why do i listen to people?

My Friend: You should get a Twitter account.

Me: I have a Twitter account.

My Friend: No, seriously, you should.

Me: No, seriously, I actually have one. I just don’t use it.

My Friend: Why not?

Me: A hundred and forty characters? It takes me a hundred and forty characters just to clear my throat. I’m not what you’d call taciturn.

My Friend: Don’t know what that means.

Me: Doesn’t matter. I don’t use Twitter.

My Friend: You should so you can see what Trump says.

Me: What? No.

My Friend: Seriously. It’s funny. Scary. Idioic.

Me: Idioic?

My Friend: Idiotic.

Me: I still don’t think so. But thanks for suggesting it.

Another dozen or so exchanges saying almost exactly the same thing.

Me: I don’t even remember my password. Or screen name.

My Friend: You’re stalling — you know you want to.

Me: Okay. If it’ll make you hush.

My Friend: You ‘ll thank me.

Me: No, probably not.



5 thoughts on “why do i listen to people?

  1. One thing that puzzles me: you do not have to.
    All serious news paper sites I usualy visit (in DE, UK and US) have articles summarizing the twitter comments to specific events. To me it seems as they only consist of Trump’s or Farage’s tweets and answers of people I have never heard of and who seems to be friends or colleagues of the journalists.
    I have issues to understand the newsworthyness (is this a word? If not it should be) here.


    • ‘Newsworthy’ is a word — but (at least in the US new media) it’s being interpreted as ‘entertaining’ or ‘scandalous’. Most of our news sources spend too much time on scandal and gossip, and not nearly enough on actual news — because scandal and gossip draw viewers, and viewers draw advertising, and in the end far too much of our news is based on advertising income.

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  2. Twenty years ago the Internet had a fair to good balance of articles for and against any topic. Over the last eight years it has become an elaborate junk yard of advertising disguised as journalism. Watch for the top 20 news stories all coming from the same source under different brand names. Have fun looking at any media by replacing the images with Looney Tune characters. (that’s all folks)


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