exercising his Second Amendment rights during a domestic dispute with his wife. After she removed pictures from the wall of their home and hurled them at him, Anderson took his wife’s laptop computer into their back yard and fired seven rounds from his handgun at it. It’s unclear if any of the pictures struck Mr. Anderson; however, all seven rounds he fired at the laptop hit the target.

Analysis: Responsible gun owner! Nobody died, nobody was even injured. Without his Second Amendment rights, Anderson would have been forced to throw pictures at his wife’s computer.

In Deltona, Florida an unnamed 29-year-old man was taken to the hospital for a medical episode believed to be related to anxiety. The anxiety appears to have been triggered when the man shot and killed Elvis Valentin. Valentin was arguing with the shooter’s brother after the brother had driven his car across Valentin’s yard. Believing his brother was in danger, the shooter fired one round and killed Valentin.

Analysis: Responsible gun owner! One bullet, one kill. If it’s good enough for SEAL snipers, it’s good enough for defending your sibling. After he trespasses on a neighbor’s lawn. In a car.

Katie Pallante -- animal lover.

Katie Pallante — animal lover.

Twenty-six-year-old Katie Pallante of Phoenix, AZ was forced to use her Second Amendment rights to interrupt a dog fight. Ms. Pallante is apparently an animal lover; she informed police she was caring for 22 dogs and three cats. When two of the dogs began to fight, she attempted to separate them by using water. When that failed, she used her .40 caliber handgun to shoot the male dog. She shot him in the abdomen, according to court records, because “she did not want to kill him.” Unfortunately, the female dog then attacked the male, forcing her to shoot that dog as well.

Analysis: Responsible gun owner! When water fails to break up a dogfight, common sense suggests a .40 caliber solution. Irresponsible pet owner! Why does she have those three cats?

Two employees of The Shootin’ Shop in Abilene, Texas were wounded when a customer’s newly purchased Second Amendment handgun wasn’t working properly. The unnamed customer had bought the weapon and loaded it in the parking lot. It jammed during loading, so he returned to the shop and asked for help. When an employee examined the weapon, it discharged. One employee was struck in the hand, the other received a wound in the abdomen. “It was a pretty scary experience, you know, but it was an accident,” the shop owner said. “The customer feels absolutely terrible about it.” No charges have been filed.

Analysis: Responsible gun owner! When faced with a gun issue, he consulted with experts. Accidents happen. And he felt terrible afterwards. Besides, nobody was killed, praise Jeebus.

Shootin' Shop shootin' scene.

Shootin’ Shop shootin’ scene.



3 thoughts on “this week in responsible gun ownership!

  1. Excellent timing – especially on the heels of open-carry legislation passage that our Governor is supposed to sign into law soon. But as the old saying goes, just because you can carry a gun doesn’t mean you should carry a gun. Now try to tell that to Bubba who is just itching to strap n some hand-cannon so he can go out an single-handedly save the world all by himself.

    Or how about the Bubba who so well demonstrates his two tons of attitude along with less than a quarter-ounce of common sense there isn’t any possible way for the federal government to search and seize every single weapon from every single American; and, that it’s complete idiocy to leave bunches of loaded weapons lying around each and every door and window in the house so he can stave off the government as it comes to grab his guns.

    And of course let’s not leave out that brainchild from Beaumont, Texas, who paraded around inside a shopping mall with an AR-15 strapped to his back to demonstrate Second Amendment rights. You know, the same character that was starting his very own militia that he would arm and train, and then take them to the Mexican border to show the Texas Department of Public Safety and the Border Patrol ow to prevent illegal immigrants from entering this country.

    Or maybe you heard about the Good Ol’ Boy in Vidor, Texas, who came home for lunch one day, tossed his hand-cannon onto a bed and went into his kitchen to make a sandwich. While he busied himself with filling his face, Junior went into the bedroom, picked up the handgun and blew himself into Never-Never-Land. It was an accident.

    But the one that took the cake was the guy who proudly proclaimed that if he had to buy a gun safe, or enough trigger guards to prevent his weapons from being stolen or abused by his kiddies, he wouldn’t have enough money left to buy more guns! We put this one right alongside the whiz-bang at the Arizona firing range who allowed a young girl to “test-fire” and AK-47 that got away from her and killed the instructor.

    I can go on, just as can you, but the word “responsible” seems to have no application to gun owners. Even the NRA does little to ensure its membership behaves responsibly with their firearms. After all, doing so would take away too much effort from successfully lobbying Congress and bribing public officials to get their way over those of us with more than a lick of common sense.


    • It’s really astonishing. If an adult left some prescription drugs lying around and a child ate some and got sick, that adult would likely get charged with child endangerment or neglect. There are parents today who are being investigated as irresponsible parents for allowing their children to walk home from the park alone. But if you leave a firearm out and the kid shoots himself or somebody else…well, you know, accidents happen.

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      • The hard part is in the realization that very few firearm advocacy organizations do much of anything to require firearm responsibility. Sure, they promote it, but show me any that make much of an effort to force it upon their memberships. Yet when it comes to allowing Americans to arm themselves, out they come from the woodwork without a single word mentioned about such things as keeping their weapons out of the hands of children, or criminals breaking into their homes and offices. Furthermore, they among all others are more likely to describe a shooter as mentally incompetent to own guns in the first place, but that determination ONLY comes after they’ve killed themselves or someone else. Otherwise they have supposedly the same Second Amendment rights as does anyone else.


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