it’s the guns

Sandy Hook Elementary School — children from kindergarten through fourth grade. We’re talking kids who are roughly 5 to 10 years old. Right now they’re saying 26 dead, maybe 18 of them children. We don’t really know. We don’t know how many were injured but survived. We’re hearing reports that when the shooting was over the children were told to keep their eyes closed as they were led from the school.

[These shootings] happen in clusters, and given the persistence of them happening in Democrat/Liberal enclaves, I’m beginning to wonder if it’s deliberate.

What we do know right now is the shooter is dead. We’re told he had two handguns — a Glock and a Sig Sauer — and possibly a .223 caliber rifle. The .223 is a common caliber for rifles, but I wouldn’t be surprised if the shooter used an AR-15, the civilian equivalent of an M-16. Nobody has said yet, but will anybody be surprised if/when we discover those guns were bought legally?

9mm Glock

9mm Glock

These are all very common firearms, very easy to obtain at gun store or sporting goods shop after a simple background check — or at gun show without a background check. But we can’t blame the firearms, can we. Because guns don’t kill people.

This sounds like a potential jihad attack.

Already the right wing gun nuts are pushing back. Of course, they are. Kids have been murdered and their first thought is to blame anybody or anything but the tools that make these mass murders so easy and so commonplace. It can’t be the guns.

If this is Islamic terror related, I wonder if Ubama will claim the video made them do it?

People want to blame somebody. Somebody else. Not one of us. Not somebody who is white, not somebody who is Christian. People want to believe this was an act of twisted religion or politics. People want to believe this is an act of madness.

Alleged shooter, Adam Lanza

Alleged shooter, Adam Lanza

But this is the alleged shooter when he was younger. An ordinary-looking white kid. Since he’s not a Muslim, he must be crazy — because only a Muslim or a crazy person would do something this horrific. And maybe the shooter did have a psychiatric problem. But he also had guns. Crazy and heavily armed — not a healthy combination.

 Just waiting for sightings of Sarah Brady or her kind dancing on the bodies and calling for more gun control now.

The news folks are saying this is ‘incomprehensible’ and ‘beyond belief’ and ‘completely unthinkable.’ They said the same thing after every other mass shooting this year, and every mass shooting last year and the year before and the sad and ugly truth is that is is absolutely NOT beyond belief. It’s not only not beyond belief, it’s completely fucking predictable. Because of the proliferation of guns in the United States.



We don’t want to recognize the fact that mass murders happen in the U.S. on a regular basis. They happen so often they don’t make the national news. They’re considered local stories — until the bodies hit newsworthy numbers.

Bank on it, “O” will make a power play to shut down gun ownership.

It’s being reported that this is the deadliest mass grade school shooting in U.S. history. We have so many mass murders at schools that we have to distinguish them by grade. Virginia Tech University holds the record body count for school shootings, but Sandy Hook is a close second. The victims in the former case were college students; the victims at Sandy Hook were mostly children. The thing they have in common is the guns.

9mm Sig Sauer

9mm Sig Sauer

Each time a reporter talks about “the deadliest school shooting in history” there’s an implied “…to date.” It’s the deadliest school shooting of 4th Graders and below…to date.

It is sickening that the left will blame the gun, but not support the gun that would prevent this Satanic act.

It’s not the gun. Don’t blame the gun. The gun didn’t shoot itself. We’re going to hear that a lot. And you know what? It’s true. Individual firearms aren’t responsible for all these deaths. But the collective easy availability of firearms is most definitely a major part of the problem. The easy availability of high capacity magazines, that’s part of the problem. The lethality of firearms, that’s a serious part of the problem.

This is an act of provocation allowing for new legislation to outlaw handguns. I have no evidence yet, but this is a play straight out of Rules for Radicals. Watch out, Zero’s about to make his big move to disarm the law abiding public

When the local hospital was notified of the mass shooting, they brought in extra staff to assist with the casualties. Only three people were brought to the hospital. Three. More than two dozen dead, only three injured. Why? Because of the guns.

I am afraid the Gun Control Fascists will use this to push for Gun Control.

I’m also afraid. I’m afraid and angry. I’m fucking furious. I’m furious because we don’t have any meaningful gun control. I’m furious because despite all the dead children in Connecticut today, despite all the grieving families, nothing is going to change. Next month there’ll be another mass shooting, and there’ll be another the month after that, and nothing is going change.

It’s not the gun? Fuck you, it IS the gun. It’s all the goddamn guns.

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3 thoughts on “it’s the guns

  1. When the lawmakers cave to the gun lobby and vote against reform, I wish during roll call they’d be forced to stand up and give their votes directly to one of these parents; to have to look them right in the eye and explain why the death of their child didn’t sway them to change anything.


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