a quick note on rights

They got more rights than we got.”

Jesus suffering fuck. This is Commissioner Mark Jennings and Sheriff Kevin Clardy of McCurtain County, Oklahoma having a chat about how just completely awful it’s been for them to be deprived of the right to hang black guys down at Mud Creek.

You may be wondering how not being able to just randomly hang black folks down at Mud Creek–or any other creek, for that matter–gives black folks MORE rights. Apparently it’s because you can’t do that anymore.

I should point out that the lowest geological spot in the entire state of Oklahoma is located in McCurtain County. So is the lowest moral and ethical spot. Also? The only documented area of Oklahoma that falls within the natural range of the American alligator is in McCurtain County. Some of them may hold elective office.

8 thoughts on “a quick note on rights

    • And now McCurtain County Sheriff Kevin Clardy is fulfilling his Constitutional law enforcement duties by investigating the felonious taping of his conversation regretting the loss of the rights they got. This guy has a big future in GOP politics.

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      • And the sheriff should not have a leg to stand on, assuming that the Oklahoma Open Meetings Act is anything like the Illinois version, as anyone is allowed to record video or audio, provided that the board in question did not adjourn into executive session. Telling people that a meeting has ended and then starting up another conversation when all visitors have left would not qualify as an executive session.

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      • The reporter said he talked about his plan with the paper’s attorneys. I’m not a betting person or I’d bet they talked over what was legal to record and decided that the voice activated recorder wouldn’t record anything that wouldn’t be legally considered an open meeting. Dramamath’s comment supports this, if the relevant bits of OK’s Open Meetings rules are the same in this regard.

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  1. Their comments are going to open up investigations. I’ve already seen a couple of people talking about family members that mysteriously disappeared or whose deaths were unexplained.
    That name they mentioned is apparently a sheriff from the 80s.
    I’d screen cap this if I knew how.


    • Commissioner Mark Jennings has resigned — that’s a start.

      I think it would be a great idea for folks to start reviewing missing person cases and unsolved homicides in McCurtain County, but resolving any cold case is difficult even if the local LEOs are cooperative. I wouldn’t hold out much hope for it.


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