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I’m in Facebook jail this morning. I sorta deserve it. Not for the reasons given by FB, but for another reason. I’m prevented from commenting or posting on FB for a few more hours today, and for the next 29 days my group posts will be moved lower in the Feed (whatever that is). Why? Because I apparently have “repeatedly violated our Community Standards” by advocating violence.

How did I do that? My first time was back in March, during a discussion about Wordle of all things. I don’t recall the exact context, but I made a comment that I’d have to put a dollar in the knife jar. Somebody asked what the ‘knife jar’ was, and I told them the concept was similar to a swearing jar — when somebody is trying to stop cursing, they put some money in a jar every time they say an obscenity. The knife jar is based on that idea, except it’s when I feel the urge to stab something. It was obviously a joke, and everybody understood that. Everybody except FB. I was restricted for ‘advocating violence.’

Yesterday, while commenting in real time on the January 6 hearing, I complained that both Greg Jacob (former vice-presidential counsel) and Judge Luttig were responding to questions in excruciating detail, often repeating things they’d said earlier in their testimony, even repeating things they’d said earlier in the same response. I was especially irked by the slow, deliberate, very judicial responses of Judge Luttig. I commented that what Lutting was saying was critically important, but he didn’t need to consider every word before he said it. I commented that Liz Cheney could “stop them from repeating the same things over and over and over” if she “choked them with her pearls.” Again, it was obviously a joke, but again I was restricted by FB for ‘advocating violence.’

Here’s the thing. I do deserve punishment. NOT for advocating violence, but for being a jerk about Judge Luttig’s way of speaking. I learned this morning that Lutting may have suffered a stroke recently, which could account at least partially for his slow, deliberative speech. I don’t know if that’s true, of course, but it really doesn’t matter. The judge was under no obligation to speak the way I wanted him to speak. I, on the other hand, had a positive obligation to be patient with his way of speaking. I wasn’t patient. I was annoyed by the constant repetition, but I was also annoyed at Lutting for making me be patient. I was…let’s face it, I was an asshole. Mocking somebody for their manner of speech is an asshole move.

So yeah, I deserve to be in FB jail. Not for advocating violence but for being an asshole. Judge Luttig deserved better from me.

15 thoughts on “in facebook jail

    • Didn’t finish my thought … 😳 … anyway – for same amount of time & ‘lower’ in the feed.
      On the other hand, as I was watching the hearings, I felt the same about the judge. I followed every word & thought this is going to make people tune off, even though I realized the importance of every word. Later I found out about the possibility of his post stroke status … I felt bad! So, we’re in the same boat, my brother!! 🤗

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  1. I gave up on FB years ago. A security disaster that does nothing more than harvest your personal information to sell to the highest bidder, if hackers don’t steal it first.


    • Yes, FB is the devil. So is Amazon and despite their initial vow not to be evil, so is Google. It’s possible not to deal with any form of devil–and that’s probably the most ethical position to take. But me, I’ll engage with the devil knowing it’s the devil and limit my interaction as much as I can to my own benefit.

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  2. Well, I fully understand, although FB has truly jumped the shark. Some days I wonder why I even bother with it, and then I remember that it’s my ties to you and my other friends out there whom I can’t see every day. The platform enrages me sometimes but it’s what we’ve got, right? The censor bot is right about 5 percent of the time, I’d guess. Anyway I’m not gonna lose sleep over it. See you in the cloud, eventually!

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    • My only complaint is…wait, I actually have a LOT of complaints about FB, but in this situation my only real complaint is that actually ARE folks out there advocating real violence against real people and groups and they’re not called to account for it. I’m obviously not calling for real violence; I’m just being snarky and a smart ass.

      Also, I do regret mocking Judge Luttig’s speech, so a bit of spanking was in order.

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  3. Possible stroke? When I heard him speak I thought he must have been dealing with COPD or something. It was still kind of hard to follow along with his testimony.


  4. I thought he was ill at first as he seemed breathless. But my respect grew for him when I made it to the end of the hearing and listened to his final warning words about trump and the danger we were still facing. And this from a very conservative judge from what I understand.
    And Ive been in FB jail several times…some warranted, some not.

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  5. Congratulations on joining the long list of people, myself included, for writing something on the fly that breaks the community standards. The worst I got was a month for posting the photo of the girl that made Life magazine during the Vietnam war/conflict. They said it was pornography.


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