this guy…

Here’s a question: why do we bother to have a House Committee on Science and Technology if we’re going to assign people like Paul Broun, Jr. to sit on it? This is a committee that helps establish and oversee policy decisions dealing with (surprise) science and technology. And this guy…

Representative Paul Broun, Jr. – Republican, Georgia

…this guy thinks the Earth is “about 9,000 years old.” Seriously. This guy believes evolution is a lie “straight from the pit of Hell.” He believes climate change is a “hoax” and is part of a conspiracy “perpetrated out of the scientific community” in order to…well, it’s not quite clear exactly what this conspiracy is attempting to do. Something sciencey. But whatever it is, the scientific community’s purpose is evil and wicked, and this guy doesn’t like it..

This isn’t Broun’s only controversial position. He claimed President Obama’s call for a civilian national service corps was “exactly what Hitler did in Nazi Germany and it’s exactly what the Soviet Union did.” He believes the president is a Marxist. When the Centers for Disease Control instituted a campaign to promote a healthy diet, Broun told his constituents the government  was going “to force you to eat more fruits and vegetables. They gonna be calling you to make sure you eat fruits and vegetables, every day.” He attempted to defund the enforcement provisions of the 1965 Voting Rights Act. Broun believes Social Security is “unconstitutional,” as is the entire 16th Amendment to the Constitution (that’s the one that allows Congress to levy an income tax). He doesn’t appear to understand that when you amend the Constitution, that amendment is, by definition, constitutional — and yet Broun himself wanted to amend the Constitution to permit castration of people convicted of raping a child under age 16. And at a town meeting, when one of his constituents asked “Who is going to shoot Obama” (and the people attending laughed), Broun’s only response was “I know people are frustrated.”

Oh, and he’s a born-again Baptist married to his fourth wife.

He’s been re-elected twice. And the Republicans have put this guy on the House Committee on Science and Technology.

5 thoughts on “this guy…

  1. Wait…assigned? Just who is doing the assigning? And re-elected?

    That’s it. Humans are done. Bring on the global warming, this planet will be so much better off when we are gone.


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