no, no you’re just wrong, stop whining

Okay, just stop. All of you shit-for-brains who keep calling President Obama a tyrant, just stop for like twelve seconds and open a fucking dictionary. Seriously, words have actual meanings; this isn’t Through the Looking Glass and you’re not Humpty-Dumpty.

“When I use a word,” Humpty Dumpty said, in rather a scornful tone, “it means just what I choose it to mean—neither more nor less.”

No. No, it doesn’t. The term tyrant has had the same fundamental meaning since the 13th century. We’re talking eight hundred fucking years in which everybody who wasn’t a complete fuckwit agreed on what a tyrant was.

obama tyrant1


And speaking of fuckwits, here’s Wayne LaPierre, Fuckwit-in-Chief of the National Rifle Association:

As members of the oldest civil rights organization in the nation, NRA members know tyranny when we see it.

No. No, you don’t. You don’t know tyranny when you see it. Maybe that’s because you haven’t actually seen tyranny. But here’s the difference (one of the many differences) between fuckwits like LaPierre and other folks: we acknowledge that a civil right is one that protects individual freedom from unwarranted infringement by the government, and ensures the individual’s ability to participate in the civil and political life of the State without discrimination or repression. Because of the Second Amendment, the NRA is technically a civil rights organization. We dislike giving them that cred, but it’s reality and we acknowledge reality.

The NRA, on the other hand, doesn’t. Because they think they live under tyranny. The same is true of notorious fuckwit Alex Jones.

Obamacare Is The Gateway To American Tyranny!

No. No, it’s not. It’s just a healthcare system. Not only that, it’s a healthcare system you can choose to opt out of, if you’re willing to pay a small fine in the event you actually need healthcare. Think of it like this: you can opt out of the speed limit if you’re willing to pay a small fine in the event you get caught. That doesn’t mean speed limits are the gateway to tyranny, you moron.

obama tyrant2

And then there’s this fuckwit:

Obama wants us to “reject the voices that warn of tyranny”. Well of course he says that, because that is exactly what he is perpetrating upon you and me; TYRANNY !  This president has shown BY HIS ACTIONS, that he doesn’t give a fig about democracy, liberty or freedom. He has gone out of his way to crush Christianity, American values and free thinking.

No. No, he hasn’t. You have to be dumber than dry toast to think Christianity has been (or is being) crushed. You have to be galactically stupid to think American values have been crushed. And not only is free thinking alive and well, so is free expression. Your bone-headed blog is proof of that.

obama tyrant3

Here’s a simple test to determine whether or not you live under tyranny:

If you can call the ruler of your nation a tyrant without fear of 1) arrest, 2) incarceration, 3) arbitrary, non-judicial execution, or 4) any sort of reprisal at all, then you are NOT living under tyranny.

Seriously, you people sound like a bunch of whiny babies. Obama wants to force us to have health care…tyrant! Grow the fuck up. Obama doesn’t think I need a thirty round magazine for my AR-15…tyrant! Well, you don’t need a thirty round clip, but right now you have the legal right to buy one, so stop being a sniveling little bitch about it. Obama thinks it’s okay for gay folks to marry…tyrant! Giving gay folks the same rights as hetero folks does not — and cannot — infringe on your freedom, so don’t wet your pants over this. Michelle Obama says we should eat more fruit and vegetables…tyrant’s wife! The president’s wife is black and a woman and she has opinions different from yours, deal with it.

Okay, you dislike President Obama and you’re opposed to his policies. Fine. That’s perfectly legitimate. But Jeebus on toast, if you truly think he’s a tyrant then all I can say is you are too fucking stupid to breed.

You want to see tyranny? Go pull this whiny bullshit in North Korea. Never mind holding a public demonstration and using a loudspeaker to call the president a tyrant; never mind writing a publicly accessible blog accusing the president of murder and drug dealing and suppression of civil liberties; never mind sitting in a coffee shop and freely discussing your opinions about the president. Just go to North Korea and whisper that the leader of the nation is a tyrant — and see how long it takes before you’re in a cell having electrodes connected to your gentleman’s tackle.

Tyrant…pffft. You people are embarrassing yourselves.

13 thoughts on “no, no you’re just wrong, stop whining

  1. What a bunch of Naïve Liberal rubbish, I’m a moderate conservative, that said, I’m glad to have the NRA there to lobby for me keep my right to bear arms, yes Tyrant hasn’t changed in a long time. But not all Democrats or Liberals or Socialists are idiots, the same holds true for the conservatives. I feel both sides are acting like kids and need to set aside personal interests, Etc., the list could go on and on and deal with the issues at hand. And why is our President sending 1.5 BILLION dollars over there? I think we need new people on both sides of the fence with some exceptions. I sick of how our country is being taken from the middle class , anyway don’t want to rant, that’s just a small part of a very broad set of talking points, and just part of my opinion. the right to vote for and support the people and principle we believe in is what makes our country GREAT!


    • Mike, you say “I’m glad to have the NRA there to lobby for me keep my right to bear arms.” I disagree with you on this, but I’ll support anybody whose civil rights are truly threatened. The operative term there is ‘truly.’

      Compare what President Obama has actually done in regard to the Second Amendment to what the NRA claims he’s done. The NRA claims Obama has a ‘secret plan’ to ban the use of firearms for home self defense and the manufacture, sale and possession of handguns. They claim he intends to ban the use of ammunition commonly used for hunting and sport shooting. They claim he plans to require a license to purchase a firearm, and to implement a federal ban on right-to-carry. The NRA has said Obama plans to shut down 90% of gun shops in the US, and to increase the sales tax on firearms by 500%.

      Now, what has Obama actually done? He’s signed two gun bills into law — one that rescinds a law signed by President Reagan, which required firearms to be locked away when in national parks, and one that rescinded a law signed by President George W. Bush after the 9/11 attacks that required passengers on Amtrak trains to keep their firearms locked in checked baggage. So the only two gun laws that Obama has signed since becoming president actually expanded gun rights.

      What about those executive orders he issued after the Sandy Hook mass murder? First, they weren’t executive orders, they were executive actions — and the difference is important (I’ll let you look up the difference for yourself). One of those actions prohibited military-grade weapons the US sells or donates to allies from being imported back into the US and sold for profit. For example, the US sold a lot of old M1 garands to South Korea for a token amount of money; many of those were resold to arms dealers, who then resold them again in the US for a significant profit.

      Another executive action prevented felons and other ineligible gun purchasers from registering as a corporation or trust in order to buy weapons (fully auto weapons, short-barrel shotguns, etc,) that are tightly restricted by the 1934 National Firearms Act.

      In reality, Obama hasn’t done a single thing that threatens the Second Amendment. For the NRA — or anybody else — to label him a ‘tyrant’ for his actions is just profoundly stupid and deliberately misleading. It minimizes the suffering of people who actually have to live under tyranny. You may consider that ‘Naïve Liberal rubbish’ but it’s just a simple fact.


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