brave not-so-new world

It’s never been easy to be a writer. Never. I’m not talking about the act of writing, though that can be difficult as well. I’m talking about all the associated aspects of writing. Finding the time to write. Finding an agent. Finding a publisher. Finding an audience.

With the advent of e-publishing, some of those chores have disappeared. But other chores have taken their place. You no longer need an agent…but you probably need Facebook. You no longer need a traditional publisher…but you probably need a website. You don’t have to live in New York City anymore…but you probably need social media.

So here I am. I’ve done all this before. I’ve had blogs, and let them fade away. I’ve used Twitter, but only to make announcements for I’ve avoided Facebook, but I’ll be joining it soon. These are the things you have to do.

It’s not a bad deal, really.

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