time to close the militia fantasy camp

Okay, I’m pretty much sick of those swag-bellied motherfuckers who are still parking their pale, pasty, spongy asses on public land in Oregon. And I’m pretty much weary of waiting for Federal law enforcement to do their fucking job.

I’m a peaceful guy. A patient guy. I have been told patience is my only redeeming quality. But Jeebus in a tea-cup, people, there’s a point at which patience ceases to be a virtue. And we passed that point a week ago. At this point, we’re only encouraging them. We’re only inviting more of this shit.

They call it a peaceful event. That’s a lie. Here’s how you can tell it’s a lie: you don’t bring guns to a peaceful protest. You bring guns to a gunfight. They keep saying that IF there’s violence, it’ll be initiated by LEOs — and they say it in the same way a wife-beater tells his battered wife “Don’t make me do this.”

Not a peaceful protest.

Not a peaceful protest.

What that basically says is these tunaheads don’t believe they should be held accountable for their behavior. Tell me, does that work for any group other than armed white guys wearing cowboy hats? Never mind, I know the answer. The answer is hell, no.

They say they want a peaceful resolution. That’s also a lie. Here’s what Ammon Bundy, the bull goose loony of the occupation, told an FBI negotiator yesterday:

“I want to make sure that you understand: The resolution is the Constitution of the United States. How we get there, I realize there’s some steps and some things we need to do. But we’ve compromised that supreme law long enough.”

What they mean by ‘resolution’ is capitulation to their fuckwitted interpretation of the U.S. Constitution. That leaves absolutely no room at all for real negotiation. And let’s face it, at this point the only thing that should be negotiated is how these toads should surrender themselves to law enforcement.

Not looking for a peaceful resolution.

Not looking for a peaceful resolution.

Again, I’m a peaceful guy. I don’t want to see anybody get hurt, including these guys. I don’t want to see this situation end in a gunfight. Gunfights are bad news for everybody. But I want to see these jamokes held accountable. Right now, they’re basically allowed to come and go as they please, attending town meetings, stocking up on snacks. Just as bad, their supporters are allowed into the wildlife refuge to resupply them. These guys are acting like they’re at Militia Fantasy Camp. Seriously, what the fuck, FBI?

There are some basic steps the Feds could take to apply pressure. Isolate the bastards. Turn off their goddamn electricity. Jam their cell phones. Stop their supply runs. Arrest anybody who tries to enter the wildlife refuge, and arrest any of the occupiers who leave. Treat these fuckwits like the criminals they are.

Don’t just stand around with your thumb up your ass; do something.

10 thoughts on “time to close the militia fantasy camp

    • That’s a reasonable concern, to be sure. But by allowing these guys to move around with impunity only encourages more people to either join them or start their own occupation of Federal lands.

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  1. THe strangest part to me is that to do SOMETHING, the feds don’t have to actually do much at all. In fact, they might have to do LESS in the sense of power and water, and quit talking to them and allowing them access to media. Good grief. Also, yes, arrest them as they stumble out.


    • I think it would be a mistake to stop talking to them. But yeah, the Feds need to stop coddling them. In effect, the Bundys won their confrontation with the Bureau of Land Management last year, which I’d argue led directly to this. If they win again, it’ll just encourage more of these fuckwits to follow the Bundy path. (Which, I believe, is what you’re saying as well.)


  2. I’d rather see local people telling them to pack up their MRE’s and camo vests and go home. They really want heavy-handed action from a Federal source, because that will legitimize their misguided effort.


    • The local people HAVE told them to leave. Several times, and in several ways. But even though Bundy initially said they’d leave if the locals wanted them to, he’s apparently changed his mind. Now he seems to be claiming the locals who’ve asked (and demanded) they leave don’t really represent the community. Go figure.

      But I think you’re right. I think they really do want some sort of confrontation, which they can blame on the government and consider themselves to be victims and martyrs..


  3. I hear you. I don’t think they should necessarily go in just yet, but at least set up a blockade. Don’t let anyone in, cut off electric and see how long they last. My guess is not that long.


  4. They’re acting like playground bullies, and in cases where no authority stands up to bullies like that, they keep pushing and pushing further to see where the limits are and who’s strong enough to stand up to them. They’re itching for a fight of some sort, and preferably one where they can claim to be the injured party in the end, so they don’t have to take responsibility for any harm.

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