just say no

That’s what you can do. Say ‘no’. There’s an enormous amount of bullshit taking place in the U.S. today. And let’s face it; you can’t do anything to stop it immediately.

But you can say ‘no’ to it. You can help obstruct it. You can resist, you can hinder, impede, throw sand in the gears, interfere, you can block and delay, stall and encumber, gum up the works, you can frustrate and hamstring the motherfuckers. You can be disobedient.

Just say ‘no’ to separating families.

You can march and make phone calls to your representatives. You can donate time or money. You can keep talking and sharing information (but please please please take a moment to make sure your information isn’t bullshit; you can’t win a bullshit fight by flinging bullshit at bullshit). You can call out your friends and family members if they offer up bullshit. If you’re uncomfortable with that, you can remove yourself from situations in which bullshit is flung. You can get up and leave (and when they call you ‘snowflake’ you can point out it’s not about your feelings; it’s about theirs; it’s about not wanting to see people you care about embarrass themselves).

Just say ‘no’ to deliberate, willful ignorance.

You can tell Sarah Huckabee Sanders to her face that she’s not welcome in your restaurant. Not because she calls herself a Christian; this isn’t about religion. Not because she identifies as a Republican, because this really isn’t about political parties anymore. Not because she’s a woman or because she’s Southern or because you really dislike her eyeshadow.

You can tell her she’s not welcome because she’s willingly allied herself with a cruel, corrupt, deceitful White House administration, and willingly supports and perpetuates cruel, corrupt, deceitful policies by being personally cruel, corrupt, and deceitful.

Just say ‘hell no’ to limiting the rights of women.

You can’t stop all the horrific bullshit immediately, but you can say ‘no’ to it. You can say, “No, I will not be complicit in this bullshit.” You can say, “No, I will not cooperate with this bullshit.” You can say, “No, I won’t be polite about your bullshit.” You can say, “No, just take your bullshit and fuck right off.”

You can say ‘no’ and keep saying ‘no’ and acting on it until November. THEN you can stop the bullshit.

3 thoughts on “just say no

  1. Seems you have joined the truly delusional crowd. I don’t recall any posts by you condemning this during Obama’s years.


    • Hey Billy. I’m not condemning anything. In fact, I’m applauding the fact that people are resisting the Trump administration and the people who work for it.


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